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Recommended Natural Allopathic Devices


A very safe light known as Far-infrared light has the ability to empower your body to heal itself. Hospitals have been making good use of this knowledge and now you can too. Giving unlimited comfort and support.

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Nasal Blood Irradiation

For low cost and with no threat of toxic side-effects one can safely treat one’s blood at home. A non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic light energy into the human body through the blood.

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Breathing Retraining

Putting the breaks on your breathing can be one of the most powerful medical interventions one can do. The faster you breathe the sicker you become and the sooner a person dies.

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Exercise & Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy with Exercise

The most intense form of oxygen therapy is when one exercises and pumps in massive amounts of oxygen at the same time.

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Earthpulse – PEMF

PEMF provides stunning regenerative effects because these magnetic fields result in cells generating so much naturally derived energy that they are able to heal themselves.

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Microcurrent Therapy – Electron Medicine

Do surgery electrically by blasting areas of pain repeatedly with beams of microcurrent. What we do in electric surgery is to electronically chip away at diseased organs or body parts with pure energy.

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Pecursor – Chiropractic Massage Appliance

Designed and used by Chiropractors it is small enough to be used at home on oneself though we can always plead with our loved ones to do our backs. Accelerates the growth and repair of tissues.

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Oximeter – Blood Oxygen Levels

This little machine tells you the oxygen levels in the blood. The lower the levels go the more difficult it is to recover from cancer or any disease.

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pH testing paper

The most important diagnostic tool is the least expensive. Knowing your urine and saliva pH tells you about your bodies acidity, oxygen levels and cellular energy/voltage.

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If you have ever dreamed of being a master diagnostician one now can be, with a reading of your pulse, and measurement of the variability of each beat of your heart (HRV).

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First Consultations

Today more than ever before, we need new ways to diagnose and treat our families and ourselves. How many times have you been to your doctor and left the clinic feeling that you do not have enough information to do anything effective for your health? Dr. Sircus has ended the confusion by putting 12 simple points of diagnosis in your hands that will clarify what your actual condition is and what to do about it.

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Professional Testimonies

Dr George J Georgiou,

Ph.D.,N.D.,D.Sc (AM).,M.Sc.,B.Sc

Holistic Health Clinician, researcher, author, lecturer

Dr. Sircus has two qualities rarely found amongst health practitioners of today - PASSION and COURAGE. He has an ardent love, enthusiasm and affection for the topics he writes about, as well as the deepest feelings of love and compassion for the suffering and misfortune of others. He is the light of life and love on the frontlines of natural medicine and should be an example to all of us who truly love and care for their fellow-man...

Dr. Garry Gordon,

Known as the “father” of chelation theory and practice; many informed people consider Dr. Gordon as one of the most brilliant medical doctors on earth.

Dr. Mark Sircus is one of the best health writer/researchers living! He is truly amazing and I want to help him spread his powerful and useful medical information.

Dr. Oleg Yasko,

World renowned Russian scientist who had been researching different types of water and their affects on the body

Dr. Sircus is a very special alternative doctor, a positive event for humanity. Personally I put his work and life on the level of a revolutionary hero of our time. People gain through his research and medical writings not only saving their physical bodies but their souls while widening their minds.

Dr. David Brownstein,
Author of Iodine - Why You Need It

Dr. Sircus has done it again. He has written a wonderful book on iodine that shows the benefits of iodine for treating a wide range of disorders and how you can incorporate iodine into your daily lifestyle. This book should be in everyone's library.

TV Host Doug Kaufmann,
Author of The Germ That Causes Cancer

Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment is absolutely brilliant…but what else would anyone expect from Dr. Mark Sircus?

Dan Reid,
Author of The Tao of Detox

You are really steaming these days, your recent bulletins on the flu scam perpetrated by the swine at big pharma are nothing short of brilliant, you must be channeling some sort of medicine deva, so by all means keep pouring it out.

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