HeartHealth Exercise # 2

Transformation of Suffering into the experience of “Pure Feeling” or Feeling your love to the depth of your pain. 

Exercise # 2is all about changing or transforming our emotions and feelings. If anything that you feel is upsetting you greatly and or depressing you, you will want to know the secrets of transforming your consciousness, transforming those emotions into something that will provide growth and lead you toward eventual joy. The first secret is to understand that all things are changing, nothing in the universe remains the same, nothing is fixed, there is no law damning you to eternal suffering. Here is where we start combining head with heart. We attempt to harness the rational powers of mind in our quest for emotional balance. If you can take responsibility for your feelings and not blame anything or anyone but own your own inner disturbances as your own this itself will liberate us and give us some sense of power over our inner life. 

If we can see that we bring our own limitations to our own consciousness that insight frees us of external dependencies. We can change or begin to change before our situation changes. If we change, our situation naturally will also begin to mirror or reflect that inner change we have been able to manifest on our own. Most often we have to change first because the external environment is very resistant to changes. Even our intimate partners resist change, as we all do, and thus we cannot demand but we can always communicate. No matter how important communication is, in the final analysis we always have to take responsibility for our life, feelings, thoughts and reactions to things and people. There is work we always have to do on the inside and HeartHealth is really more about this work than the outer social world of relationships. The Marriage of Souls moves more completely into the outer social sphere. Yet we have to remember that everything we experience is happening in the context of a wider world of social and interpersonal existence. In the end there is never a real separation between what’s going on inside and outside. 

This HeartHealth technique is for the deep emotional management that profound suffering calls for. 

Step 1 

Realize that you can change anything with the power of your own consciousness, that there is a way out of every trap and every feeling and every situation if we are willing to look deep and hard enough. Though this may seem impossible in the moment, and our suffering can be very deep, all things are moving forward and “this too shall pass” can be applied to every situation, to every feeling and emotion. 

Step 2 

You will now use all your hurt feelings and pains and suffering to know the depths of your own heart. You can use your pain to know your own heart. You can begin to thank god that you have a heart that can feel. Move past your hurt feelings and emotions and into the pureness of heart, a heart that feels and just is. 

Step 3 

Sit in your melting heart and feel this heart of yours, which only wants to love and be loved. You are now beginning to enter a new realm of being, a largeness of self, something bigger and deeper than your normal mental awareness. Try to get in touch with your deepest need that has been frustrated. If someone has hurt you feel the need in you that was hurt. Whatever the pain go to its root, which is so often our feelings of having a deep need going unmet. Do not feel bad about this, meaning do not judgeyour needs, just feel. It happens that others sometimes violate our most basic needs for love, trust, respect and safety. They might be totally cut off from their own heart center so hurt in life they have been.

 Step 4

 As you move into these deeper and more pure feelings you will find yourself surrounded by a force, surrounded by a love that is beyond description. The feeling of pure being, your being that is surrounded by a great being which is one with all beings. You can imagine a divine mother or father who loves you unconditionally no matter what. Feel this bigness surround you now. Let your heart melt completely before the cosmic intelligence that created you in the first place. Cry your heart out to your mother who is in heaven. She will catch you in time so do not fear just let yourself go into the total depths of pure feeling.

 Step 5 

Try to get into the feeling of just being with your being and being loved by the big being (God). As your heart fills with these feeling let your sense of self expand and try to feel your linkage, your connection with the power and force of love that connects all beings into a network of oneness. Feel your tears moisten your eyes or let the river of tears flow as you connect with your deepest and most beautiful highest self. Feel the passion of adoration for this self overtake you as you approach the glory of your own pure being and soul. God is our own highest and most beautiful self. 

Step 6 

Dive deep into the pool of appreciation for this being which is your being which can feel this deeply. Use your pain and or hurt feelings to connect to your own pure love of the heart. Your heart is beautiful and it is easy to love yourself in this space. Now you can truly begin to feel the hidden blessing behind your suffering because you can be grateful that you have a heart that can feel this deeply, that you can feel your love to the depth of your pain.

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