HeartHealth Exercise # 4 Checking out the Quality of Thought – Separate or not?

Step 1 

Relax as in all the other exercises. Take some deep breaths and get into the calmest space that you can. 

Step 2 

Just begin to watch your thoughts that are going through your mind or across the black board of your awareness. In this step we try to look at thoughts as thoughts instead of being so identified with them that we are our thoughts. Most people, when they think something, they become what they think, or they think that their thoughts are real or represent reality when they are just thoughts that are separating us from some greater totality. So here we are trying to watch our thoughts as if they where distant clouds floating up there in the sky, distant but clearly visible. The deeper we go into our heart center the slower and slower the thoughts come. But for most people thoughts come in a steady nonstop stream. 

Step 3 

Try to look at the quality of your thoughts. What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about someone, judging someone, having a hard time with someone, separating from someone? Check out how it feels to be thinking these particular thoughts. Are you enjoying yourself with these thoughts or do they make you feel uncomfortable? 

Step 4 

Now shift down powerfully into your heart center and really get in touch with your feelings. Forget this self that is watching the other self thinking. Dissolve all inner divisions and just be with your heart that feels everything as one totality. Feel everything melt as your feeling being rushes up to meet you. 

Step 5 

After you have done this and have swam in the river of your being revisit what you where thinking about and see if you can perceive any changes in perception or thought. Has your perceptual outlook changed on the situation? 

Step 6 

Write down in your diary these changes. The lesson here is to see and learn that our thoughts are not so important and that they can be changed. We can redirect the river flow of our thoughts in a more non-separate direction. The Course in Miracles taught, “These thoughts do not mean anything because I am not thinking with God.” God in this case can be and is our own very highest self, our own pure heart.

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