HeartHealth Exercise # 6 The Door to Pure Consciousness

No matter what we say or do it always come back to the same simple truth as long as we have breath we exist. In the breath there is a magic that takes us to our core. There are some deep journeys few are prepared to go on in this life. Journeys with well-ridden tracks, traveled by the sages who have searched alone, sometimes blindly and without hope, for the true grail of human consciousness. And what is this grail this mystery this hope? What is it that once you have it life all of a sudden makes total sense? You are finding the beginning with your breath. When we breathe with awareness all of a sudden the mind begins to slow and the body relaxes. What would happen if you did this for a while? And then the thoughts slow to nothing, the inner words of the mind stop. The body disappears and then you are left with what? You enter the holy sacred space of your own inner pure consciousness. It is a fresh stream of holy energy that is given to us every second of our life but we remain unaware unless we go there and worship it in silence. Complete silence. One thought and it is gone. One image and it is given shape and no longer pure. The Jews knew of this holy space and called it God. Thou shall have no image of God means the same as don’t pollute what is so pure with images or idols of any kind. It is so pure that one drop of anything and it is no longer pure and thus it is something else totally. So breathe and know that what you will find behind the rhythm of your breath is worth more than any word. It is beautiful and it will bring grace.

This is the greatest of secrets that behind everything is this pure force. Some call it the light, God, Allah and others, Christ Consciousness. There are many names for this liquid flow of pure energy of pure awareness. The best name for this pure awareness is pure consciousness. Consciousness with nothing in it is actually full; fully aware, fully conscious, totally intelligent. Bathing in this liquid light stream is the greatest stress releaser in existence. But not everyone is willing to put in the effort to return to this primordial state and most have to wait till death or near death experiences or some incredible peak moment to touch this space. If you can go for even a moment once in a while it will give you and incredibly fresh perspective on life. The most advanced meditation is actually a prolonged plunge into this nothingness that is everything. 

Step 1

 Begin to relax and then concentrate on the breath. Inhale to the count of 10 or fifteen, hold the breath for that count, and then exhale to that same count. Just keep on doing this for a while. You can add the power of your imagination to the technique by imagining a stream of pure sparkly energy riding in on the breath, entering your brain, washing all the thoughts away, all the tensions, and then see and feel those tensions leaving on the breath. Keep doing this until all your thoughts calm and slow. You will feel a deep peace. 

Step 2 

You will find if you keep this up that there will be seconds when there is nothing happening. You kind of disappear but you are still awake. Do not do this exercise lying down if you tend to fall asleep. But you can use it to go to sleep if you want. Just be with those moments. Relax into them. Just touch the space and notice how you leave it the minute a thought comes. Let the thoughts come and let them go. Get in touch with that self that is not the thought but is watching the thoughts like you would watch clouds. You are not your thoughts really but your thoughts normally have you. Des-identify with your thoughts. They are not the be all and end all of life. 

Step 3 

Realize how tired you are of your thoughts. Realize that if they go away for a few minutes you will miss nothing. Take a cosmic holiday from your thoughts. Give yourself a break. Take another deep breath. 

Step 4 

Just relax as long as you can in the inner space of silence. Sometimes you can practice holding your breath to amplify your power to project yourself into this space. If you have too many thoughts going around and around notice that if you hold your breath long enough all those thoughts quickly die for all you and think of and feel is the need to live, the need to take that next breath. 

Only when our consciousness becomes still do we become aware of the experience of pure being, of pure consciousness.

 Step 5 

You can now move your consciousness around since it is no longer bound to the unbreakable flow of thoughts. Send your consciousness out of your body and up into space. Take a trip through the solar system using your imagination to ride on. See the planets racing past and stop at Pluto. Stand on it for a minute and look back at earth. See the sun as being nothing more than a big star and the earth circling around it nothing more than a slight twinkle. See how small life is on earth. Now take yourself and leave the solar system behind totally. You are going to leave your life on earth and go out into the deep depths of space. Look out at the stars and send yourself out into them. Travel between them and even through them until you expand out even past the galaxy. Travel to the ends of the universe until you cannot imagine any further. After you have reached the limits of your imagination just relax and wonder and enjoy this space.

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