HeartHealth Exercise # 7 Checking Up on Reality

Are we suffering because of love? Love sickness can even occur in the midst of even the most beautiful and vulnerable love? The challenges are truly great for those who dare conquer the tides of love. 

We can be the fool in love but even the fool knows when to step back and administer a dose of perceptual reality. 

We must learn to see when our love is blind and when it is in tune with the cosmic intelligence and our own deepest inner heart intelligence. This is perhaps the most difficult HeartHealth technique for when The Tides of Love come in we are often overwhelmed. Our more rational side, which normally dominates our life, is cast down in favor of the flood of positive emotion. The most basic investigation in any love relationship is the willingness to communicate and work out all the differences and conflicts when they arise. If this willingness is there it does not matter what the differences are. With this willingness to communicate and change we can work it all out if we truly hold love in our hearts. Those lovers who work consciously on their differences truly enter a kingdom of love, the kind of love that comes in like a permanent tide that never seems to go out.

 Step 1 

Ask yourself, “Am I suffering in this relationship.” If the answer is yes ask your self why. Pin down the exact reason and write it down. Keep a diary of this very issue and pour your full intelligence into it. 

Step 2 

Go to a best friend and or counselor to get some mirrors on this situation listen to their feedback. Write that feedback down in your diary. 

Step 3 

Sit down with your lover, husband or wife and spend as much time as necessary to cave dive deeply into the issue. Apply HeartHealth technique 7 with each other. Listen to the truth of each other’s beings. And see if you can live with that truth.

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