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Lesson 16 – A Legal Cure for Cancer?

There is no cure for cancer, no single cure at least. Meaning there is no single drug, surgery, type of radiation or diet that has been or can be declared as a cure for cancer and probably there never will be. However there are many substances and medical treatments that we can employ to change the landscape of disharmony that can lead to the elimination of cancer from our bodies. 

If you add up the potential medical horsepower of each of the Natural Allopathic cancer protocol you arrive at the conclusion that we have a secure approach that will give the best shot at not having to die of this disease. Surviving cancer is never easy but is possible as long as one does the right things. The right things brought together into a meaningful protocol will yield the results we might expect from anything that declares itself to be a cure. 

Given cancer’s nature, the first implication is that cancer must be tackled on various fronts to successfully eliminate it. The preoccupation with modern oncology fixated on the tumor in place, slicing it out with surgery, killing it with radiation, and poisoning it with chemotherapy is an ill-conceived strategy. 

R. Webster Kehr, from the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. has a lot to say to cancer patients on his well-visited cancer tutor site. Since 2002 he has communicated with many thousands of cancer patients or their representatives. 

Kehr says:

  • In many cases, the emails I have received included a proposed treatment the cancer patient or their representative put together. In some cases their proposed treatment was a single treatment, such as carrot juice or laetrile (vitamin B17) or enzymes, etc. Here is why a person might pick a single treatment. Suppose they see a testimonial on the Internet that talks about a person who cured their newly diagnosed liver cancer with carrot juice. Is the testimonial truthful? Most likely it is truthful. But does this testimonial mean that carrot juice, by itself, will cure ALL cancer patients?

Many, many natural substances can cure slow-growing cancers that have not spread very much and the patient is newly diagnosed and the patient has never had any chemotherapy, radiation or major surgery. But such cancer patients are rare indeed. The typical cancer patient today, who seeks out natural medicine, has had extensive chemotherapy and radiation (and may still be using them) and has probably had some major surgery.

Their cancer has already spread significantly, the cancer is spreading quickly, their immune system has been destroyed for several reasons, they have large amounts of lactic acid in their bloodstream (which is one of many things that can make a cancer patient weak), their liver and bloodstream are full of microbes, their digestive tract can barely extract nutrients from any food because of damage by chemotherapy, and so on.

Advanced patients have “one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel” (as we say in the United States). Carrot juice, by itself, will not cure such patients!! Nor will laetrile or hydrogen peroxide, by itself.

Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine!! They do not understand that the power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer.

Why is a “protocol” needed? The reason is that an advanced cancer patient needs help in several different areas!! A “protocol” should be designed to deal with several different issues.

Furthermore, some of the individual treatments in the protocol should have a reputation of curing cancer by itself!!

An example of what happens to cancer patients when you do something right:

​Dr. Francisco Contreras at the Center for New Medicine in Anaheim, California say, “I can tell you that for instance, in stage 4 cancer of the breast, at the end of five years, three to four times more of our patients are alive than with conventional therapy. In colon cancer, twice as many of the patients are alive after five years. In cancer of the ovary, three to four times more of our patients are alive after five years. And in cancer of the lung, the number one killer in men and women, we are 15 times better than conventional therapy alone. And so we’re very, very proud and happy that someone was able to—or willing to—publish that, because usually the critique for full system therapies is that, you know, somebody is going to ask, “Well, what is it that really helped the patient live longer, when you’re giving 20 different things?” And the true answer to that question is, we don’t know, because for some patients some of the elements are going to be effective, and for other patients, other things are going to be effective.”

Treatment Philosophy – Catching Cancer Cells in a Deadly Crossfire

Imagine your cancer cells being caught between a brutal crossfire. Military personnel understand war tactics and how to best capture the enemy in a trap from which there is no escape. Conquering Cancer is introducing to the world an aggressive nontoxic method of winning the war against cancer.

Everyone wants to maximize their chances of recovering from cancer and this is accomplished first by understanding the idea of using a protocol of anti-cancer agents, each part delivering heavy duty medical firepower. By overlapping zones of fire (pharmacological effects) we raise the rate by which we will see positive therapeutic effect meaning a cure/remission of cancerous conditions.

Nutrients to the Rescue

Literally thousands of studies have uncovered a clear and distinct relationship between vital nutrients and cancer. One influential study (Ramesha et al. 1990) provides a good example. A powerful carcinogen known as DMBA was given to a group of female rats. Then the rats were given none, one of four, two of four, three of four, or all of four nutrients: the minerals selenium and magnesium, and vitamins C and A.

When no nutrients were administered, all of the rats developed breast cancer. When one of the nutrients was given, 46.4 to 57.1 percent of the rats developed tumors, depending on the nutrient. When two of the nutrients were given in combination, the tumor incidence decreased to 29.9 to 34.6 percent, depending on which nutrients were used in combination. Administration of nutrients in groups of threes resulted in further reduction of tumor incidences coming down to somewhere between 16 to 23.1 percent. And when all four nutrients were given together, tumor incidence dropped to 12 percent. Human DNA is 99 percent identical to that of rats.

Calling in the Best Armor Divisions

Any general would be more than thrilled to have an army of medicinals at his disposal that cause severe difficulties for the enemy (unhealthy cells turned cancerous and proliferating infections) while being extremely friendly to one’s own troops (cells). It is a disaster in war when friendly fire falls on one’s own troops and this is exactly what happens in orthodox cancer treatments, which are so toxic they can kill the host as they wipe out the cancer. Chemo and radiation therapy can wipe out the enemy but at the price of killing friendly healthier cells. Chemotherapy’s agents are blunt instruments—toxins that kill healthy cells just as effectively as they kill cancer cells.

Because nutritional medicine is nontoxic in nature
we can layer treatments and attack from all sides in a
simultaneous assault on cancer that is dead set on taking our life.

It is no longer appropriate to consider drugs or nutritional medical agents in isolation. Pharmaceutical protocols entail combining substances that have not been tested together. This combination or protocol approach is theoretically impossible with pharmaceutical drugs because it is impossible to predict how toxic chemicals and poisons (drugs) will mix together. It is generally a mistake to try to isolate drugs the way the pharmaceutical companies do and pin the hopes of millions on a single medication.

A focus on combination therapy enables us to encompass
and manage multiple risk factors. Multidimensional
etiologies call for multiple therapeutic interventions.

Spa-Like Cancer Treatments

Most of the items in the protocol can be taken orally, transdermally—or, in more desperate medical situations, administered intravenously by a doctor or nurse. Transdermal applications include topical application directly on the skin, magnesium massages, medical baths, nebulization into the lungs, and glutathione suppositories as well as coffee, herbal and seawater enemas and colonics.


The substances we will administer all heal through fulfillment of nutritional law, which is more intelligent and rational than pharmaceutical based medicine, so much of which is tainted with improper and fraudulent research. Conquering Cancer offers a coherent medical approach that is simple to learn, implement and practice, though it does take due diligence on the patient’s part.

I have written many medical books, many of which are on the principal substances used in this protocol. I have been teaching people for years how to do my evolving protocol, often in the course of an hour, and people have had success with that. What I am offering in this course is much more than I could ever have hoped to offer in my consultations. So now I am giving away the kitchen sink so to speak. What you have in your hands is a medical course on a new form of medicine that you can learn to practice on yourself or loved ones.

It’s Legal

You can legally pick up all the medicinals at your local health food store, pharmacy or online and as long as you do not inject yourself or anyone else, you can practice on yourself or your loved ones legally with ease. Taken as a whole, the protocol will give patients some much-needed advantage in treating a wide variety of conditions including cancer, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, infections, autoimmune and most neurological diseases.

Mother’s Chicken Soup

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet says, “There is a war on women and women’s health. Women make up half the population. They also make 90% of the decisions about medical care for their children, husbands, and aging parents. They understand the importance of having the freedom to choose their doctors and their treatment.” This protocol puts tremendous power in women’s hands and will give them much needed security that they are doing the right thing for their loved ones.

Mothers everywhere are expected to be on the front lines of diagnosis and treatment. They are the ones who need to know if their loved ones need aspirin or whether they need to be brought to the emergency room. It’s legal to suggest an aspirin and it is legal to suggest everything in this protocol for it’s a selection of medicinals that are freely available online or in health food stores and alternative compounding pharmacies.

What is a Medicine?

One reader wrote:

Dr. Sircus, you list the following: “Magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), selenium, sulfur, iodine, glutathione and vitamin C in your most recent post and then claim, “Every one of the above medicines can be used to great advantage.” Since when are the minerals selenium, sulfur, iodine classified as “medicines”—or glutathione, which is made naturally in the human body? People think of medicines as the poisons produced by the pharmaceutical professions and minerals, vitamins, etc. as natural substances provided by God. Could you please explain your use of the word “medicines” in the same context with vitamins and minerals?

The very reason I named my medical approach “Natural Allopathic Medicine” answers this question. Very few doctors will get on the horn and tell everyone how wonderful magnesium salts are in the emergency room because it is a substance taken directly from the sea. Legally if you inject magnesium salts or administer them intravenously, they are considered a medicine and you need a medical license to perform such procedures. Magnesium is used as a medicine because it is a medicine, though we could call it a medicinal. Magnesium chloride actually is a concentrate of seawater, which itself makes a great emergency room medicine.

During World War II, Navy doctors would use
seawater for blood transfusions when
blood supplies ran out and many lives were saved.

We create medicines when we concentrate things in nature. Pharmaceutical companies concentrate synthetic substances, which does not work out very well for patients in the end. Natural Allopathic Medicine concentrates elements from nature that are proven by scientists to offer powerful healing without toxic side effects.

Treating At Home

Natural Allopathic Medicine champions the concept of home hospital care and medical freedom to pursue safe and effective care independent of the overly controlling and domineering Allopathic medical establishment. Hospitals today are discharging people faster than ever before, giving patients and their families the responsibility to continue treatments on their own. This is partly due to the high risk of infections as well as cost and insurance issues. Many times the medical system just gives up on a patient and that is often a blessing, freeing that patient to choose more effective and safer natural treatments.

Hospitals themselves are being squeezed by tight credit, higher borrowing costs, investment losses and a jump in patients—many recently unemployed or otherwise underinsured—not paying their bills. All of this has begun to trigger hospital closings and bankruptcies. Before the massive layoffs began, around 46 million Americans already lacked health insurance, and tens of millions more were woefully under-insured; and this number is swelling rapidly as unemployment explodes. The present medical system is just starting to implode, so home hospital care will become the only option for millions who cannot possibly afford treatments at the hospitals that remain in operation.

It is important to learn how to treat yourself or a loved one at home because there is always the need to continue treatment after leaving the doctor’s office or the hospital. Also, you should not wait to start treatment if you have to wait to get into see a doctor, especially if you have cancer. Even if you are choosing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, the basic approach found in Natural Allopathic Medicine should be started immediately for it will strengthen your body for the strong toxic insults such treatments entail.

Dr. Cynthia J. Koelker asks, “If society collapses and you’re on your own, what medical skills seem the most essential?The answer likely depends on your age, health status, and stage in life. For those of childbearing years, midwifery skills may be paramount. For those advanced in age, diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease becomes primary. For the otherwise young and healthy, treatment of injuries and infection tops the list.”

“Our current compartmentalized society has deemed that doctors should perform these tasks, though turf wars abound over what nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, paramedics, and others should legally be permitted to do. Recent decades have also seen the trend toward home care for IV therapy, nebulizer treatments, dialysis, and much more. The take-home lesson is this: The layman can acquire many skills once considered the purview of health professionals alone. Thus, the first step in acquiring these skills is believing that you can do so,” continued Dr. Koelker.

There are good reasons to treat yourself at home even if you have cancer. Hospitals do not offer much in terms of alkalinization, detoxification, and chelation of heavy metals, they do not resolve nutritional deficiencies, or modulating and boosting the immune system; nor do they do anything to increase blood circulation or oxygen delivery to the cells.

Medical science has failed in its attempts at curing degenerative, metabolic and autoimmune diseases. Without removing toxins and acids from organs, cells and tissues, and without providing the essential nutritional building blocks like magnesium, the body will rarely be able to heal itself.

Unless a treatment removes toxins, increases pH, oxygen, hydration and nutrition, nothing in the way of healing will be accomplished. When the body’s tissues and cells become too acidic in conjunction with mitochondrial deficiency, the stage is set for tissue inflammation and degeneration as we become breeding grounds for anaerobic pathogens.

The End of Modern Medicine Is Upon Us

To think that what is happening in Greece today has nothing to with our lives is a mistake. It is vitally important that everyone learns how to take care of their own medical needs ASAP.

Greek hospitals are in such dire straits that staffs are failing to keep up basic disease controls such as using gloves and gowns, threatening a rise in multi-drug-resistant infections, according to Europe’s top health official.

Greece already has one of the worst problems in Europe with hospital-acquired infections, and disease experts fear this is being made worse by an economic crisis that has cut health care staffing levels and hurt standards of care.

With fewer doctors and nurses to look after more patients, and hospitals running low on cash for supplies, risks are being taken even with basic hygiene, said Marc Sprenger, director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).