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Lesson 42 – Detoxification and Re-Mineralization


In medicine nothing tops the list of priorities like the need to protect people from the poisons in the environment; in our air, water, medicines and food. The World Health Organization has been sending out alarming news about air pollution but little is said about the toxicity of our water and food supplies; and the government hates to talk about how most FDA approved drugs can kill us or cause other serious problems.

In the 21st century the center of pharmacology needs to be shifted
away from medicines that add to people’s already heavy toxic
burdens, to medicines and protocols that reduce these burdens.

The good news is that major companies are finally listening to the roar of consumer’s demands for recognizable ingredients (real food!) and the desire for fewer toxic additives. Big food companies and restaurant chains such as Campbell Soup, Kraft, Panera Bread and Chipotle, have all announced they will come “clean” and remove artificial ingredients

The bad news is that urban dwellers are facing heavy toxic loads that are causing chronic disease; and almost everyone in America is faced with chlorine and fluoride in their water supplies along with many other pollutants including pharmaceuticals. Antibiotics and even birth control hormones that are in our water.

All together we have a situation like a leaking boat, the water (toxins) comes in and we constantly have to bail the water out. If we don’t do that fast enough we sink. According to Dr. Sherry Rogers there is as much as a 500-fold difference in the ability of individuals to detoxify the same chemical. Some people who have fast metabolisms and sweat a lot have advantages over people who do not. Also people who are deficient in major minerals and are acidic (low oxygen conditions) will also have big difficulties with detoxification. Yet everyone does dump poisons on a daily basis, if they didn’t their life would end rather quickly.

Preparing for Chelation and Detoxification

Chelation and detoxification can potentially do more harm than good if we have not prepared the ground with minerals and broad band nutritional sufficiency. During detox and chelation we must continue with long term nourishment solutions for the best and safest results.

Forced detoxification methods, such as commercial 12-day detox programs, the master cleanse, or most of the chelation agents, can be dangerous, especially if not prepared for. Trying to do either chelation or detoxification is a nightmare when magnesium deficiencies are present.

There are certain basic substances that help with the bailing and others that help plug the leaks and fill in the holes that heavy metals, chemicals and even radioactive substances like to crawl into. The first thing we need to do is plug the leaks and holes. We do that with minerals, with iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron and even with bicarbonates that make detoxification and chelation much easier because of their alkaline effects.

Yet there are 70 minerals and trace elements in seawater and 102 nutrients the body needs. Substances like Spirulina, Chlorella, seawater, and my new favorite Super Green Food, which has 44 organic super-foods in it, all provide the full spectrum of minerals. However, even when consuming large amounts of super-food, we still need to apply the basic minerals in concentrated form.

Detox and chelation are not only good for people who already know they have a toxic heavy metal loads but for those who may be thriving already and just want to combat the daily onslaught of their toxic environment. Do you live in a major metropolitan area? Do you live near an agricultural area? In reality everyone today needs to dump the chemicals and heavy metals that are clogging their systems. Often, when we reach our toxic limit, we come down with a flu, which provides a way of dumping toxins in a most miserable and sometimes deadly way.

How About the Children and Babies?

A new study found that the vast majority of baby foods tested contain heavy metals, which can harm a child’s brain development. In the study, commissioned by Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) and conducted by the toxicology and economic research firm Abt Associates, tests were performed on 168 different containers of baby food from 61 U.S. baby food brands. Researchers found heavy metals — specifically, arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury — in 95 percent of the baby foods tested. So we really do need safe and gentle ways to begin chelation with children and even babies, especially if they live in polluted cities.

Then at six months children in the United States get their first flu shot and that is loaded with mercury, and the CDC loves that, and the air we breathe is polluted with mercury and other heavy metals and the story goes on. It is hard to discover that babies are being fed a stead diet of heavy metals.

Almost 20% of the children in this country are chronically
ill or disabled. That’s a very different situation from
what it was 20 or 30 years ago, and there’s no explanation
given by the public health authorities as to why that is true.
-Barbara Loe Fisher

There is an absolute need to treat children, from a very young age, not as doctors would but as we should. Instead of injecting them and subjecting babies and children with toxic substances and antibiotics we should be using gentle substances to facilitate detoxification of chemical substances and heavy metals.

Heavy Metals As a Back Up System for Mineral Deficiencies

According to Dr Paul Eck, “Heavy metals serve as a back-up system. When the primary nutritional minerals are insufficient to protect the person, Nature uses substitutes. For example, lead can substitute for some of the functions of calcium. In bones, lead can substitute for calcium if calcium is deficient or cannot be utilized. Of course, lead will also make the bones brittle, but this is just a price that must be paid for using a back-up system. Then there is cadmium. Few realize that cadmium raises sodium levels. It is a toxic metal. Nevertheless, it is frequently retained in the body to support adrenal activity. In this way, it helps the individual avoid a burnout.”

We know this to be especially true of the thyroid gland, that when it faces iodine deficiency, desperately absorbs anything that even looks like iodine including fluoride, bromide, radioactive iodine and mercury. All nuclear scientists know the same is true for many radioactive elements that substitute for minerals in the body.

If preferred elements are inadequate in the diet, long-term high-quality health is sacrificed due to the accumulation of less preferred elements for short-term survival. So, when an organism does not maintain adequate nutrition to thrive, it makes sense that compensations are made with less preferred elements so that organisms maintain their life and survives.

A heavier element can displace a lighter one in the same group in biological tissues and alter the reactions of the lighter one… tissues with an affinity for a certain element have an affinity for all other elements of the same group. Some elements are bone-seekers. Some are thyroid-seekers. All elements in two groups are liver- and kidney-seekers... In this way, niobium can displace vanadium, tungsten can displace molybdenum, … silver displaces copper, gold will displace copper under certain circumstances, cadmium avidly displaces zinc and changes or inactivates zinc enzymes, causing disease; arsenic displaces phosphorus, causing disease; bromine displaces chlorine; beryllium displaces magnesium; magnesium and calcium interact; strontium displaces calcium; lithium displaces sodium.

Dr Henry A. Schroeder in "Trace Elements and Man"

As long as there chronic poor nutritional status and nutritional deficiencies are present, the body will not be able to properly perform its innate cellular functions adequately enough for the whole body to experience a state of positive health.

Small Introduction into Chelation

So medicine does not get any simpler than flooding the body with the minerals it needs and removing all or as much as the chemical toxins and heavy metals as possible on a day by day basis. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy says, “I use zeolite. I love zeolite as a daily detox for people to use.”

Then there are the heavy guns of chelation. The next chapter presents Dr. Boyd Haley’s chelator NBMI, which is astonishing, and should be near the top of protocols for cancer and neurological patients.

Zeolite is a much more common element that NBMI, which is close to a natural substance, even though it is made in a laboratory, but will eventually be approved as a drug by the FDA. If one already has cancer, autism, severe neurological conditions and even diabetes (which is often caused by the Hun Hordes of Mercury) NBMI is a priceless, yet zeolite is still going to be the stable of choice to be used everyday like clay.

I have heard stories of how parents have used zeolites when their children are being vaccinated, being exposed to a host of chemical toxins and heavy metals that are being injected into their children’s bloodstreams. They start extra heavy dosages of zeolite the week before, the day of and the week after receiving vaccines. A most interesting application, which I think we can safely assume would mitigate some of the dangerous side-effects of multiple vaccinations.


Personally I really like what Dr. Connealy says, “ I personally lived my life strategy as if I have cancer, a terminal cancer, to employ a whole variety of bio hacks and dietary strategies to optimize it, which essentially makes it impossible, virtually impossible – nothing’s impossible but close to it – of ever coming down with this or pretty much any other chronic degenerative disease.”