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Biomat Reviews – The Technology from Heaven

Published on August 2, 2013

Dark Blue Clouds and a Bright Star

Everyone deserves a Biomat just as everyone deserves pure love. I call them medical love machines. Biomats are that good and that helpful. Today I gave a BioMat (Far infrared heat technology) away to a ten year old girl who has been fighting bone cancer since she was three years old. Talking to this little girl’s parents and a caring friend of theirs who contacted me on their behalf was quite an experience in tears. Not the tears they shed but the ones that fell from my heart. I have a ten year old and my identification was complete

It was an especially nice feeling to give one away for it was only four months ago that a cancer patient gave me one and my life has not been the same since.

If you think I am crazy when I say you will fall in love with your Biomat wait until you get one. Every family should have at least one, especially if you don’t want to see your loved ones suffering terribly when they have the flu. Every cancer patient should have one, if not two of them so they can sandwich themselves between them to cook the cancer cells over a stove of light and heat that will kill them if treatments are done aggressively enough. The Biomat alone can raise immune system status by 40 to 50% just by raising core body temperature.

Anyone who is sick or even suffering from stress and great upset will love BioMats and every hospital bed should have one. Want to survive the flu without great discomfort? Treat your next flu on a Biomat and you will understand through experience what a thousand words cannot share. Threatened by some of these new viruses gaining ground in the world? You are going to want to fight them with increased immune strength—with your Biomat.

Autistic children, insomniacs or anyone who works hard and needs to crash into a nurturing warm comfort that comes from far infrared rays filtering through a bed of crystals that increases the depth of penetration plus providing a shower of the type of negative ions one finds at the beach or at a waterfall will find delight and healing by relaxing on a far infrared BioMat.

Older folks especially love them because they nurture and sooth our aches and pains.

And every dying person should have the benefit of a BioMat. Hospice care will be greatly strengthened when every patient has a BioMat. One of the best things about a BioMat is that it treats you while you sleep though it can be used more intensely during the day when great pain reduction is required or if you want to more aggressively attack your cancer cells.

Athletes will love it after extreme exertions and expectant mothers will love its soothing comfort when giving birth though it is not a recommendation for giving birth while on one’s back, which presses the sacrum and compresses the birth canal. Everyone who loves far infrared saunas will absolutely love one.

When one is trying to stay ahead of sickness and disease (meaning having enough health to stay away from doctors and all their tests and treatments) or when one is already sick but trying to summon the energy and strength to pull out of a dark place, nothing will comfort and empower a person like a BioMat will.

Biomat Reviews

I have been using the it for over a year now and am constantly amazed at the biomat benefits. It provides me with increased mobility from back problems, a rapid onset of sleep and decrease in stress (Far-infra red light reduces cortisol stress levels by 78%). There is nothing like using a BioMat right along with Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. Comfort is beyond imagination.

We also have a professional size that my husband sleeps on at night. This has markedly improved a blockage in his leg arteries and has improved circulation to the point where he can now walk without stopping to rest, can drive without stopping the car to-get out and rest and does not have leg cramping at night which kept us apart in the bed. He no longer has recommendations for surgery to relieve the blockage!!

Thank you Mark for bringing this to us and I recommend everyone have a BioMat. It will improve your quality bof life in so many ways.

– Claudia French – Assistant Director, IMVA

I am fortunate to have been blessed with good health, but have noticed many positive changes in my body using the Bio-Mat despite my good fortune. The changes noticed have been, literally, from head to toe: the hair on my head has started growing! At first, I thought it was wishful thinking, but my parents commented about this on my annual visit to Omaha last year.

– Lee

I used a BioMat at a world-famous healing center I went to and was amazed by the results after just an hour treatment. So then I did my own research on the internet for several months. I finally felt safe enough to make a purchase without anything negative about the product. I started out with the Mini due to financial reasons. The mini is flexible to use and take places yet covers less area of the body. It can be used to sleep on as well to sit on while watching tv or working on the computer to help protect you from EMF’s and also heal. It is more portable like a soft-sided garment bag so great for travel Then I finally saved for theBioMat pro and have used it for over a year and sleep on it with fantastic results that were much greater covering more of the body as I was dealing with many ailments. Then for sweating out toxins, I ‘sandwich’ myself between the two now as recommended in the booklets.

– Sharon Shanto

Martin Biomat and Cancer

I was guided to Dr Sircus after being diagnosed with cancer and began to apply his protocols. The Magnesium Bicarbonate increased my energy and raised my PH level to 8.5. When i added the biomat i started to notice a reduction in tumour size, my circulation improved as did my athlete’s foot infection. Two friends who use the biomat are also noticing reduced asthma problems and less use of there inhalers. The combination of the Dr Sircus protocols and in particular Heart Health and learning to dissolve internal conflicts has not only created an environment that encourages repair and recovery from illness but has also helped me gain an inner peace and an acceptance that this was meant to be.

– Martin Walker

Stephen Biomat and Lung Cancer

Hi I have been using the BioMat now for while, I have Stage IV NSCLC Lung Cancer, I had been hospitalised twice in two months around Christmas & New Year with Pneumonia and Lung infections, the second time, I had to be on Oxygen, breathing was difficult, without the Oxygen. My research found BioMat, so purchased the Mini.

This has been a God send, my right lung, was partially collapsed when I was released from Hospital, breathing was not great from my right lung. When the BioMat arrived, I tried a full two hours on Max heat, after this session, I risked a full deep breath, which normally would hurt, I was amazed that I did NOT get any discomfort or pain? from Only One session on the BioMat?? wow, this result alone made my purchase worth it. I have two sessions a day, for about an hour, on full heat, this suits me fine. I have noticed that I feel generally much better all round in myself.

Hopefully, when I get my next CT scan, the tumour may have reacted favourably to this Thermo Therapy treatment. As a bonus, a long term back injury, which gave me permanent pain, disappeared completely, although I was not trying to treat that problem. Many thanks for this great product, it has helped me tremendously.

– Stephen Croft

Biomat and Pain

Just some feedback on the Biomat. Firstly, the hip pain reduced greatly particularly when on the mat at night. I have it at four notches for 8 hours. The overall hip pain reduced from a seven on the Glasgow pain scale to say three. I hope it continues to improve. 2. Numb and stiff fingers particularly right hand reduced symptoms. Still stiff in morning but after less than a minute all working normally. 3. I have had a virus. Pain in the back. Severe actually hardly able to move on day one. Use of mat on high for 2 hours, for two days, in conjunction to my usual sleeping use, has seen my symptoms almost disappear. I am now in day four and almost recovered. I am sure if I had no Biomat, the pain would have been intolerable without painkillers. I also notched up my Vit C to 20g a day, which I seem to be able to tolerate 4x5g doses. Taking the selenium and bicarbonate and sulfur. Nascent iodine and colloidal silver.

– Mike

As a practitioner, I have the Biomat on my treatment table. My experience has been that ALL treatments, (essential oils, emotional work, cranio-sacral, reiki) are deeper. The client/patient is able to relax and let go faster, easier and deeper. I am also a distributor and many have purchased them for personal and private use. It’s certainly one of my favorite “go to” tools and now I adding high voltage PEMF which offers nearly instantaneously pain relief for most everything.

– Sharon Rasa – Rasa Health

Free eBook Offer – Far-Infrared and Vibrational Medicine

I have written essays on BioMats and now I am releasing the Far-Infrared and Vibrational Medicine. It covers the incredible story of the secrets of light, which is the key to understanding why the BioMat is a dream machine for life, health and even for death. I cannot think of a better way to leave this planet when I die than on the comfort of a Biomat. The book is offered for free for new subscriptions to

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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