Magnesium Deficiency Treatment

Magnesium Deficiency Treatment

A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other mineral deficiency.

We really are not exaggerating when we say that miracles in medicine would be achieved if people’s magnesium deficiency signs were addressed instead of ignored.

The most complete work on magnesium available is Dr. Sircus' Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book, in its second edition.

Dr. Sircus prefers the use of magnesium chloride over any other form of magnesium. He loves magnesium oil and applies it to skin before massages or dumps two kilograms into his bath using magnesium bath flakes.

Although a person can take months to correct the lack of magnesium in the cells of the body, benefits of supplementation can be noticed in the first few days if administration is intense enough. Dr. Sircus always combines oral with transdermal methods of administration and even uses liquid magnesium (mag oil) form orally especially when constipation is a problem. Magnesium is the best medicine by far for constipation. Simply spray a few sprays into a glass of water (5-10 sprays/glass of water) and drink it. If this causes diarrhea cut back on the amount put into the water until the body builds up a tolerance.

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