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Magnesium Deficiency in Children

Published on December 8, 2009

Pupils with mental handicap should be provided with magnesium preparations because their effects are highly positive.[1]

Papadopol et al. in Romania compared the Intelligence Quota (IQ) of children growing up at home compared with the IQ of children growing up in a stressful orphanage. Stress hormones from stress of orphanage living drove down intracellular magnesium so severely that orphans lost much of their IQ.


Figure 2. Distortion in children’s IQ attributed to stress-induced damage to intracellular magnesium in institutionalized homes vs. home living – from Papadopol. Note the effect of stress-induced magnesium deficiency on the IQ of children.  This is a world-class catastrophe and is happening to a certain extent by American schools. The more stress they pile on the more kids’ IQ goes down because they are running the body down further in magnesium.

Nutritional variables exert a substantial influence on learning and behavior.[2]

“Magnesium deficiency in children is characterized by excessive fidgeting, anxious restlessness, psychomotor instability and learning difficulties in the presence of normal IQ,” said Dr. Mildred Seelig.

[1] Drybanska-Kalita A. Effect of various methods of supplementing magnesium on health status of children under special care. Ann Acad Med Stetin 1995;41:211-9.

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[2] Colgan M, Colgan L. Do nutrient supplements and dietary changes affect learning and emotional reactions of children with learning difficulties? A controlled series of 16 cases. Nutr Health, 1984;3(1-2):69-77.

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