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Take Magnesium to Escape Cancer

Published on January 22, 2013


Below is a report from Dr. Robert H. Craig from circa 1930 entitled The Value of Magnesium Chloride as an Aid in the Treatment of Cancer. It confirms everything I have ever written about magnesium and cancer and sustains my continued insistence that it remain the number one medicinal in every cancer protocol. When combined with selenium (just 200 mcg a day reduces one’s chance of dying from cancer), sodium and potassium bicarbonate, iodine and cannabinoid medicine we see the nuclear core of the Natural Allopathic way of treating cancer.

Dr. Craig wrote:

A PATIENT, male, aged 43, consulted me, complaining of a husky voice of eight months’ duration. His family history was most unfavorable; his mother, two maternal uncles and an aunt had died of cancer.

Examination of his larynx revealed a warty growth on the anterior third of the right vocal cord, the edges of which were indurated, and there was a small growth on the left vocal cord. The Wassermann test was negative; no evidence of tuberculosis.

Two denuded pieces of cartilage were removed from the larynx, and three large foul-smelling sloughs were removed from the subglottic space with forceps and suction. In order to gain free access to the upper part of the trachea, the cricoid cartilage was incised with the radon knife and this space carefully fulgurated. A deep ulcerated area on the right side of the larynx was fulgurated. The larynx and trachea were then packed with iodoform gauze saturated with tannic and gallic acid and treated as an open wound. A feeding tube was passed through the nose into the esophagus to a depth of ten inches.

There was some improvement in his general condition following the operation, which was attributed to the removal of the septic foci, but in spite of daily dressings and meticulous care, the laryngeal picture remained about stationary. The patient’s condition was grave and the prognosis gloomy.

As a last resort I decided to administer magnesium chloride subcutaneously and to use it combined with pepsin as a spray for the pharynx, with pepsin and glycerine as a dressing in the laryngeal cavity. After the first injection the patient stated that his teeth felt “as if they were steel”.

Daily examination of the larynx through the laryngeal mirror showed a gradual disappearance of the edema of the epiglottis and larynx. The infiltration began to subside after the tenth treatment. After two weeks of the treatment the skin looked white and almost chalky, and the patient no longer appeared septic. The mucous membrane of the pharynx was whitish, and that of the epiglottis and larynx was white and glistening, suggestive of the deposition of the magnesium salt in the tissues.

The tracheotomy wound, which had been moth-eaten and succulent in appearance was now firm and healthy-looking; the granulations in the laryngeal opening were white, healthy and glistening. The odor and cough had almost disappeared. The improvement was pronounced, and, in order if possible to speed it up, I prescribed magnesium chloride by mouth.

The pathologist reported the necrotic tissue removed from larynx as containing carcinoma cells.

Fifteen days after the treatment was begun the feeding tube was removed and deglutition gradually returned to normal. One month later the edema had disappeared from the epiglottis and the ulceration of the mucous membrane of the larynx had disappeared.

When the tracheotomy tube was removed, the patient could whisper; abduction and adduction were slowly returning. One month and two days from the time the treatment was first started, the patient left the hospital. At the time of writing, two months later, he has gained over fifteen pounds, his appetite is excellent, and the tracheotomy opening healthy, but the larynx is almost immobile. I attribute this fixation partly to the fact that during the time I was absent on my vacation he was not encouraged, nor did he attempt to use his voice. I hope to overcome this by ionization and suitable dilatation. He comes to my office thrice weekly, driving his own car, and is well enough to supervise his business for a part of the day.

The importance of the bio-chemical approach to the study of cancer has been fully stressed by Prof. Pierre Delbet, Superintendent of the Cancer Institute, Paris. The Stockholm Weekly JournZ, in June 1931, published a most enlightening article by him, the title of which was “Take magnesium and escape cancer”.

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Here he advocated as a prophylactic measure the administration of magnesium to all persons in and past middle life. By his experimental work he showed that soil, water and foodstuffs deficient in magnesium salts predisposed to cancer. In order to check up his gross findings he inoculated a series of rabbits with cancer virus. Fifty percent of these he treated with magnesium chloride, all of which recovered, while the majority of the untreated rabbits died.

Apart from Delbet’s findings there are many fundamental biological reasons why magnesium chloride should have been chosen. According to the latest views, magnesium exhibits its maximum valence in combination with chlorine. Magnesium chloride is the ideal oxidizing and reducing agent in the tissues. This combination has apparently been selected by nature to stimulate to the maximum inter and intracellular change. The great versatility of this combination to reduce and oxidize brings about a complete ionization, and therefore a normal functioning of the cells.

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