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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Published on August 4, 2011

(Second Edition)

Transdermal Magnesium Theraphy Book by Dr. Mark Sircus

Finally the second edition of my Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book is out and available on Amazon and on my publisher’s site in hardcover, paperback and in E-Book form. You can even get the book for free with a special promotion to celebrate the launch of the book. (See below for details)

It is now five years since I started writing about magnesium and it was only a few years before that when Dr. Norman Shealy had first discovered what is now commonly called magnesium oil. His book on the subject was esoteric so it was really my work that thrust this new medical modality into the full light of day.

Though we can get esoteric about something as beautiful as this metal is, it’s the hard medical science that has interested and captured the imaginations of doctors and all kinds of healthcare professionals. It is this book and work that put me on the medical map of the world and led me to develop my “Natural Allopathic Medicine approach, which includes other powerful medicinals like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and iodine.

I probably use more magnesium than anyone else and some people call me the magnesium man. My favorite way to use it is to have someone spray me with the oil until I am dripping wet and then give me a massage. I tell everyone that this is a treatment fitting for Cleopatra. I am lucky because I have someone on my staff give me the massage and it’s a good one because I am a good teacher of massage. I highly recommend this approach to patients with life-threatening diseases for a variety of reasons.

I never fell into the trap of over-identifying with any single medicinal as the answer to everything or anything. I am a confirmed protocol man and ALWAYS deal with many medicinals simultaneously. But still, no matter how deeply I have gotten into other medicines, magnesium chloride remains the heavyweight champion and ALWAYS needs to be included in EVERYONE’S protocol.

All the reasons that sustain my use of the word “always” are in my book, which does read a bit like a mystery novel as the story unfolds about this precious mineral. This magnesium oil that comes from underground Europe from a 250-million-year-old underground sea seems too good to be true. It’s as close as we come to heaven and dreamland in medicine—magnesium oil offers patients a magic carpet ride back to health.

One would not normally think that magnesium deficiency could increase the risk of cancer yet we find that just as severe dehydration or asphyxiation can cause death, magnesium deficiency can directly lead to cancer. We can readily see that magnesium deficiency leads to physiological decline in cells, setting the stage for cancer. Magnesium is a true cellular tonic!

These days I have been working on several new essays in the area of magnesium medicine. One of these papers is about obesity. It is interesting to understand that when a dieter starves himself of calories, he starves his brain cells as well. New research finds that these hungry brain cells then release “feed me” signals, which drive hunger, slow metabolism and ultimately cause reduced-calorie diets to fail. What basic nutrients are these cells starving for? Magnesium would be number one on the list because it is also the number-one and most important mineral lacking in most processed foods today. Obese people have a serious problem with magnesium deficiency and no matter how much they eat they can never get enough and this is especially bad for brain cells, which depend on magnesium for healthy neurological function.

Part of the problem is all the white, nutritionally-deficient foods obese people tend to eat. White foods are stripped of all of their magnesium mineral content so anyone who consumes these foods simply must increase their magnesium!

Magnesium and Stress

Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 shows that when the diets of 2,566 children ages 11-19 were studied, less than 14 percent of boys and 12 percent of girls had adequate intakes of magnesium.

We all have a lot on our plates these days. Not only are we facing dire social and economic stresses but also physical stress resulting from increased exposure to radiation (Fukushima, cell phones and cell towers, and from obscene levels of use in medicine). We also have chemical as well as heavy metal stress so there was never a better time to put magnesium number one on your supplement list.

Because magnesium is involved in so many processes in the body, once a deficiency develops, that deficiency can spiral out of control. A low magnesium level causes metabolic functions to decrease, causing further stress on the body, reducing the body’s ability to absorb and retain magnesium. A marginal deficiency can easily be transformed into a more significant problem when stressful events trigger additional magnesium loss. In the extreme situations, stressful events trigger sudden drops of serum magnesium, leading to cardiac arrest. Magnesium is considered the “anti-stress” mineral. It is a natural tranquilizer that functions to relax skeletal muscles as well as the smooth muscles of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract.

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Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause increased sensitivity to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, and insomnia. Magnesium offers a powerful way to treat depression; it helps us to better deal with stress because large amounts of magnesium are lost when a person is under stress. Anxiety and panic attacks are addressed by magnesium by keeping adrenal stress hormones under control so it really helps in dealing with stressful emergencies.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Products

Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Sircus, AC., OMD, DM (P), a doctor and writer of more than 23 books that have sold over 80,000 copies all over the world. My first major book was "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" which afforded me the title of "Magnesium Man." It has been translated into five languages and has reduced the suffering of many people.

On my website there are hundreds if not a thousand free articles, so you can dive deep into my work. However if you need personalized help, you are more than welcome to schedule a consultation.

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