Medical Marijuana

Dosages, forms, benefits, warnings and uses of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in over half the states and Washington, D.C. People seek it to treat chronic diseases, pain, nausea, seizers, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer as well as symptoms from a myrid of disease that do not respond to other treatments.

It is available in non-psychogenic form without THC which is still illegal in many states, cannabidiol (CBD) is almost as effective as the full range of cannabinoids, which include THC.

Medical marijuana can be eaten raw as a food, smoked, nebulized, used topically for great effect as well as in concentrated oil form. You can also find it in pill, seeds, suppositories, patches and even in salves. It can be taken in liquid form, by brewing it as a tea. It can also be taking as a juice and added to other beverages, including soda, milk and alcohol.

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