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Alternative Medicine Pioneer Kidnapped by US Government in Ecuador

Published on December 17, 2009

Dear IMVA,

Yesterday I received a disturbing email from Greg Caton’s wife, naturopath Dr. Cathryn Caton, that her husband was arrested in Ecuador on December 2, 2009 at a premeditated license check point by Ecuadorian police.  He was then quickly handed over to United States agents and taken forcibly onto an American Airlines plane against a judge’s objections. Cathryn has not heard from him since.

I know them for they have recently built a mountain top home in Ecuador. They sell one of the types of iodine I recommend and we talked many a late night on skype. Greg is an inspired type who has been around the block in the nutrition and cancer area and has run into trouble with the United States government before.

There are a few of us who have escaped down here to the relative safety of South or Central America. People like me, Mike Adams and there was Greg, all of us medical and health freedom fighters resisting the dark empire of the FDA and CDC pharmaceutical universe.

These and other medical and health institutions are the creators and enforcers of a devastating form of medicine. From our perspective the United States government is foul, running the greatest terror making organization in the solar system. Though it is hard to separate the Americans from the old European lust for conquest and domination. Certainly their bankers are still playing the oldest and nastiest of games. Mike Adams interviewed Cathryn and in the second part of the tape he shares passionately about the war against healers who are trying to help people. For more on the story click here.

But what can you expect from the only government in the world that used nuclear weapons on civilian populations and depleted Uranium weapons in large quantities in Iraq and Afghanistan releasing staggering amounts of Uranium Oxide into the atmosphere. This is nasty stuff with a shelf life of billions of years so it’s going to be around for quite a while thanks to our friendly world dominating government.

Many times through the years I have gotten letters from readers remarking about my courage and actually I try to forget about these communications and the reality they represent as quickly as possible because even the most courageous heart can feel fear. My commitment to Medical Veritas – medical truth – has led me to some interesting discoveries and probably made me some not so interesting enemies.

I have to have courage because what other choice does one have when facing and trying to live with truth. One reader wrote me saying, “Just want to say you never seem to be out of step with the state of decay in the world, something that is evidence of a more divine ordering in ones existence, so God bless you as you give the truth for what it is. You are riding high on the light in a world of darkness.”

For me the heart (spiritual part of the pump) is the truth of human life and one of the most interesting things about the heart (that Christ and others have talked about) was that it has no tolerance for liars and lies. Infidelity, what is it that tears people apart? It’s not the sex it’s the lying about it. It’s the breaking of trust that disrupts so terribly.

Anyone who has ever experienced trying to hide something meaningful from someone loved knows the anguish of the heart as it has to suffer the mind’s increasing need to justify and explain to itself ones untruthful position. The trap is that it is impossible for the heart to live (be open) with a lie because the heart is the truth. So once an infidelity happens the heart gets buried under the weight of the minds increasing velocity of justifications meaning the heart closes. It hurts too much to stay open so it closes.

I share that because it really hurts and scares me to think of someone taking me away from my wife and kids. It makes me think of the Nazi times that seem to be coming back and Mike Adams mirrors these thoughts at the end of his audio file above. I think of Cathryn and my heart goes out to her and her feelings. I don’t want to feel the hurt and sinking feeling of having something like this happen but it’s hard to escape when writing about the things I do.

In my case I have to not only be protective for personal reasons but also for this new form of medicine that I am bringing to people everywhere on earth. Some people have this unexplained capacity to dream big but in my case it is my close relationship with my highest self (yes took two decades out of my life to be a recluse meditating on the meaning of life and the meaning of pure consciousness).

Another reader wrote me saying, “My Sedona friend and author J. Hamilton says, “Visionaries thrive in all times”. Dr. Mark is a visionary and one of those special beings who follows the Bodhisattva path and gives his Brave heart medicine to all he touches. May he fare well for all beings’ benefit and continue to manifest his love for the world through his writings and brilliant clarity. Yours is a voice of truth in the midst of the growing insanity.”

The point is that I do have this love for humanity and the most positive expression of that is in this Natural Allopathic Medicine that I am shouting from the roof tops about. It is certainly new, though it uses very old remedies like iodine and sodium bicarbonate. I added magnesium chloride into the mix creating the most perfect and primary combination of medicinals with all three being plucked right out of emergency rooms and intensive care wards everywhere, where these substances are used daily – but not for chronic diseases.

Cancer Course




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For life saving situations I call this protocol Natural Emergency Medicine but for cancer and other serious diseases the treatments can be applied every two or three hours harnessing the raw emergency life saving power of these widely available highly concentrated “food” medicines. They have a powerful moving effect on chronic conditions because each of the agents in the protocol addresses fundamental physiological issues.

What I am struggling to say is that the most important thing for me is that the Natural Allopathic Medical approach not be  smothered by the medical Gestapo, by the FDA or anyone else. So if anything ever happens to me it is all my readers who will need to carry on the light and coordinate and organize and assist my family as I hope now many will do for Cathryn.

Below is most of the content I and many received from her yesterday. Please read and please care.

Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD

In 1984 my husband founded Consumer Express, which later became Nutrition for Life International (briefly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange as “NFLI”). In 1995 he created Alpha Omega Labs (, which became a provider of over 300 alternative health products with 14 distributors around the world, before its closure by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in September, 2003.
It successfully reopened in Ecuador in June, 2008.

Alpha Omega Labs is best known for Cansema® — an effective cure for skin cancer, based on suppressed formulary information dating back to the 1850’s. Over a 13 year period, Alpha Omega Labs was responsible for curing thousands of cancer cases.

In 2007, Greg and his wife received residential Visas to live in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian government had granted us all the proper permits to manufacture and sell our herbal products from within Ecuador at that time. And so, we legally reopened Alpha Omega Labs in the summer of 2008 in Ecuador.

As of 2007, Greg had 1.5 years left to serve on his probation.  He had already been granted permission to fly back and forth from the US to Ecuador and was hoping to have his probation commuted.  However, because of the involvement of an extremely corrupt FDA agent by the name of John Armand, who had Greg arrested in 2003, we made a joint decision to stay here in Ecuador and not travel until his probation period had been completed. A clear and concise description of Greg’s first persecution by the US government can be found on: An archive of Greg’s newsletters can be found here:

On December 2, 2009, Greg was arrested here in Ecuador at a premeditated license check point by Ecuadorian police.  Completely false charges were brought against him.  The charges were that Greg was in Ecuador illegally and that we were selling herbal products illegally.

At the first hearing, we had no trouble showing the judge that the charges were false which  proved Greg’s innocence. As a result, the judge signed papers to have Greg released from jail. However, the police chief here has the final say as to which inmate is ultimately released or not, and by the time the judge arrived, the police chief had already been heavily pressured and bribed by the U.S. government. This resulted in him signing paper work to deport Greg… illegally.

We appealed the police chief’s decision. However, at the second hearing, the Judge essentially froze and said he was not qualified to make a ruling on the case. We noticed that a US consulate official was in the hearing room at that moment. Some Ecuadorian Judges have residential visas in the US and do not want to piss off the US for fear of losing them.

We filed another appeal. This appeal was approved and a hearing was scheduled for December 14th or 15th, 2009.  I then received a phone call from Greg this morning: Dec. 12, 2009.  He told me that whatever legal work we were doing was not working.  He said he was calling me from the airport where authorities were preparing to fly him to the US…illegally.

I immediately called our assistant who called our attorney who called the new judge.  The new judge drove to the chief of police to release him from his authority over this case.  The judge then drove to the airport to stop immigration from deporting Greg.  Immigration had him flying out on American airlines flight no. 952 from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Miami, Florida.

Before the judge got to the airport, our assistant told the police who were holding Greg at the gate that the judge was on his way with paper work for Greg to not leave the country.  The man from the U.S. State Department immediately put Greg on the plane (in my opinion…illegally kidnapping Greg) and told our assistant that he was now in American territory (the American Airlines plane) and could not be removed.

The judge then arrived with the appropriate paper work and explained that Greg was not to be flown out of the country but he was ignored by American Airlines when he attempted to have Greg removed from the plane, at which point the plane took off. The judge then talked to the airport tower to have the American Airlines flight stopped. Both American Airlines and the pilot refused to listen. The judge then called a general in the Ecuadorian military to have the plane stopped by forcing it to land in Quito. American Airlines refused to listen.

All of the above took place while the American Airlines plane was within the country of Ecuador and subject to Ecuadorian law.

I have not heard from my husband since.

People need to understand that what the U.S. government did today….was totally illegal under Ecuadorian law.

If we are to successfully fight this kind of evil….


In order to win this fight once and for all…the countless numbers of people who have cured themselves naturally from any disease need to stand up and tell their story to as many people as possible.

In 2003, after Greg’s arrest by the FDA and our herbal company had been shut down, one of the phone calls we received was from a woman who had cured herself of breast cancer using our products.  She had tried to get her story told on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She was told by the Oprah staff that they could not air her story because the Oprah Winfrey Show was supported by the pharmaceutical companies.

So here we have Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential, wealthy personalities on the planet controlled by the pharmaceutical companies.  She is not alone…

If you or anyone you know has cured themselves naturally of any disease please stand up now and do whatever it takes to get your story told in the main stream media.

We must stand up together if we are to transform this evil.

Cathryn Caton, N.D.

Cathryn asks that her message be circulated as much as possible. A web site is in the process of being established for the archiving of statements by individuals who have cured any disease using natural means:

If you or anyone you know would like to stand and be counted by submitting the testimony of your cure, please send an email to:

Please write a brief letter introducing yourself and include a brief description of your journey of healing. You will then receive a reply by email that will explain how you should submit your story and what forms of substantiation will be required in order for your story to be included on the web site.

Thank you.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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