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Childhood Immunization

Published on October 19, 2009

Vaccines – Autism – Mercury – Medicine

The hours, days and months following birth are undoubtedly the most critical phases in the life of human beings. Health and medical officials long ago decided that they knew best what should be done to children and many have made fortunes and careers out of this work. It is not by chance that infants are routinely disturbed physiologically and psychologically by medical interventions administered from the first moments of life.

The incidence of childhood asthma, diabetes, and
autoimmune diseases has doubled during the past 20 years;
Attention Deficit Disorder has tripled, Autism has increased 600%.
What part have vaccines played?
– Stanley Monteith, M.D.

Doctors, extremely secure and confident in their procedures, have decade-by-decade intensified their interference with natural childhood development sequences without regard to serious deleterious outcomes or effects. Pediatricians have even found it perfectly safe to inject toxic chemicals like mercury and aluminum into babies expecting to find no reactions or problems. These and other dangerous compounds are characteristically found in all vaccines.[1]

My daughter Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998 at the
age of five weeks, about 15 hours after receiving her second Hepatitis
B vaccine booster shot. Lyla was a lively, alert five-week-old baby
when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed
intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of
a newborn child that she would die that night.

Dr. Dennis Charney, a psychiatrist and director of clinical neuroscience at the National Center at Yale University tells us that, “It does not matter if it was the incessant terror of combat, torture, or repeated abuse in childhood, or a one-time experience. All uncontrollable stress can have the same biological impact.”[3] The operative word here is uncontrollable. The key psychological aspect of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is helplessness, the feeling that you are being threatened or your life is in danger and there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid it.

Immobilization with fear elicits profound, potentially lethal,
physiological changes (i.e., dramatic slowing of heart rate,
cessation of breathing, and dropping of blood pressure).
– Dr. Stephen Porges

It is very easy to hurt babies but doctors do not seem to notice that they are harming newborns and infants with their childhood immunization programs. There is no changing the fact that babies are highly vulnerable sensitive feeling beings yet most of the medical profession that deals with them is so cut off from the heart that they wonder what all the crying is about when they hold kids down and inject them with a fluid that kills some of them and harms many more.

IMVA Image
Mercury is a poison and it is a miracle all the kids do not fall into serious illness when injected with this potent neurotoxin.

Harris Coulter PhD. said, “The manufacturers of vaccines and the pediatricians who administer them are simply unwilling to criticize their source of livelihood. Vaccinations provide such a large proportion of their livelihood that without them they would have to change occupation and practice another specialty.”

The pediatrician whom I so respected and adored broke down
and cried when I gave her the news that my daughter had died.
She went back and forth defending the vaccine that she was told was safe,
but blamed it for killing my child.  She then told me that she also had
another patient, an infant boy, die after this same vaccination.
Christine Colebeck

The horrible truth is that our precious pure ones are being hurt by human hands, by doctors and nurses, and by health authorities that think nothing of injecting little children with known poisons. What is happening is most reprehensible yet the medical authorities persist to the end insisting that serous reactions to vaccines are rare meaning they are perfectly safe.[5]

“I can assure you that death from vaccination is neither quick nor painless.
I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an excruciatingly slow death
as she screamed and arched her back in pain, while the vaccine
did as it was intended to do and assaulted her immature immune system.
The poisons used as preservatives seeped through her tiny body,
overwhelming her vital organs one by one until they collapsed.
It is an image that will haunt me forever
and I hope no other parent ever has to witness it.
A death sentence considered too inhumane for
this county’s most violent criminals was handed down to my
beautiful, innocent, infant daughter, death by lethal injection.”
– Christine Colebeck [6]

whose daughter died twenty-four hours

after receiving DPT OPV vaccinations

Most physicians can hardly believe that vaccines can kill or seriously injure children so they keep on giving more as the American and international health authorities continue to increase the number of vaccines.

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TABLE 1. Number of Vaccines and Possible Number of Injections Over the Past 100 Years[7]

Year Number of Vaccines Possible Number of Injections by 2 Years of Age Possible Number of Injections at a Single Visit
1900* 1 1 1
1960 5 8 2
1980 7 5 2
2000 11 20 5

* In 1900, children received the smallpox vaccine.

Children without doubt find vaccination a traumatic experience though it seems as if most would get over it quickly. The past fifteen years, though, have brought on a new level of experience that is beginning to challenge this assumption. Biological changes are increasingly being noticed by a wide range of healthcare practitioners as the general state of health declines (in this most recent generation).[8] Many are pointing the finger more and more at the dramatic increase of vaccines administered to children and to the toxic chemicals used in them as preservatives and adjuncts. Infants, especially in the United States, are routinely given a combination of 8 powerful drugs at the same time without any assurance of the safety of such practices. All because pediatricians are worried that they cannot get parents to bring their children in on enough different occasions.

The underlying common denominator in chronic neurodegenerative
disease seems to be either decreasing vascular supply (less blood
to the brain) or accumulation of heavy metals, specifically mercury.
– Dr Rashid Buttar

Hurt is something our beings naturally feel. Hurt is the appropriate response of the human heart when attacked or misunderstood as adults and it is the natural response of babies when they are treated with lack of consideration, kindness and love. When we betray the innocent and vulnerable nature of the pure heart we cause hurt. When we are born we have a great capacity to be hurt. Babies and young children are totally at the mercy of their environment, they are vulnerable.

There are many things doctors and nurses have traditionally done to rip us away from the pure vulnerability of the moment of our birth, they have hung us upside down and spanked us, taken us away from our mothers before we could bind with them, and shined bright lights in our faces. Making it cold and clinical in operating rooms as opposed to warm and natural in settings that facilitate feelings of safety and security.

Today it is standard procedure in the first hours or day of our life to penetrate our bodies with a hypodermic needle which manifests on many levels the first basic experiences of uncaring, helplessness and fear. At the moment of our birth we are confronted with something that holds a threat to our life, with a potential for an early death (for some) for we are injected with nerve toxins that can quickly accumulate and lead to severe neurological damage.

Certainly it is a stress and a hurt that makes us scream to the high heavens but the doctors and nurses smile it off as being normal. Their base line of normality is thrust on our vulnerabilities and often sets the stage for much disruption of health in our very young lives. Babies and young children are totally at the mercy of their environment, they are totally vulnerable, but slowly lose this after years of being repeatedly hurt and misunderstood.

When we betray the innocent and vulnerable
nature of the pure heart we cause hurt.
The separate mind is the betrayer of the
universe of heart and true being.

It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to see that we might have a very special case when psychological and biological changes come together with heavy toxic loading from vaccines combining to form a special matrix of changes in both immune and brain chemistry.

“I wanted to let you know that I almost killed my own
daughter by allowing her pediatrician to give her shots.”

What should we do with baby doctors who are deliberately hurting and even killing their young charges? Is there anything worse then medical arrogance when babies die? The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) finally admitted that autism is an epidemic at the end of 2005 yet medical officials are still scratching their heads as to why a million kids have come down with autism in the last fifteen years. Heads will roll and hundreds of billions will flow when they finally admit that vaccines are directly causing this pandemic of misery.

[1] Buttram, Harold. Vaccines and Immune Malfuntion. ISBN:0-916285-36-7

[2] Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress. Tuesday, May 18,1999 Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998

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[8]Cohn, D’Vera – Washington Post – U.S. Counts One in 12 Children As Disabled

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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