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Dear IMVA, February 2010

Published on February 15, 2010

I have been holding back my writings on current events in the world, keeping them in a bullpen waiting for events to bang the drums of doom more loudly. I do not want my writings on finance and economics to be warnings anymore (my last essay called Economic Pearl Harbor was enough in that regard) but news about what is happening in the present.

My older readers know that I have been putting out warnings for years but now we are at cliffs edge (many millions have already fallen over it) one only has to open one’s eyes and see the handwriting on the wall. So expect much from me soon on this front as we collectively ride the buckling knuckling second leg down the fast approaching shock wave that one can smell if they really open up their nostrils.

At the same time I have prepared several new chapters for the sodium bicarbonate work, which I will publish shortly as well as an entire series on autism starting with the importance of magnesium deficiencies in the development of this disorder. Now that I have finished the second edition of the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book I will soon be free to finish Humane Pediatrics where I will publish my writings on the unfolding disaster in children’s health and what to do about it. It is because of the children that the IMVA was started and it is with them that my heart is most connected.

Collapse and Tragedy

Our World is entering into one of its most perilous times it has ever faced and that will find the vast majority of today’s Western Nations resembling those of the Third World in just a few short years time and that’s only if they are extraordinarily lucky. If they are not so lucky they might find themselves buried by crushing ice and snow with spring thaws coming later and later until it feels like they are back in the Ice Ages.

Just this past week several people have asked me about Brazil and about moving here, which is a courageous move to contemplate and one made vastly safer if one has a trustworthy connection. Mike Adams in Ecuador and I both feel that a move to South America would be wise and anyone who can afford to move or have a fallback position on our lovely continent in the Americas should more than think about it, they should jump. In reality there is little time before capital flights will be blocked.

It is a fact and reality of our system that collapse and tragedy comes unevenly, coming to certain people, families, towns, cities and countries before others. Perhaps if we faced our challenges as a collective, as a race of being, things would be different. But as long as what is happening is happening to someone other than us we can wall off their pain (and our own intuitive feeling intelligence that can guide us) from our hearts and just keep on going.

The top 10 percent of people are going to do fine, those in the middle
of the income distribution have been hard hit by over borrowing, and
poorer people will continue to struggle with unstable jobs and low wages.
– Simon Johnson
M.I.T. Sloan School of Management

What is coming is a global event that will soon overtake the majority. It is a forlorn conclusion – we have not administered our civilization with heart – and the consequence is collective. We have ignored the pain and suffering of others for too long living the rich life with the world elite doing this in a most obscene way. Our world of debt is breaking the backs of governments, corporations and individuals alike and there is no reset button except disaster and anarchy waiting.

Johnson I believe is actually being overly optimistic for it is actually the richest in the world – the richest 10 percent (700 million from the first world) that are being threatened the most with a collapse in lifestyle. The budget proposal released in the United States would impose nearly $1 trillion in higher taxes on couples making more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000 by not renewing tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush. So it looks like even the lower end of the upper 10 percent is going to be hit hard in America.

It really has been a field day for the richest people on earth
whose lust for stealing has penetrated multi trillion dollar
marks. They have been stealing and destroying and
concentrating wealth to levels never seen in human history.

Without our inner heart burning bright, future events will be difficult to bear so it is not a call to arms but a call to heart that I am putting out. If we are ever to remake civilization in a new light it is with heart that it must be made over but that is not what the elite are planning unfortunately. This and the chapters to come are actually the newest installments of my book Into the Ashes.

I have been looking into the eye of the coming storm studying what the consequences can be for me and my family. It is my job to see and to write and sometimes I cry and feel fright though I continue to expand out in the face of all adversity. I sometimes get sad for the future wishing we had built a better civilization for our children to inherit. We all need courage though there are many who have no idea that anything could happen that speaks of this necessity.

There is going to be a lot going on to have feelings about and it’s a good time to check in with ones heart and soul to ascertain our own capacity for empathy and compassion, two attributes of the heart that have been sorely missing in contemporary man. It is only the power of the heart that is going to sustain us during the coming dark night of humanity, that and an acutely aware mind fined tuned to the truth. At the center of our hearts is a force that can sustain us even during the worst of times and many great men and women have lived through unspeakable horrors and survived to tell their tales. It is time to tap into this deeper part that exists, it is really time.

I have written Insecurity, my essay about the emotions of the heart center that we have learn to deal deeply with. Insecurity is but a prelude to a three part series:

Cancer Course




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The Crushing Weight of Loss
Upheaval, and Social Unrest


Watch for this series in the upcoming weeks and prepare to watch before your very own eyes as the crisis builds in strength up to the point of panic in the financial markets.

I am not sure which order of the series I will publish first but the entire process of writing Into the Ashes was having me install the last chapters first and all of these in this series will add to the below chapter list of the book. When we get time we will create a site for book, which includes the subject of climate change and agricultural concerns.

Table Of Contents

Into the Ashes
A Deepening Crisis
Prelude to Doom
About this Book
Civilization at Risk
The Angel of Financial Death
Dealing with Truth

Natural World Concerns

It Matters Where You Live and What You Do
Mercury Blindness
It Matters Where You Live – Part Two
Agricultural Apocalypse
Green Gold – Spirulina – Survival Food
Saved by the Sun
Hot or Cold
Carbon Dioxide

Terrorism and Soul Suffering

The Stench of Fascism
Terrorism – Suffering and Pain
The Terrorism of the Military
Unpleasant Lessons in The Oneness of Being
The End of Reason or is it Treason – The Bush Years
Dealing with the Stress and with Depression
Psychopathic Tendencies
The Psychology of Insanity
Imagination Warriors

Economics and Finance

The Sky is Falling
Money and the Hell of Debt
Holy Mother of all Bubbles
Bankers from Hell
Control Freaks and the New World Order
The Doom of Wealth Concentration
Civilization Collapse Was a Long Time Coming
Economic Suicide
The Terrorism of Money and Debt

Radiation and Chemical Hell

Modern Madness and the Fall of Man
Genetic Warfare
Chemical Nightmares
Silent Nuclear War
DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs
Public Health Implications of Uranium Contamination
Low Level Toxicity

What They are Doing and Going to Do

Over Population
Assault on Humanity
Swine Flu Treatments
Health Freedom under Siege
The Slaughter of Innocence
The Ultimate Terrorists
Crimes at the CDC
Avian Epidemics

The Rise of the Phoenix – Keys to a New World

Conflict Resolution
The Compassion of the Heart
The Language of the Heart
Communication Psychology
The Psychology of Listening
Mirroring and the Art of Listening
Anger is Righteous
Group Consciousness

How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

The Terrorism of the War on Drugs
Sexual Terrorism
Twenty Fifth Anniversary of AIDS
Will the Real Quack Please Stand Up

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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