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Dear IMVA, October 2009

Published on October 10, 2009

Dear IMVA,

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later; sitting at my computer as I have twelve hours a day seven days a week for ten years. My tailbone just said no and my sciatic nerve is crying. Meaning I am writing to you from bed with my laptop trying to recover.

This publication goes back some years and my long term readers have a sense for who I am not only because of what I have written but also because of what I have shared about my life. Today I am sharing much more about myself and my work.

So I am going to take this opportunity away from research, email and skype to write more personally or as I might routinely share with my oldest friends and readers. I feel like I have lost to some degree the tendency to share this way after concentrating so much in serious medical writing.

That said I am happy to announce the creation of a sodium bicarbonate website, due out this coming week, which shows off the new site technology we will be employing uniformly throughout all our sites eventually. It is truly gratifying to receive many letters of thanks for my efforts in going deeply into this widely used medicinal that is so important for cancer, kidney and diabetic patients.

As most of my older readers know I never recommend bicarbonate without recommending magnesium chloride (magnesium oil) and I make a trinity by adding iodine. These three medicinal substances are like color primaries, which can be combined to create millions of colors or in our case a myriad of medical and health results.

I see many people are getting into the magnesium business and it has been wonderful for me to be spear heading so much in this area. I have not promoted my book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy as of late for it is outdated; early next year we will publish a second edition.

But this is hardly getting personal; please give me some time to warm up.

I have a full bullpen of recent writings to share, and some updates on the agricultural crisis as well as the financial and economic ones coming soon. We are still in green shoot la-la land but under the hood reality does not look so good.

One new topic I will be writing about soon is diabetic foot or what might be called metabolic peripheral disorder – a situation where the first signs of tissue degeneration begins slowly, usually in the feet. This is personal because it is something I myself have to deal with at 57 so I hope to be able to include my own positive testimony about the Natural Allopathic treatments I am applying. Besides magnesium massage I have been applying Manuka Honey directly to my feet and it is helping.

The other new subject is on Palliative and Hospice care and this also gets somewhat personal because my recent work with this population of patients has been the proving ground for what I call Natural Emergency Medicine and Natural Chemotherapy. Of course you can expect soon from me a chapter titled Saying No to Chemo. I cannot imagine really the type of consciousness that so routinely smashes people with such harsh poisons.

I have not shared with my readers about the consultations I have been doing online and on the phone teaching people and practitioners how to apply my protocols but I have a site about this work. I got a letter from a reader last night asking, “Would you consider either renaming your On Line Clinic, so that it is not strictly for Cancer? And then offering “X” number of questions or question asked and answered for a fee not necessarily about cancer? This would enable all those who have important health questions in getting some kind of answers without having to pay the rather large fee stated on the website.”

My answer is yes (and I have reduced my hourly fee), though I thought it was clear on the site that I offered communication to a broad band of needs. It is true that most of the people who have reached out to me as of late are end stage cancer patients, whose doctors have given up on them and this is the source of my future writings on Palliative and Hospice Care.

In years past I have done online counseling and now give advice about financial concerns and relocation. Voluntary relocation is gentle compared to forced migrations due to water shortages, war and out of control governments. Relocation is also better than neurological degeneration because of nearby point source mercury pollution areas near coal power plants, municipal incinerators or crematoriums. Mercury medicine is a great passion for me with Dr. Boyd Haley being a rock of understanding in this area.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


My first great passion was actually for color and communication psychology and my mentor in these subjects was Christopher Hills and I lived at his University of the Trees for two years twenty five years ago. Life certainly goes fast. He was the one who said way back then that humanity needed to learn much more about love to survive and here we are obviously as a race not having learned our most important lessons. Certainly America is not at war in Iraq or Afghanistan for love or any other good or logical reason.

Not many people know that I was trained in Shiatsu in NYC long before I went to acupuncture school and studied traditional oriental medicine. Through many long years of using my hands in healing work I also have taught others how to do body work. I include touch importantly in all my protocols. I am sharing because my favorite medical treatment to receive is magnesium massage and just about everyone on staff knows how to give me one. Lucky me!

Personally I believe that different types of massage offer excellent medical results when combined with other treatments and is a prime form of preventive medicine. Healthcare in America would be enhanced greatly if medical officials would pay attention but that is not likely. They would rather break and bankrupt people with a form of medicine that puts the United States number 37 (I believe) in the world in quality health care despite spending more than the rest of the world combined (probably) as they do with armaments. This is going to end badly of course as the country and many people in it are going bankrupt.

Holistic Medicine is the way to cure complex, degenerative, chronic diseases that have multiple causes. Practitioners must be able to view a person on all levels, physical, biochemical, nutritional, environmental, energetic, psychological, emotional and spiritual to be able to deal with the full terrain of the human condition. Allopathic medicine fails miserably in the nutrition, environmental, energetic, psychological, emotional and spiritual areas preferring a cold hearted, aggressive and arrogant stand against the true needs of human beings. Natural selection will eventually wash our race clean of such medical behavior or at least let us hope so. Perhaps

Through these weeks of having time to think I have decided to launch a video presence online and also a blog where I can let down my hair (which I keep very short) and be less formal and more personal. In my newsletter and in most of my books I am formal because of my content – all serious stuff about health and disease – so in my blog I want to be free to communicate anything and everything.

So who am I and why would anyone want to read my blog?

Good question and I hope it is ok to take quite sometime answering this.

Perhaps I might share in the future my musical side that I have been making breakthroughs with. I am a late bloomer, have just turned 57 and am only just recently getting up on the world stage with my writings and research so why not eventually with music. I have had a Rastafarian teacher for the last three years and he certainly taught me Brazilian and other Latin rhythms and now I am onto lighting fast flamingo music.  Music is a passion that makes life on earth much more pleasant.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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