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Doctors and Nurses Love to Inject

Published on May 21, 2010


Parents around the world need to stop bringing their children in to pediatric doctors except for broken bones and stitches and such because the chances are high that these doctors will inflict serious harm on their young charges. The majority of pediatricians are mean and arrogant and they love their poisonous needles and take every opportunity to inject no matter what the condition is of their young patients. Certainly they don’t read the hundreds of published medical studies documenting vaccine failure and adverse effects, and dozens of books written by doctors, researchers, and independent investigators that reveal serious flaws in immunization theory and practice.

Children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than their peers who do not get the vaccine, according to research that was presented on May 19, at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego. But doctors and their nurses still love to inject. Their deeds will be remembered on judgment day since the human race is not able to stop them. Imagine how far civilization has to fall just to lay these people low and one gets a good idea not only of where we are going but where we need to go.

Murder or Bad Vaccine was the title of a chilling article from the September 2000 issue of Redbook magazine. In this startling feature, several fathers were accused of shaking their babies, when, in fact, a vaccine had caused a reaction that caused the children to have problems. In one such case, an anesthesiologist was convicted and is serving a jail sentence for killing his child even though many experts have shown that the brain hemorrhage suffered by his baby was the result of a "hot lot" of bad vaccine.  But doctors and their nurses still love to inject.

Villagers of Shaikhpara at Gajol in Malda district stage protests today following the death of two infants who received DPT and BCG vaccines at the Sheikpara Sub-Health Centre in May of 2010. As people demonstrated in front of the hospital, the situation was brought under control by police intervention. Dr Srikanta Roy, CMO of Malda, however, denied any medical negligence. “One child died because of severe pneumonia while the other died because of high fever. Their deaths have nothing to do with the vaccines,” he said. “We have checked the vaccines. They are absolutely fine.” The District Magistrate is investigating.

Merck’s Gardasil vaccine causes death, collapse and chronic illness in young woman and girls, including a new, never-before described "disease" called Juvenile ALS, a fatal condition in which the nervous system is slowly destroyed while consciousness remains unimpaired.

These absolutely fine vaccines have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections. More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions. The death of a two-year-old girl from Brisbane who had received the seasonal flu vaccine the day before finally prompted authorities to temporarily ban the seasonal flu vaccine. But doctors and their nurses still love to inject.

My daughter took her youngest son Chris to the pediatrician for a 1 yr check. Chris is a special needs child. At 6 months he was given vaccines and within 24 hours began having serious seizures. Friday, he came in with a fever, coughing and runny nose. The nurse by the pediatrician’s orders came in without asking, without signatures, and gave him a flu shot, adding 5 other shots with it. As of this morning, Chris was dead.

Meanwhile U.S. health officials urged pediatricians in May to temporarily stop using one of two vaccines against a leading cause of diarrhea in babies, after discovering that doses of GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix were contaminated with bits of an apparently benign pig virus. 11 children allegedly given expired measles and hepatitis vaccines in Tabuk. Inspection teams found 200 doses of outdated vaccines at various health centers.

A search of Dr. Paul Offit’s RotaTeq from Merck, turned up 83 adverse events that resulted in death and include RotaTeq as one of the adminstered vaccines. Click HERE to see the reports.

The Redbook magazine article goes on to expose an increasing trend of parents who were falsely accused of child abuse because their children were damaged by vaccine reactions which looked similar to shaken baby syndrome.  The Redbook article reports that between 11,000 and 12,000 reports are made per year about adverse reactions from vaccines.  They also state that surveys have shown that these reactions are grossly underreported.  Some of these studies indicate that only 1 in 10 to as few as 1 in 100 of all actual adverse vaccine reactions are reported.  This means that as many as 1,200,000 adverse vaccine reactions may be occurring each year. But doctors and their nurses still love to inject.

Alan Philips, a lawyer very familiar with State vaccine laws, writes, “Health authorities credit vaccines for disease declines, and assure us of their safety and effectiveness. Yet these seemingly rock-solid assumptions are directly contradicted by government statistics, medical studies, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports, and reputable research scientists from around the world. In fact, infectious diseases declined steadily for decades prior to vaccinations, U.S. doctors report thousands of serious vaccine reactions each year including hundreds of deaths and permanent disabilities, fully vaccinated populations have experienced epidemics, and researchers attribute dozens of chronic immunological and neurological conditions to mass immunization programs.” But doctors and their nurses still love to inject.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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