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Genetic Warfare

Published on October 23, 2009


Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab detonates (in the open
air) about 200 radioactive “dirty bombs” a year, creating
deadly and radioactive uranium gas in the heavily populated
San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas of California. About 10
million people live and work within the large metropolitan areas.[1]

It is really difficult to believe that anyone who would call themselves a human being would be detonating nuclear munitions so close to population centers, or anywhere else for that matter. Yet we find out that not only have they been doing this but that on November 12, 2006[2] the University of California “managed” Weapons Lab had requested an increase, from detonating 1000 pounds of radioactive uranium and tritium bombs a year to 8000 pounds a year. With mercury blowing in from China in ever-increasing amounts and with nuclear materials being detonated at site 300 (see below image) one has plenty of reason to suspect that the “mysterious” unfathomable cause of the dramatic rise of autism and diabetes is not so mysterious after all.

Experts stress that a “dirty bomb” is not the same as a nuclear weapon, which generates intense heat and radiation from splitting atoms. A dirty bomb packs radioactive material inside or around conventional explosives, which are then detonated to spread the radioactive material. This is exactly what depleted uranium weapons are and this is exactly what is being exploded near San Francisco! Insanity as a concept does not quite cover the military and the government’s attitude to above ground testing and battlefield use of depleted uranium.

DU is the stuff of nightmares.
This whole thing is a crime against God and humanity.
– Dr. Doug Rokke

– Army health physicist

According to Dr. Sternglass there had been a national decline in infant mortality since 1935, with a leveling off with the start of nuclear bomb testing in Nevada in the 1950s and then, in 1958, the first rise in over two decades. Recently, in 2002, after declining a little after the end of nuclear testing in ’63, it did not go back to the baseline as expected. Twice as many babies are dying in this country in the first year of life as there would have been if the initial trend had continued.

What we’ve done is to replace the fallout from bomb testing with the so called small permitted releases from nuclear plants, radiation released by local military bases and ships, local testing of DU weapons, increased use of radiation testing equipment in medicine, security x-rays at airports and of course, background radiation increases from military operations abroad that has exploded thousands of tons of uranium.


The Navy routinely tests a weapon by firing radioactive, toxic ammunition in prime fishing areas off the coasts of the United States.  The Navy of course insists the use of depleted uranium off the coast poses no threat to the environment. Seattle environmental attorney David Mann asked, “How can the Navy fire depleted uranium rounds and spread radioactive material into prime fishing areas off our coast?” Cmdr. Karen Sellers, a Navy spokeswoman in Seattle said that 400 to 600 rounds would be fired during a typical test at sea. These tests have been going on since 1977. The weapon in question is the Phalanx, also known as a Close In Weapons System. The guns are capable of firing up to 3,000 or 4,500 rounds per minute of depleted uranium. A Navy spokeswoman described the firings at sea as “routine” and says they occur regularly off both the East and West coasts usually between 25-100 miles off the coast. It is really hard to fathom the extent in which these dirty nuclear weapons have been brought into the arsenals of all the arm services and how ready they are to test fire and explode so much uranium weapons regardless of the dangers. We are living in a world today surrounded by an unknown enemy, an enemy which is slowly penetrating our lives, radioactive fallout created by our own government.

The numbers for breast cancer in the Moreno Valley,
California area have skyrocketed; physicians and allied
health professionals are noticing a marked difference in the
ages of the patients. Young girls in their teens from this area
are showing up much more frequently with breast cancer.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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