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Testimonies about Natural Allopathic Medicine

Published on August 6, 2010


Dear Mark,

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. The tumor was 3.5 cm and a colostomy was performed as the blockage had led to fistulas and eventually to perforation of the bowel at the ileum. He’s had Crohn’s for years so that probably contributed to the perforation. After diagnosis chemotherapy/radiation was offered along with resection of the rectum afterwards. The surgeon said the bladder and prostate might have to be removed as well just to be sure. My friend refused treatment and we started him on baking soda + buffered vitamin c approx. 2 teaspoons daily (unless ph was @ 8 ) A diet excluding meat, dairy and eggs (except some fish) was initiated. Ozonated water and a parazapper were used as well. The last two weeks of treatment we added one bottle of maitake mushroom and one bottle of inositol w/IP6 was added. 45 days after diagnosis Justin went in for a pet scan and the tumor was gone. Justin told them how he did it and the oncologist was shaking she was so angry. The surgeon on the other hand said "I’ll be damned" and was good natured. The surgeon scheduled reconnection of the colon in September. I wanted to thank you and Dr. Simoncini (as well as for your courage and incredible information and research that had us feeling confident and positive as we set out to deal with the cancer. I will travel to Brazil some day and would love to take you out to dinner! God bless and I look forward to reading all of your books eventually.

Ron Rossman

Hello! I am writing to let you know that through your e-books and articles, along with the book Cancer is a Fungus by Dr. Tullio Simoncini, I have been able to help a woman diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. She decided not to do allopathic medicine with chemotherapy and radiation and instead looked to alternative therapies for her cancer. I met with her in June of 2008 and we talked about using sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, iodine, selenium, greens, etc. I am happy to report that September 2008 she had an MRI done and her oncologist was amazed that there was no evidence of cancer. She is elated and reports feeling better than she has felt in years.  I had the woman do teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate in water many times a day to make her body less acidic and stop the growth of the cancer.

Kelly Kruschke, RN

Thank you again, Mark, for your sage advice.

I also want to tell you again what a phenomenal job the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil has done on that chronic leg pain which was the result of multiple orthopedic surgeries.  I haven’t picked up a crutch or cane since I started using it.  I’ve had the pain for so long it’s still a surprise to me to put weight on the leg and not wince.

I also recommended the oil to an elderly patient (71) who suffers from — you’re not going to believe this one — pains in his lower legs after he plays competitive volleyball three nights a week! He says the same things I do: the oil works immediately and the pain relief is absolutely startling!  He too says it’s one of those things that if you read testimonials about it, it would sound too good to be true.  But it is true.  He too sends you his thanks.

Dr. Mary Gillespie

Dear Mark,

Did I tell you that I no longer have convulsions? I was diagnosed as having Petite Mal seizures from the brainstem as a child and my parents and I were told that I had epilepsy. We were told that they were genetic. Then when I was 16 years old, I started having temporal lobe seizures and Grand Mal convulsions.  The temporal lobe seizures were from a scar on my right temporal lobe.  When I was 19 years old I trained as an EEG technician at two teaching hospitals in Canada. I was hoping to learn or some treatment of ‘cure’ for seizures but there was nothing and I did not even know that Chinese medicine or any alternative form or medicine existed.  I started using transdermal magnesium everyday in 2005 as I have lost a lot of the feeling in my feet and at night I was getting sharp pains in my feet. In a few months I noticed that I was no longer having Petite Mal seizures so started reducing my anti-conversant drugs. Eventually I also started reducing my drugs for convulsions too.  I have not taken any anticonvulsants since October 3, 2007. I have had not seizures. Oh, the pains at night in my feet stopped and the feeling came back in my feet too. Is there any study showing that magnesium cures edema? Because it does…….My doctor is thrilled too!

Many blessings,

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Some time ago you sent a mail where you wanted feedback on the use of your protocols and I wanted to let you know that I suffered with repeated bladder infections for 3 years, it got to the stage where I had the symptoms of an infection all the time (even when no infection was present). It was ruining my life. I tried a number of herbal remedies, homeopathy, elimination diets, chelation, and my doctor subscribed a number of antibiotics but nothing helped much. I was sent for an endoscopy and the doctor found nothing unusual. I got pregnant and had 3 Kidney infections during my pregnancy (and during labor). Then I started to take the iodine (and sodium bicarbonate and magnesium) daily and I have been free of symptoms for 11 months. I even had a few glasses of wine over Christmas (which would have exasperated symptoms before) and I was still fine. I am delighted. I have also been using the iodine in higher doses if I get sick (cold, flu etc.) and I am finding it great. No more antibiotics, no more yeast infections.


Dr. Sircus,

Just wanted to say thank you for having the courage to speak out about the potential benefits of medical marijuana. I hadn’t smoked pot in 25 years, but can’t deal with the nasty side-effects of my anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping aids. Finally one night at the insistence of my husband I had 3 puffs of his medical marijuana instead of the prescription tranquilizer…and I slept like a baby! I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety medication (with the hopes of weaning off of it entirely) and do not even need my nighttime herbal cocktail to fall into a deep, and continuous, sleep. The next morning I actually feel rested and refreshed!! Amazing! The magnesium oil at night helps a lot, too. We’ve begun the baking soda protocols and already feel the positive effects and iodine too. We’re spreading the gospel of the simple, easy recommendations. Thank you for continuing the positive healing message!

follow your missives closely.  Such glimpses are like gems that light up our lives whenever you have the time to send them.

Natalie Blahut

Dear Dr. Sircus,

Several weeks ago, I purchased your eBook about Sodium Bicarbonate. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I believe that God is working through you and your staff to spread the word about the body’s natural ability to heal, given the right elements. Thank you!!!

can tell you that within the week following reading your book – and practicing what you preach – I have been practically hive/urticaria free. I started with straight baking soda and water. Yuck! I could hardly make myself do it. But I was going for the PH balance you talked about. I read more about the different oral combinations and decided to try the Maple Syrup and Baking Soda. 3:1. it worked great and tasted great too. I couldn’t believe I could eat that much sugar!

Right now I’m smiling and feeling great. My mood is good, my energy is way up and most important the swellings and itching are gone. My hair is growing back thicker. My skin looks great. I’m not tired all the time. I can’t believe the difference in my health. Praise God for his goodness in inspiring your work.

I’ve recently added nascent iodine after reading some tips of yours. I was indeed deficient and that seems to be adding to the overall good effects. My children are benefiting from this research as well. I’m so happy to find alternatives to mainstream medicine.

Thank you and God Bless you.
Lane Carter,
Delaware, United States

Dear Dr. Sircus:

I appreciate so much your books and advice on Iodine, Sodium Bicarbonate. Magnesium, cancer, etc.  I have read every email you have sent out since I had learned of you three years ago. God Bless you for caring for us humble citizens of many countries – you have helped me so much.  I love the magnesium, iodine, and sodium bicarbonate, and your books. And I have educated my family on these modes of health too.  Thank you- I am forever grateful for your immense and truthful medical help, dear doctor.

Joy Rose

Greetings dear Dr. Sircus,

I send my love to you, Mark, for this monumental work of unknown but great potential consequences. Your words seek to reach deeply into the humanity in each of us. I can almost see you weeping as you wrest these words out of your soul.

Your writings acknowledge realities which are too harsh for most of us to deal with in any meaningful way–but which cannot be escaped. We cannot simply abandon whatever may be required of us. What remains so incomprehensible is that so few people are attuned to the realities of which you speak.  As a people we are so separated from our hearts–even though many if not most ache, which even that is denied.

Seems like no one is able to articulate as clearly as you do.


Hi Dr. Mark,

I sure wish I’d known about baking soda and molasses in December 2005 when the love of my life (for 29 years) died with massive hepatocellular carcinoma.  When the EMT’s came to get him the last day his blood sugar was 47 or 49 and they yelled at me thinking he was diabetic and that I wasn’t taking care of him properly…but the cancer had devoured all his glucose!  He was so bloated with fluid he couldn’t eat or drink much of anything.  I wished then that I’d fed him lots of sugar because I think that’s what made him so weak.  Molasses and soda would have helped, I’m sure.

Rose Smith

Dr. Mark,

Lynn and I wish to say a huge thank you for all of what you have brought into our lives.  It was 2005 when I first discovered you. “Terror of Pediatric Medicine” was my first contact with you and your work and I must say, it was impressive beyond words.  Over the last 3 years, we have taken on your teachings as a way of life.  Magnesium chloride, Iodine, baking soda and PrescriptAssist probiotics are now our therapies for health maintenance.  You have been an awesome teacher.

I am attending Clayton College of Natural Health and have encountered a rather large group of student friends. They are now in the fold of your teaching and you have impacted their lives immensely as well. Never do we have a group discussion when your teachings or name do not come up.

Though I am studying at a formal institute, what I am learning from you is far more applicable to life than all of the education I have been getting anywhere else.

Bottom line, you and your work are loved by many up here in the United States.

Regards and love
Patrick J & Lynn Hatwan

Dear Dr. Sircus,

Heartfelt thanks for all of your information.  You maybe won’t remember but I do, your call to me at 9:00 at night to help me with Vulva Cancer.  You encouraged me not to let them cut and laser and do what they do.  I am now, mind you, it took almost 2 years, cancer free.  My friend had the same procedure they diagnosed for me and her cervix ran up into her womb. You got it, hysterectomy for her.  Not me.

Tricia Royall

Dear Luciana and especially the blessed Dr. Mark Sircus,

I want to thank you for making these e-books and daily blog essays of truthful healing available to the world. Hopefully, someday doctors and all healthcare workers around the world will be free to incorporate these in their work and be in a separate category (like independent of the AMA, ADA, and FDA). This is the type of doctor I would seek.

These essays and the e-books have helped me to learn true healing and to help my family in their health needs. You are in my prayers that God and his angels will keep you in health, strength, and safe from all harm.

With profound gratitude,

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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