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Magical Mineral Supplement (MMS)

Published on March 8, 2011


The truth is that MMS is a dangerous poison, and as such it has no business whatsoever in the alternative health arena. Dr. Gabriela Segura

Magical or not it’s sometimes called Miracle Mineral Supplement or the master mineral supplement. No matter what it’s called one does have to be careful when using a substance like MMS. And whether its main proponent Jim Humble is going out of his mind or not we have to be clear about what this substance can do safely and what it cannot. I say out of his mind for now he has invented, out of the pocket of his imagination, the new profession titled “Doctor of MMS”, which anyone can become. “Americans can afford the training of less than two weeks, or buy the new book, “The Master Mineral of the Third Millennium”. In an email he recently said, “We thought you might like to see the difference in a MMS doctor and a Medical doctor.”

As Jim has become increasingly embarrassing to the health field I have personally eaten some of my words on the value of this chlorine-type of substance as I have been carefully experimenting with it on myself. In fact, if the truth be known, I am finding out there may be some possible benefits to it but would never take this supplement orally for anything since there are so many better and safer ways to accomplish what Humble claims MMS can do.

I am using it transdermally, mixed with malic acid and DMSO to try to control a fungus infection between my toes. In the end I might conclude I am a bit out of my mind myself for sometimes just the fumes irritates my eyes and I do think I would vomit if I drank some, which would be a typical reaction to drinking a poison. Just thinking about drinking it makes me nauseous. No matter how much can be said for its anti-pathogen action, so far it only controls my fungus but does not eradicate it even though I have been using it for several months.

Many people do not know that MMS is essentially bleach. It’s very effective for killing bacteria in toilets, but you certainly shouldn’t be swallowing it. – Dr. Gabriela Segura


Almost five years ago I wrote in my Survival Medicine for the 21st Century compendium that: There has been a lot of commotion in health circles about a product called Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). It is being advertised as the answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worst diseases. The claim about how the chlorine (a poison that would not be considered a mineral for health) interacts with pathogens is the same claim we can make about iodine (a safe nutritional mineral), which is known to also kill pathogens of all types on contact. Iodine is not normally thought to have this action when taken internally but in high enough doses it does. I personally know of a missionary in Africa who uses iodine instead of MMS to treat malaria.

Most people I have given MMS to usually react very aggressively and have to stop taking it. – Dr. George Georgiou

Chlorine dioxide is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. Chlorine dioxide is dangerous to handle and use. After searching for and reviewing material safety data sheets I am convinced of the risk of using this substance. Now whenever someone mentions MMS I recommend iodine instead.

Patricia Springstead, RN says, “The historical fact of MMS is that when activated it becomes what is equal to pool shock, to shocking bacteria, fungus and other pathogens from swimming water. In its dry state, MMS is sodium chlorite. When activated with citrus or vinegar, it becomes sodium dioxide.” According to Springstead, MMS side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Uncontrolled diarhea
  • Disorientation
  • Headaches
  • Chemical poisoning,
  • Fatigue
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Possible death

Chlorine gas used by Germans (Photo: Otto Dix, A German Gas Attack (1924)

Chlorine dioxide: May decompose explosively on shock, friction or concussion, or on heating rapidly. Strong oxidant: reacts violently with combustible and reducing materials and with mercury, ammonia, sulfur and many organic compounds. A strong irritant of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, and a strong oxidizer that promotes combustion; concentrated solutions may be corrosive to the skin and eyes; harmful if swallowed and can cause irritation to mouth, esophagus, stomach, and mucous membranes. Eye contact: contact causes redness, irritation, pain, blurred vision, tearing, corneal injury and burns. Inhalation: harmful if inhaled; coughing, headaches, labored breathing, nausea, shortness of breath may occur resulting in chronic bronchitis and permanent lung damage with chronic exposure.

In July 2010, the FDA issued a warning[1] about Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS): “Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away.” MMS was then rebranded with the new name, “Advanced Oxygen Therapy.” Since then, the product’s salesmen have continued pushing their concoction onto some of the world’s most desperate and hopeless populations. Sylvia Fink, a Mexican woman visiting Epi Island with her husband in a Least Developed Country, Vanuatu, a South Pacific Island nation, died 12 hours after ingesting MMS.

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“From almost the moment Silvie drank the mixture of MMS and lime juice—which she’d brewed up according to the instructions of Jim Humble, the principal proponent of the stuff—things went wrong. She became nauseated, and was soon both vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. But since the MMS literature emphasized that this was a normal reaction, she assumed it would pass. It didn’t. It turned into a day of torture, with Silvie gradually getting worse, to the point of having severe abdominal pains, then urinary pains. I helped her all day, bathing her, comforting her and trying to get liquids into her. But she couldn’t keep anything down. About the time it started to get dark, she began to feel faint. That’s when I became fully alarmed. She fell into a coma while I was on the VHF calling for assistance. With her unresponsive, I put out another radio call, this time for immediate emergency care. Fellow cruisers rushed to our boat within minutes. For over an hour we administered CPR and oxygen. But neither they nor an adrenalin shot administered by a physician from the village were able to revive her. Sylvie died aboard Windcastle around 9 p.m., just 12 hours after she’d taken that fatal drink of MMS.”

Methemoglobin found in the blood was at a “significantly high” level according to Ms. Fink’s autopsy report. “Methemoglobin basically results in the inability of blood to carry oxygen within the body causing cyanosis (lack of oxygen to the system). The [autopsy] report states that if the 45 percent saturation reading was accurate and existed at the time of death, then the symptoms could be consistent with being caused by methemoglobinemia and therefore a possible cause of death. Most cases of methemoglobinemia are caused by exposure to drugs or toxic substances[2] including chlorate and chlorite.”

Dr. Segura, who is a heart surgeon with extensive experience and interest in alternative health, research, psychology and the human condition, would agree with this diagnosis, stated,“The popularity of MMS and its fervent, almost religious marketing involved the claim of curing malaria in tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. Sounds very noble indeed, but this is only natural as MMS’ sodium chlorite is well known to cause hemolysis in red blood cells—meaning that red blood cells are ruptured and destroyed. It is actually by killing red blood cells that the malaria parasite is killed since it invades red blood cells. MMS probably kills the parasite and the red blood cells. In fact, MMS consumers may develop anemia.”

Jim Humble has explained to a reporter friend of mine, Debra Dupré, that MMS is the only answer for people in the Gulf of Mexico region to survive the oil spill disaster and that the possibility exists for people with MMS to visit every home there, with help of his “church Ministers.” In an email on January 16, Humble wrote, “MMS is the only real answer all those people of the gulf have. It is cheap and it will detoxify their bodies. It is the greatest detoxifier for human bodies known at this time as I have observed thousands who have used it.” Ever since first reading Humble’s book I have gotten used to his use of thousands upon thousands of testimonials that spill with ease out of his mouth and unfortunately people do swallow his word hook, line and sinker.

“The active ingredient in MMS is not a mineral, but chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine), which is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. MMS as a poison does kill intrusive germs in your body, but it would be naïve to believe it to be carefully selective in what it kills and destroys, or to think that the damage done has only limited consequences. It is shocking that MMS is recommended so widely, that it is recommended to already weakened individuals AND that it is recommended for long-term use. In truth, the potential long-term and dangerous side effects of regular MMS use should give anyone the shivers,” writes Dr. Gabriela Segura.

My assistant Claudia French has been following the exploits of Jim Humble for years and has said that he changes his protocol like a slippery fish. Dr. Segura, speaking about his original protocol for what is now known as MMS1, said that his original protocol “suggests that taking up to 60 drops per day is within reason. There are 20 drops in one gram, which means that the protocol may call for the ingestion of 3 grams or more of what amounts to household bleach. This is three times the amount required to produce nausea and vomiting and 20 percent of the amount required to kill you. Even though we are told that nausea and diarrhea are positive signs of detoxification when following the MMS protocol, you can be sure that that’s actually the way our body tells us we’ve just been poisoned. If you happen to vomit, then be reassured that it might have saved your life by way of avoiding a lethal overdose of MMS.


Dr. Segura says, “MMS2 is basically calcium hypochlorite, which is a chemical compound widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching and disinfecting agent (bleaching powder). This one is indeed a mineral because it has calcium in it, but a mineral that reacts to produce hypochlorous acid when ingested. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine, is what some of our white blood cells produce in order to kill bacteria through the well-known process called oxidation.” The human body produces it to fight infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system is done so in minute quantities because the acid holds danger for normal cells as well as the pathogens.

The researchers said the human immune system produces hypochlorous acid in response to infection but the substance does not kill only the bacterial invaders. It kills human cells too, which may explain how tissue is destroyed in chronic inflammation. Knox et al. first noted that HClO is a sulfhydryl inhibitor that, in sufficient quantity, could completely inactivate proteins containing sulfhydryl groups. This is because HClO oxidizes sulfhydryl groups, leading to the formation of disulfide bonds that can result in crosslinking of proteins. The HClO mechanism of sulfhydryl oxidation is similar to that of chloramine, and may only be bacteriostatic, because, once the residual chlorine is dissipated, some sulfhydryl function can be restored. Hypochlorous acid reacts readily with amino acids that have amino group side-chains, with the chlorine from HClO displacing a hydrogen, resulting in an organic chloramine.

Dr. Segura says, “The amount of HOCl that our body is already capable of producing on its own is dangerous enough. In fact, some of our white blood cells have toxic and damaging effects on our DNA through the formation of hypochlorous acid. In fact, hypochlorous acid (MMS2) has the power to chlorinate the building blocks of DNA, breaking the DNA double helix apart and thus interfering with its vital biological functions.”

Jim Humble claims that, “The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worst diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More than 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa. Separate tests conducted by the Malawi government produced identical 99% cure results. Over 60% of the AIDS victims that were treated in Uganda were well in 3 days, with 98% well within one month. More than 90% of the malaria victims were well in 4 to 8 hours. Dozens of other diseases were successfully treated and can be controlled with this new mineral supplement. It also works with colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, and even abscessed teeth.”

Dr. David Kroll, a natural products cancer pharmacology professor, says, “The product website is full of the most unreal claims I’ve seen in any online marketing scheme.” And this is the main point to look at when reading Humble’s book or site. He says anything and everything to convince us that this is the greatest stuff that has ever touched down in the world of medicine and health but he substantiates nothing. The FDA (not my favorite organization) says, The FDA is not aware of any research that MMS is effective in treating any of these conditions.” There is not a person alive who is aware of any documented research yet there is a religious fever based on word of mouth and hearsay.

In a video, Mr. Humble relates the story of a man who “chug-a-lugged” two ounces of MMS because he had mistaken it for a glass of water. Mr. Humble says that the man became very ill. His kidneys stopped working and he had to go on dialysis. He was hospitalized for several weeks. Mr. Humble says that people should know that if they get extremely sick after taking MMS, “they need to go to the hospital because the kidneys will quit working.”

Taking vitamin C, an antioxidant, is also discouraged as it neutralizes the effects of this strong oxidant MMS. Jonathan Campbell tells us that because CLO2 is a chemical oxidizer (called a “free radical”) it depletes vitamin C and causes oxidative stress. Putting it another way, the vitamin C and other antioxidants in our body get depleted in their attempts to detoxify CLO2; vitamin C and other antioxidants are our “free radical scavengers.” The instructions provided with MMS specifically warn people not to take vitamin C while they are taking MMS because vitamin C “interferes” with it. This is a red flag that MMS is a toxic chemical, since vitamin C is our primary detoxification agent. Vitamin C depletion is extremely dangerous: it is the bulwark of our immune system, and it is needed for dozens of other body functions.

According to Jonathan Campbell, health consultant: “The entire approach of Jim Humble is to treat the human body as if it were a simple plumbing system, and MMS is akin to Drano, chemically killing pathogens. But the human body does not work that way. Your body does not need toxic chemicals from a factory to kill pathogens. When fortified properly, your body has the capability to fight literally any pathogen or illness. A healthy immune system automatically and selectively targets pathogens with an array of antibodies and white blood cells. MMS disrupts this natural immunity by depleting immune-building antioxidants.

MMS is the wrong approach to immunity—it is chemotherapy! – Jonathan Campbell

MMS is dangerous, even Humble admits that. I am not saying in this essay that MMS cannot be used for certain situations when used transdermally. I even know a doctor in South Africa who safely uses it in her IV cocktail but it is implemented under strict supervision and monitoring like most dangerous drugs needs to be. Doctors often try extreme methods when a patient’s life is on the line, when there is little or nothing to lose.

“Bishop” Humble is really doing a huge disservice to the alternative medical field. He is making all of it seem more unbelievable not to mention the disservice he is doing to religious orders. There is the ancient tradition of pastoral medicine but it has nothing to do with “Jonestown” and the drinking of poisons. I never thought I would be on the same side of the fence as the FDA but on the question of MMS I certainly am.

Testimonial One

What follows is a testimonial of the reactions Graham from Spain had when he began taking the MMS – he has basal cell carcinoma on different areas of his face and back. I began this protocol – following the mixing instructions carefully – after having been on the high mineral protocol for several days. The mixture felt highly toxic and reminded me of cellulose – acetona. At the 1 drop X 5 all was well with no side effects. Increasing over 3 days to 3 X 15 drops similarly resulted in no problems apart from a reduced appetite. When I increased to 4 x 20, all hell let loose within about an hour! I suffered severe diarrhoea and purging for the entire day, with stomach ache, headache, nausea, sinus pain and nose running along with disorientation and sight disturbances. I had to lay down near the bathroom the entire day. By evening, all these symptoms had settled and I was able to eat a little and sleep. The following day after breakfast I took the same dosage, expecting a lesser effect, but it was an exact repeat for the entire day. I even tried one more day at this 4 x 20, believing that I would get over this hump and reap the benefits, but it was no different. (Masochist or what!) I subsequently discontinued the MMS protocol and continue with the high mineral intake. One further interesting effect is that I am left with a revulsion to certain foods that I used to crave!  I am not convinced this was a healing crisis caused by the detox effect and die off. It seemed more to me like a reaction to a toxic substance. I used to be very sensitive to the smell of paint and thinners as well as certain dust – like cement dust etc. – which in the past has caused a similar effect. The effects the MMS created were more like that than of a detox taking place. Such smells have not bothered me since I began taking HMD around 5 years ago. This was also the first headache I have had in that time, having previously suffered overlapping headaches and migraines for over 40 years.

Testimonial Two

My doctor put me on a special mineral increase due to lack of iron, copper and magnesium in my blood tests. I followed “the book” and did not tell him I use MMS. Now I have to do a stint in the hospital because my counts are worse than ever when they were supposed to improve. My doctor took a urine test (which has been orangeish) and he said the tests show that something is absorbing or disrupting the minerals and not letting them get into my blood where they are needed. Six hours between MMS and the mineral pills and cap. Could MMS be causing this? I am worried that because I did not tell my doctor as the book says, and others here give that same advice, that the hospital will be looking for reasons and doing tests on me unnecessarily. I feel I should take my MMS with me to the hospital and tell them but Jim (Humble) say’s don’t tell doctors because they don’t understand. So I’m confused. My readings only went down since taking MMS and I do as they say here 15 drops 3 times a day with citric acid 75 drops in lemon juice for taste. I have lost 8 kilos since starting and constantly suffer D (diarrhea) and nausea. But my doctor says I will not like how and what they will have to suppository as what I take orally is having no effect and they need to find out why. They think I have a gastrointestinal disease that leads to significant mal-absorption and will need to see a biophysicist. Any advice will help as I go to hospital at Queenstown on the south island Tuesday. My MMS comes from MMS pacific. The teaspoon I use to mix it with is rusted after 12 weeks—is this normal also?

Testimony Three

The MMS lowered my viral load, but it seriously messed up my lab results. My RBC, BUN, EGFR, CO2, Protein (globulin), bilirubin, ALT, AST, platelets, lymphs and cholesterol all went out of range on MMS, in about 6 weeks of taking it. I came to some conclusions about MMS because of my labs and tried to discuss it with Jim Humble; he was not so humble, he got angry with me and told me my results were invalid because I got sick several times. I think the explosions kill red blood cells as they are in close contact with the MMS. It lowered my platelets, cholesterol, protein, RBC, BUN and EGFR and raised the rest.


[2] Most cases of methemoglobinemia are due to excessive production of methemoglobin following exposure to oxidant drugs, chemicals, or toxins.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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  • TMoore says:

    I’ve been using MMS and KANGEN water for my Crohn’s disease and have been in remission since April 2010 and not ONE flare up since and I can eat just about anything I want without problems considering I am now missing part of my colon because I nearly died from the disease and c.diff. I am a believer in MMS and use it for various things. KANGEN water, MMS and my health and fitness lifestyle keeps me healthy and feeling good. Screw those ppl who talk crap about MMS cuz I know they are ghost writers for the FDA who own the word CURE. The government makes money off of us when we get sick because then drugs get prescribed and the government makes money off the pharmaceutical industry

  • TMoore says:

    These ppl who write this stuff talking crap are from the FDA and government they want us to be sick. The FDA and the government are in kahoots together. The FDA is the biggest drug pusher for government there is.

  • D_Iridologist says:

    I too was shocked by this hit piece by Mark. First, I commend Mark for his natural approach to medicine. But I must say his article is full of misrepresentations and outright false information.

    I agree with Mark on two points. First, that proper nutrition is the best thing we can do to experience optimal health. And second, that MMS is potentially dangerous if not taken properly.

    Aside from those two points, pretty much everything else in his article is patently false. Marc did not even research the chemical makeup of MMS enough to know that it is not bleach any more than table salt is bleach even though it contains a chlorine molecule. I don’t have time to address all of the inaccuracies in Marc’s article because I would have to write one twice as long as his.

    I am all for healing naturally WITHOUT the use of MMS. But until people can completely turn their diet around and eat nothing but organic, non-GMO, nontoxic food they will benefit from helps like MMS- as has been testified by thousands and thousands. Those testimonies are more efficacious than any study because all studies can be manipulated to”‘prove” anything you want. There are three kinds of lies, as the saying goes. Lies. Damn lies. And statistics.

  • TOTAL TRUTH says:

    One way to recognize someone possessed by the devil is that they will be ranting AGAINST the use of MMS.

    THE TRUTH IS … MMS works. MMS saves lives. MMS is easy to use. MMS is inexpensive. MMS ROCKS ! People against MMS LOSE ! So all you phony sell-out mainstream “doctors” saying negative things against MMS can eat a big DICK !

    Look at this smug douche-bag “Dr.” Mark Sircus, just look at his picture ?! Look in his eyes, you can see the dishonesty !

  • jerzy says:

    My son suffer from severe allergy for 23 years and no any doctors could help him. I learn the basic of MMS and I cured my son within three weeks. It is already four years and my son still remain free of allergy 100%.
    I started use it for other diseases (on me and my family) and we are remain 100% healthy. No more antibiotics – PERIOD.
    I cured my arthritis within a days – no doctors can cure for 12 years.
    ANY COMMENTS Dr. Sircus???
    Are you get paid like other doctors by “BIG PHARMA”???
    Open your eyes, do not be blind and do not bull ……. us please !!!!!

  • PM says:

    Re the case above, testimonial two, What is he doing mixing it with a METAL Spoon? Jim Humble quite clearly says not to use metal. Could this be why he has had such a bad result?

  • lleiderm says:

    I have been using MMS1 for years now with no side effects at all. I do not take it regularly, only when I feel bad or have an infection. I do take it every day for maybe a week or two at a time just to clean myself out.

    My Testimonials:
    1. I had some leftover food that I knew had gone bad. It was even bubbling a little. But it had expensive ingredients in it that I did not want to go to waste. So I ate some anyway. I immediately got sick. Woozy. So dizzy I felt like I had to get off my feet and go to bed. I decided “This is a job for Mighty Mouse! MMS1 is now going to get the test!
    I took just a normal dose of about 8 drops and 40 drops of lemon juice plus prune juice and water after the three-minute activation wait. Almost immediately the sick feeling started going away. After about 4 hours, it was like the food poisoning never happened. I was amazed because I was definitely VERY sick.

    2. I had a lot of cut rose bush stems that had been sitting around outside all winter and spring, rotting. I had to throw them away. I knew that if I picked them up without gloves to stuff them into trash bags, I would certainly puncture my hands and get an infection at every puncture.But I did it anyway, thinking I could just be very careful. Of course, I punctured my hands, and they got infected in several places on both hands. They turned deep pink and swelled up considerably. They were hurting. I took several 10-drop doses of MMS per day, and also put the concentrate on the punctures topically. They were all healed in a few days. Much, much sooner than it would normally have taken.

    I do agree that each person is different, and my general good health may be a reason that MMS1 has no side effects with me. But I really do not think so, since it only produces common table salt and CO2 as by products. Jim Humble goes to great lengths to explain exactly why it only attacks pathogens, so I am confused why a doctor like Dr. Sircus, whom I respect, would just ignore the clear explanations given. I think it best to pay attention to Jim Humble, himself, when he counsels to start slowly and build up the dose only so long as you do not have nausea. I never went beyond 15 drops, but I can see that more might be useful for bad diseases, which I do not have.

    I have never used MMS2, and don’t intend to, since MMS1 works so well for me. It ain’t broke, so I don’t intend to fix it.

    Also, I immediately discount anything at all the FDA says. They are nothing but spokesmen for the drug pushers. So that’s another surprise to me about Dr. Sircus, as I would think that he would know that already. Makes me wonder about him.

    Another also: I was directed to read this article by someone I assume to be a Dr. Sircus staff member, as a result of a comment I made after Dr. Sircus alopathic cancer treatment article. I was recommending MMS1 as something to try. I was told that Dr. Sircus is against MMS1, pretty much completely. But that confuses me because of the large number of comments here that testify to how effective it has proven to be with so many different problems with pretty much no lasting side effects. So more and more I find myself lumping Dr. Sircus in with all those other allopathic doctors, who seem to me to be nothing but drug pushing witch doctors who do not want to heal people, but only to keep them just sick enough so they can continue to come to their offices to pay them.

    Of course, Dr. Sircus is MUCH better than that, but I MUST say that I am super surprised at his closed minded position re MMS1 in light of how successful it has proven to be. The violent reactions reported in this article are not totally documented, and I seriously doubt that MMS1 would be the only culprit involved. And even if a VERY few people had an adverse reaction, it in NO way invalidates the many, many, many, many thousands of success stories so easily available on the net.

  • Milan says:

    Dr. Sircus , thank you for your great service to mankind and an Angel in human body,, I love to read all your articles ,,, magnesium , B’carb , iodine etc. you’re trully one in millions . But I have to say this: < Shame on you Dr. Segura or anyone who's slaming Mr. Jim Humble ( Just like all great pioneers , Dr. Hulda Clark, Johana Budwick ,etc ) and his ( God's mirracle) MMS 1 and MMS 2 .,,,, have you learned any chemistry ,,,??? You don't have any idea what you're talking about ,,, sodium chlorite , a shock pool chemical ??? If you read Jim Humble 's study , you'd learn that MMS 2 is actually calcium hypochloride = stabilised oxygen which gets activated with water , and not the sodium chlorite ( MMS 1 which is NOT a bleech ) . As a doctor you should know the difference and that cancer cells can't live in alcaline and oxygenated tissues. But you obviously don't or else you would't push the drugs that are highly accidic to patients who trust you with their lives . You're making me sick allready but poke all your fancy drugs including their side effects to you know where ,,, as I've personally seen dozens of people get rid of even stage 4 cancers completly with just MMS 2 ( calcium hypochloride , for total cost aprox $ 2 .US ) and you still call yourself doctors , ??? ( The good old advice To stay away from doctors and solicitors sounds better every day ) PS: If the doctors of today don't become nutritionist of tomorow then the nutritionist of of today WILL become the doctors of tomorow ) Thank you Mr. Jim Humble and God bless you all ,,,,

    • VeryLuckyDistilledWater says:

      My older sister ordered for me a package of MMS (1 or 2?) with instruction in it thinking that that would heal my fibroids. I followed word to word from the instruction from Jim Humble: mixing into one quart (32 oz) of water 16 drops of chloride,16 drops acid. I used a juice bottle for that mixture because they are 32 fl oz. When I opened that 32 fl oz bottle after shaking it, it smells exactly like my pool. Then a little voice within me says: are you sure you’re going to drink that pool water to cure the fibroids? Why do I even need to buy it? Just dive in my pool and have a sip. But my urge of getting healed overcome my fear of drinking pool water. I “dived in” drinking a cup every hour (that’s what Jim Humble says!). Jim Humble also says finish the quart in half day. Since I am a slacker when taking medicine, I slack it into 1 day. I survived the first 3 cups even I was feeling QUEASY. I was on a boat, enjoying the Florida winter sun & breezes in the middle of ocean. People gave me a sandwich of toasted wheat bread with chicken salad in it and apple juice and some fruit, then I start feeling better not knowing why. I went home that day, should be really tired from boating but I have troubles sleeping. Next day morning, I took my 4th cup of MMS pool water before I went to church. I have nothing in my stomach and I drank a cup of coffee. People told me I don’t look good on my face in the Sunday school. In fact, I felt pretty bad in my tummy. I decided to go home. I took a business by-pass to go home – I’m glad I did. I start black-out when I opened the house door. I can barely make to the couch. I crashed!!! For the next 5 hours 10:am to 3:PM until one of my friends showed up with a jug of “CRYSTAL-SPRING” Distilled water, I have squirmed in pain and cramps every 5 seconds. That is the longest pain & cramps in my 40 yrs of life!!! I can smell DEATH in that 5 hours. I SQUIRMED in pain on my couch like something trying to bore holes in my bowels!!! I have to make a life-or-death decision whether to call 911 or just stay put. If I called 911, I might die on my way to hospital, or while waiting for doctor in the hospital. I decided to call my friend, but they are in a tournament. Finally they got out. I make him buy me the most expensive brand of Distilled water. He did. But he almost came too late. I was in a lot of pain, turning very pale according to him. Nothing can make me stop squirming. I was holding his hand very tight hoping that would stop my pain and my chill! I was breathing harder on fighting some unknowns. I don’t know where I am going, to die or stay. I told God I don’t mind if I died in my lovely home better than hospital. My friend tried to stuff a piece of toast in my mouth to make me throw up so I can drink some distilled water. It works. I gagged. Now I have some space for distilled water, good water, not the pool water! I jammed distilled water into my throat hopefully into my internals. Suddenly I felt my chest very very painful not just my tummy. I thought I was having cardiac arrest. A big SWELL felt in my chest – BLAHhhh! My vomit (only liquid) shoots out far and wide everywhere onto my carpet, comforters, clothings. That vomit saves me!!!! I’m sure God has punched my stomach and my chest to enable that vomit. So much pressure so much force! Otherwise I won’t live! Then I went to bathroom for dihaeria. At last, the squirming stops, the hole boring effect stops. That fear sweats in me. I ALMOST DIE! I WAS POISONED!
      Later on when I can think once more, I turned on my Internet look up these 2 keywords “dangerous MMS” – I found a story that some lady actually has the same experience that I had (squirming, chills, can’t intake) and didn’t make it after only 12 hrs of battle. My spine felt the chill! It creeps in my skin still. Then another forum people saying you should only take gradually increased amount from 2 drops to 8 drops – and I have 16 drops the first day because I took the instructions that comes with the package. And I drank a cup each time not 4 oz like the forums says! I was poisoning myself by taking the IRRESPONSIBLE instructions seriously from MMS distributor! There are 4 things that I did wrong by following the instructions-
      1. I used too many drops – 8 times too much!
      2. I drank a cup each time not 4 oz
      3. I tried to finish that quartz in too short of a time because I followed instruction
      4. I have nothing in my stomach (not warned by instructions)
      5. I drank coffee (not warned by instructions)
      What is a better recipe than all the above for setting yourself up to die? The only good thing that comes out of this near-death experience is CHOOSE LIFE, appreciate life:
      choose disciplining your diet to achieve a long term result
      choose EDIBLE stuff to put in your mouth
      trust your instinct, something smell like your pool is probably not for your internals!
      trust your common sense: chloride is a chemical, not mineral
      if somebody lies to your common sense, very likely you should not rely on his product to heal you. That guy is probably living in his own lies.
      Even the instruction is wrong, do you think I would still go back to MMS for my healing even now I got the right instruction? Heck NO!!! I’m still trembling thinking about it.

      • wona says:

        so you got it wrong and you write all that to slam it? lol

      • LennyLucas says:

        Bad luck mate, read the instructions !

        • Star says:

          If you read her post, she read and followed the instructions she was given with the product and that is what almost killed her. Later she found people who have modified instructions to make it safer to use, but she will not follow those modified instructions for obvious reasons.

  • Evanir says:

    I have used MMS1, MMS2 and CDS for over 2 months with amazing results. I got asthma 5 years ago and nothing much would help, even large doses of prednisone(steroids) were not able to control it. My body was being destroyed by this drug, but I was still wheezing so much and so loud that I could not sleep. Also coughing all day and couldn’t go out of the house much, not much walking, just barely living, with constant shortness of breath.

    After taking MMS for one week or so, I started breathing much better and the wheezing and coughing stopped altogether. I then started to decrease the prednisone slowly with my doctor’s monitoring. After 2 months I only take 1/4 of the amount of prednisone I was taking and still doing very well.

    The CDS is my favorite, no nausea, no diarrhea, no taste.

    I think the information here is from lack of knowledge. Was the drug I was taking any better than MMS? And what about all the good food I always ate, with vegetable smoothies, special supplements, herbs, juices etc., did they help me???? not at all for the asthma. But MMS certainly is miraculous!

  • Athena says:

    I have seen this work on people with well advanced cancers. I have also seen people be foolish with it. It didn’t kill them it did make them throw up and poop. So Doc, do you prescribe chemo for people? I know someone who was on chemo pills and they said she will never get off of them (until it kills her). She went to using MMS along with improving her diet to organic and basically raw diis, stopped with the chemo medicine, kept her screening up to date and guess what…??? She has no more cancer. This would not of been the outcome staying on chemo. She was going down hill daily on that poison.

    So if you are suggesting this is a dangerous substance to take, I sure wish you would move with the same fervor and end the chemo which is so much more dangerous. Aids patients are also given chemo pills as well. This is a very toxic and dangerous way to go. YOU KNOW THAT. This is a murderous way to practice medicine, and I am well informed enough to know that the medical system is about killing rather than real healing.

    My next point is we wouldn’t get sick if it wasn’t for the toxic soup in the vaccines given like water to babies, the food is saturated with toxins, the pesticides everywhere, on and on I can go, and you are bitching about a few drops of MMS. Give ma a break. Cities all over the country have Fluoride in them which is so toxic there is no where they can dump it (not in the ocean or land) so they dump it in the city water supply and get paid for the toxin… don’t you think that is dangerous to people’s health?

    This is a slam article against Jim Humble… you people in the medical community seem to think it is OK for you to cut, burn and poison (against your Hippocratic oath, if you even take that anymore) and when someone comes up with something inexpensive and effective you people have to run it into the ground. You will sooner or later have to let go of your monopoly of murder and allow people to be responsible for their own health and teach them how to use things sensibly, which is more than I can say for the doctors who push their pharmaceutical poisons on everyone for profit and keeping people tethered to this sick deceptive trap.

    Come on people, what is he giving you as an alternative? CHEMO THERAPY, aka KILL”EM THERAPY. So what if you vomit… you will vomit plenty with chemo. I also noticed ‘possible’ death… please tell people chemo is positive death.

    • Claudia - IMVA Staff says:

      Dear Athena,

      Obviously you don’t follow Dr. Sircus enough to realize that he is totally against allopathic chemotherapy and discourages everyone to stay away from these allopathic cancer cures. Dr. Sircus only recommends natural substances needed by the body, are non-toxic and provide nourishment as well as healing…..something MMS does not do.

      I suggest you learn a little bit more about Dr. Sircus before YOU go slamming him!

      • Jerry Johnston says:

        Common Athena – Read about people first before you judge them. Get all the info you can before judging, because once you judge, your going to be looking over your shoulder for quite a while unless you confident about your judgement, and the only way to be confident of a judgement, ( in my opinion, there are far to many of them anyhow) is to research the subject. There are far to many of us out here who know Dr. Sircus’s work to know you didn’t research the man, so please don’t say you did your reading.

        • Bob Deaks says:

          Anthena from what I have read, Athena did not pretend to know Dr. (pfff stretching it) Sircus but wondered what he would propose as an alternative – which he did not! This article was an extensive slam on Jim Hubble. And NONE of his credentials are from and education in biology, biochemistry or pharmacology. Oriental medicine is looks at structures and energy at the macro level of the body, so I don’t believe that he is an “expert” on the topic either, and would take his opinion with grain of salt.

  • Deborah Cancel says:


    I have been researching these two solutions extensively. I am also convinced that they are extremely dangerous if taken internally, in the dosages Jim Humble/Genesis II recommends.

    I tried a liquid dose approximately 3x ( 1x per day ), of an extremely dilluted, fraction of the recommended dose Jim Humble specifies. My feeling was that it was irritating to lungs and membranes, even at such a very low concentration; and I will not take it internally again.

    These compounds are used to disinfect both drinking water, and pool/spa water. They are also routinely used as a wash for meats to be packaged, fruits and vegetables; and for santitizing surfaces involved in the production, packaging, storage, and transport of these products. In appropriate amounts, in these applications, these compounds are considered safe.

    I made a very, very, weak liquid solution of MMS2 ( Calcium Hypochlorite ) in Distilled Water; a much lower amount than recommended by Jim Humble. It has only a very faint chlorine smell.

    I have very severe fibromyalgia and had been having severe muscle spasms with accompanying inflammation, in my hips and both legs. The spasms were so severe that my left knee cap was thrown out of place; muscles so tight that it was almost impossible to bend my legs, very difficult to walk.

    Since this is used in swimming pools and spas, safely, I decided to try rubbing this weak solution of Calcium Hypochlorite/Distilled Water, onto my hips, legs and feet. I have no idea exactly why, but the results were amazing.
    Pain dissipated after a few hours, and in just 3 days of doing this ( on and off, did not really count how many times ) the muscles are relaxing and the swelling is going down. My ability to move my legs and to walk is incredible.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is having this effect?


    • Platopus says:

      You are NOT supposed to drink MMS 2 (calcium hypochlorite) in water! It needs to be placed into capsules and ingested that way! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Deborah Cancel says:


    Dr. Sircus,

    I have been seeing stunning results on my husband’s Athlete’s Foot between toes, in toenails, and in a spot on his ankle he created by his wild scratching, by the use of Borax.
    ( I have been using ’20 Mule Team Borax’, which is sold in grocery stores. )

    I mixed the Borax with Distilled Water, and created a thick, almost paste-like mixture. I massaged this into the toenails and between toes, and the ankle spot. I put an additional thick amount on the ankle spot and just allowed it to dry.

    This thick application was done twice a day, for about 4 days now.
    I have also been applying the Borax in Distilled Water, in a liquid; either sprayed or rubbed into the areas, between the thicker applications.

    The healing has been rapid. All of the crustiness between toes and on the ankle area, is gone, and the skin is normalizing. The toenails, of course, will take a bit longer, I realize.

    My grandparents used to use Borax for skin injuries, burns, bee stings, as foot soaks, compresses on a sprain or bad bruise. My grandfather also used it on his cows for cuts and scrapes/rashes.


  • love says:

    my 7yr old has suffered with crusty sore lips that turn yellow and get infected when i stop using MMS, the doctor just keeps prescribing antibiotics,which i am reluctant to administer to her.i have read up on the mag oil which im considering but really would appreciate some advice re:iodine to possibly treat this virus. please help?

  • Karen Barrow says:

    I have also used MMS with great success. I had extreme headaches for 60 days straight. The pain was severe and there was no relief, it was there 24/7. It got so bad, it was starting to close one of my eyes. One day, my yoga teacher asked me why I hadn’t tried MMS yet, because he knew I had some. Since I had already been to numerous doctor visits and a cat scan, I did. It cleared up the head pain in just a few days. I never did more than 3 drops 3 times per day. I only used it for a couple of weeks and the pain never returned. I still don’t know what it was, just that it must have been some really nasty invader.

    I can see what’s happening regarding alternative methods. The people who are smart enough to figure them out and use them will use them and cure themselves. The remaining sheep will go along with mainstream medicine who they ignorantly assume are in the business of real health care rather than drug sales. Eventually, this will result in the significant reduction of the mentally inferior members of the species. So do we really want to push these alternative methods down the idiots’ throats?

  • What would be so wrong in using a good qualitiy Colloidal Silver for so many of these infections & fungus’?

  • Suzi says:

    I am a therapist for nearly thirty years. I came across MMS and was very cautious, which i think is a good thing. I always try to research well before jumping in, even if many people on blogs say things are ‘best ever thing.’

    I never got beyond 2 drops once or twice a day. If i went much higher i felt pretty dreadful (Was not die off symptoms). I think what is important is that dose is relevant. we are all different. I still am not completely convinced, even though some people have had amazing cures. People also cure on Chemo – Well in truth they get better in spite of Chemo. It is killing off cells at an alarming rate. MMS is also killing off a lot of cells and also infective agents as well. some people can take this and some cant, just as some cant take something as simple as Oregano oil – for some people it is too much.

    The lady that died obviously overdosed and her body broke down as she couldn’t cope with the detox fast enough. The same thing can happen with many other things. EDTA was mentioned earlier. When i was in at health spa/clinic in Holland i met a lady there who had two small lumps in her breasts. As a therapist she asked my advice on using EDTA for her cancerous lumps. I strongly advised against this unless she did it very slowly and run it alongside an ethical doc who would work on her detox pathways and healthy clean diet. Even so i still told her to avoid as too strong.

    I suggested she think about having both lumps removed as easier on the body and then mop up with other safe and proven cancer clearing agents that are easy on the body like Ukrain or advanced anti cancer light therapy-starting slow and low. I gave her contacts of people i knew who were ethical docs who could do this. She didn’t and died from the toxic effects of using EDTA iv. she just couldn’t detoxify fast enough. So EDTA, although well known for clearing the arteries and circulatory system can also kill under the right circumstances.

    Getting back to MMS – I don’t personally think it is good to take this all the time. i think once better its healthy to trust in our immune system to do its job with a little help from other natural and harmless herbs that are part of our natural diet. Then if we run into trouble then take something. Prevention isn’t always the way forward. Think of the immune system like a muscle that needs to exercise and it cant do this if it is always having something doing its job. It was designed to be your protector – with minimal help unless struggling.

    I also used MMS externally and found it much better than internal use. OH and i did stick with it for the internal and it wasn’t for me. although i can see how it works.
    I used it on some very tiny verrucas and it worked really well. I only used 4 drops and twenty lemon juice and dabbed it on with cotton wool and left it there for a few mins and then let it dry and covered it and redid in eve, and sometimes not, but they went after doing this for about a week. My immune system was under a lot of pressure at the time so i think MMS did a great job.

    There seems a lot of anger around some of the comments and I don’t see that as healthy. So it worked for my verrucas – great!! Its just another tool we use and don’t use when better. No need to overprotect it. MMS will stand or fall on its own merits.

    what i find a bit odd and quite amusing is the medical profession. The amount of hard core drugs they give out, so I don’t think any medical people can poke at this product when what they do is pour massive amounts of drugs down the nations of the world and call it progress. Sadly i don’t see doctors as healers – More legalized drug dealers.

  • IonicLiquid says:

    Thank you for this article, it was a fantastic read!

  • Jim Humble says:

    Hello, I am Jim Humble, I discovered MMS back in 1997. I then spent several years just studying the chemistry of MMS. Did you know that table salt that all of you use is more than 50% chlorine. If you find out that I am correct does that mean that you will quit using table salt because chlorine is used in 98% of the world’s bleach. Well, MMS is no more bleach than table salt. I HAVE 426 MINISTERS OF HEALTH BRINGING HEALTH TO PEOPLE IN 72 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD USING MMS. I am so sorry to say that all you do with your efforts to convince people that MMS is bleach is hurt hundreds of people and sentence them to great continued suffering or even death that they could have otherwise avoided. All you have to do is to spend a little bit of time reading and studying chlorine dioxide, chlorine and bleach instead of talking from total ignorance of the two subjects, MMS and bleach. They are not the same. Please, you hurt yourselves most of all.

    The one thing that is evident in every single Critic on the internet. Not a single one of them ever check out MMS to see if it works. Not a single one of them understands or has checked the chemistry of MMS. More than 10 million people have tried MMS and there are thousands of testimonies on the internet that people just put there without being asked, plus we have thousands of testimonies that we asked for. Here we have all those millions of people fooled and somehow we just couldn’t fool Mr. Critic. Is that how you look at it? You were un-fooled from the very beginning without checking a single thing. Without checking that the FDA has approved of using chlorine dioxide (MMS) on food, without checking the chemistry of MMS in any way. Without checking any of the facts, just adding your opinion to all of the other negative opinions. The terrible thing about all the critics is they do what they accuse MMS of doing, they hurt people.

    Yours in health and love, Archbishop Jim Humble.

  • zircony says:

    although I’ve never used mms, but have read a lot, how it benefited so many people.
    Mark’s writeup sounds like it was forced either by fda or bigpharma gangsters.

  • Royce Hamer says:

    I have used MMS as well as my students as directed with no negative results and lots of positive results. I personally cleared up a Squamous Carcinoma in two weeks using one of the protocols. Properly mixed concentration is .00004% which appears to be insignificant but that is what it takes. Original protocols were too strong for most people including myself but PC 1000 is very gentle and effective. I am 67 yrs of age with energy of a 25 year old. I am complimented on my skin condition any time someone knows my age, according to statistics a person of my age should be on 8-12 medications but I am on nothing but thyroid hormone for past 45 years. To be blunt I have never seen a failure in the use of MMS in man or animal and I have been using it for 5 years also I have taken the training which I rated as very good at the mission. Any thing including water can be hazardous or deadly including clean water.

  • Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    I know it is poison because I know that it has been shelled out for a lot of money under another name.

    Drink a little pool shock in water and see how that helps, because that is exactly what you are drinking. I don’t like chlorine in my drinking water and in my laundry detergent or in swimming pools. It’s dangerous but MMS is not just chlorine it is the equalivent of pool shock.
    Even the alternative community sees MMS as a Danger.

    Trisha Springstead RN MS

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      Your ineptness at properly understanding the chemical differences between Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine is appalling.
      This article is fully of inaccurate definitions of the chemicals being discussed. MMS is not Chlorine, it is Chlorine Dioxide.

    • Royce Hamer says:

      MMS or Sodium Chloride is used in over 900 municipalities to purify drinking water instead of chlorine which causes cancer. It is the only product that you can legally immerse meat or vegetables in and not have to rinse it off. ( Harmless) In my jurisdiction it is only product to be used in pools where humans may enter. (Harmless) This includes hot tubs etc. Your RN comments show your lack of investigation and a degree of corruption on jumping on the anti band wagon. Someday your life may be saved with this product since it does not appear to ever create a resistance as antibiotics have show to cause. Coincidentally my family doctor is amazed with my health but cannot believe anything but alopathic medicine has any value.

  • Craig says:

    I bought MMS a year ago but never used it, I read alll the negative reports and was too scared to use it so it sat in the fridge.

    Last week I got shingles on hy head and face for the first time ever, It was agony and it started spreading to the other side of my face the blisters going right into my eyelids,my whole face swelled like a balloon and both my eyes closed shut.
    I was taking every vitamin, mineral, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, yes everything you could think of.

    I was so concerned about how this was spreading and it was agony that I decided to make up a solution of MMS. I made 20 drops of MMS and 20 drops of activator and put them in a 2oz bottle and topped it up with distilled water.

    I sprayed my whole head and face every hour and went to bed. Unbelievable overnight the pain stopped and I got to sleep, when I got up in the morning my eyes were both opened and the swelling dramatically subsided. The bliters and rash dramatically diminished.

    It stopped the spread dead in its tracks I am absolutely convinced of that.

    The only side effect was that because it was such a strong solution it slightly lightened my hair.

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      MMS works wonders!
      I hate received a bad case of poison oak while hiking in southern California. After a week, my feet and lower legs swelled. I decided to treat with MMS by spraying on the skin. After two days of doing so, the swelling was completely gone and the redness was reduced down below the surface of the skin. Itchiness was temporarily stopped, and I used poison oak calming lotion thereafter to keep itchiness at bay.

  • Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    a teaspoon of Pool Shock in a Glass of water would do the same thing. Sorry it is dangerous stuff and I have been all over this from day 1. Thanks for allowing a discourse.

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      Again you are completely wrong it the chemicals you are discussing. Chlorine pool-shock would burn this person’s face, not reduce swelling.
      You are clearly not medically trained, nor do you understand the chemical differences between chlorine dioxide and chlorine.
      To simply disregard this person’s story, shows your ineptness at grasping the chemical interaction of MMS with the skin.

  • R Samartino says:

    Jim Humble freely admits that MMS does not work well on fungal infections, if you would simply read the information on his site, you would know that Dr. Sircus. Also, my father, got shingle last year and was cured of it, using only MMS, in under two weeks, with absolutely no side effects, he followed the directions for use. MMs does work, it is effective.

    • Balu says:

      Stop bashing tihgns you have never had the guts or knowledge to try yourself instead of believing everything other people say and do. Being dismissive is the complete opposite of what a true scientist does. I did scientific methodology with MMS on plants and my dog that was dying of a liver disease and the dog was never helped by vets whom also for the most part had no clue what was wrong. I gave the dog MMS and the vet thought the prescription which I didn’t even administer worked

      • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

        Great to hear!
        Keep up the fight against these ignorant doctors that don’t bother to understand the chemical correctly, and blindly assume Chlorine Dioxide is chemically exacting in design to Chlorine.
        Both chemicals are completely different.
        MMS works!

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      Dr. Sircus is wholly ignorant regarding the chemical compound of MMS, and what conditions/ailments it aids the immune system is killing.

  • AlanCareful says:

    I can appreciate Mark Sircus’ point of view somewhat.
    MMS IS risky. But so are Anti-Depressants, Big and every other Pharma Drug. (Even Big Dose Iodine/Iodide; such as 25-50mg)
    However, I have had good results with it for a couple years. But I ONLY use it on and off, because I now believe non-stop long term use to be too risky. But If I even suspect I have food poisoning, stomach flu, colds, etc, I always reach for the MMS1 and it does work for me.

    But as I have continued to study things, I must say I do find it irresponsible that Mr. Humble with all his connections, has not (I believe) highlighted the very possible dangers of long-term, non stop use of this strong oxidizer in the blood.
    After a number of weeks (or Months?) of DAILY use (esp. big doses) it COULD deplete the cells of one’s all important antioxidants to a low level which over time (it seems to me — but I’m no doctor) could actually promote many very bad developments like Cancer, etc.

    Most people eat a terrible diet anyway, and the Free Radicals could then have a field day in the cells. Therefore, I eat very good food, take many, many vitamins, supplements of every sort, Magnesium (As Mark Sircus Book highlighted to me), Iodoral, Mega dose Vitamin C with Amino Acids, B-Vitamins, Lecithin and many other things to keep my AntiOxidant Stores as strong as possible.
    After knowing these basic things, I would never take MMS (or ANY oxidative therapy) in the long-term without alternating days of taking in Vitamins, AntiOxidants, etc.
    I realize all of this is still risky, but I no longer have money for My Medical, can’t afford insurance, and I have to just try my best to improve the Disease that has ruined my entire life. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

    So MMS is still ‘Use at your own risk’. There could also be other long-term dangers. -Just careful opinion.

  • Excellent publish, very informative. I wonder why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You should proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!|What’s Going down i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist different users like its helped me. Great job.

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      If he continues his writing, the medical community will laugh at him for not understanding the chemical differences of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide.
      His research is flawed as it is based on Chlorine, not Chlorine Dioxide.

  • Tractorist says:

    well , well, well ! So much misinformation !
    MMS is close to a perfect antibiotics. My daughter hed no hpe , with one more month to live, now it’s in a perfect condition .
    My mom is again in good condition and sa it’s my mothe in law.
    MMS worked every time . I take myself for 2 years and I;m in perfect help. PERFECT !
    I share with other peop;e and worked great. I don’t see any of things segura says. She is a doctor, I’m not impresed by doctors att all. In fact I never saw a doctor and i’m59. I took good care. When I found MMS , I knew I got the best. Shame on you , Marco. After you saw dr Simoncini’s life , you supose to be a little smarter. Tullio’s story didn’t tell you anything ?
    I recomand MMMS to evrybogy and everybody in my family takes MMS.
    How much crap , dottore sedura ! I put you in my little pocket.

  • amarynth says:

    We use MMS in our household and it has kept us from serious illness for years. Our household medication consists of MMS and Colloidal Silver as well as oils.

    In addition, we have a son who became severely brain damaged a year or so ago. He is bed bound with all the problems that this causes. MMS has kept him free of urinary infections, colds or any other problems. We have 24 hour nursing care and they are astounded as he never gets even the sniffles.

    MMS is not for people that do not take responsibility. You need to do your research and go very slow. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone complain about nausea and then say they took the same dose next time. You need to drop back to before the nausea or diarrhea where you were are comfortable and very slowly increase. Drinking a little orange juice will stop the nausea in its tracks. The idea is to stay below the nausea or diarrhea barrier.

    There is guidance about the one type of fungus that MMS does not work for. Please do your research.

    • Littu says:

      you get small bottles with erdouep suspencer, you can mix up to 6 to drops and the suck up the activeted MMS into the eyedrop dispencer and fill a 0 capsule with it. Swollow imidiatly with lots of water. magic, no more bad taste!I’m just surprised how many people who have NO experience using MMS think they are eexperts on MMS. I use it for a year. It health my asthma in 2 days flat. I’m healthier then ever and still alive. smile..

      • Dianne says:

        That is exactly how great MMS is! Read about making it tasteless. It’s a simple process, and even more fast working and effective, and no mixing involved!

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      If someone is experiencing MMS for the first time, they should take 1 drop dose, not 20 drops. If I went home and took 20 pills of Advil cold and sinus, wouldn’t I become violently ill as well?! Simple science, common sense. However, these common sense is often ignored, and when someone ill-informed takes 20+drops of MMS their first time, and has one hell of a bad night, they assume it to be a poisonous hoax! When in reality, it was their own irresponsibility at self-medicating properly.
      Glad to read your comment!

  • Tony says:

    It is good to see the doctors losing the argument on this one. For those of you who have read the book It could very well be that Mr. Humble’s approach to avoid big pharma and stay under the radar while people get a chance to try it and see that it works for themselves, has worked we could very well be at the point of no return which he talks about in his book. I would just love to see big pharma come crashing down. They have made so much off of keeping people sick and have never been interested in preventing or curing disease. Furthermore doctors are responsible for more deaths then deaths in all the word wars combined, because of misdiagnoses and wrong prescriptions. There are so many alternative treatments that are available now not just mms, the internet is a perfect resource to getting the word out and I hope big pharma comes crashing down in my lifetime!

  • Gwerdan says:

    Yes , and the vaccination is good and Rx drugs do not have a
    side effects and the doctors know how to make peoples healthy and
    what is not given to you by the salesman – MD is not good and “I know because I’m MD or Pharmacist or Chemist ,so I know better” So listen you schiples what “We proffesionals” have to say “even if we do not have any proof to support our statement”…..etc…etc…etc…wake up schiple,
    wake up…….peace

  • David Stern says:

    At first i was scared to try MMS, and it sat on my shelf for about 3 months before I gave it a try. I wanted something to ass with severe fatigue, brain fog and candida type symptoms. When I contracted a nasty cold virus this winter, I eventually decided to try MMS. I started with one drop. When first smelt it, i knew intuitively that it siwas completely different from usual chlorine smell and that it was beneficial. The results were great! I have energy now, such as I have never experienced before. Before I could hardly function, now I have energy all day long. I use only one dose of MMS in the morning, a few drops…and then I get busy with my day…..

    • Marisa says:

      if you haven’t noticed, tonupeppy is ANOTHER account I’ve seen which looks like it was created solely for the purpose of coming to youtube and posting some comment supporting MMS. No videos uploaded, hasn’t logged on for a year, basically posted some comments about MMS and disappeared, i’ve come across a LOT of user accounts like this, not just on youtube, but lots of forums too..

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      Great to hear!
      Spread the message and science behind MMS to all!

    • Wona says:

      me too, mms sat in my fridge for 2 years because of all the lies to suppress this cheap cure….the energy i got from clearing out with MMS..i cant believe..and i sleep so well…..also people research the kids that are being recovered from Autism ( vaccine damage ) via an MMS and parasite protocol right now..its working.!!!!

  • Michael West says:

    First, let’s do no harm, to one or another. Choose the most benign route, secondly. And save the best for last, if we can afford it.

    “It is ironic that magnesium oil (MgCl2), and the byproduct of MMS activation, chlorine dioxide (ClO2), share the same binding element in chlorine. Yet, we have come to look upon chlorine as an evil element unto itself.” … “Yet, chlorine, or its ionic component, chloride, is necessary for many metabolic activities. You can’t get a chloride without chlorine.”

    “It goes even deeper. Take a look at chlorine ion levels – one of the electrolytes that the body needs – in blood plasma and interstitial fluids.” See

  • Christine Carter says:

    First time on the website, this is the first topic I clicked on as I was curious to see what a medical website will write about MMS. I am horrified by the approach, pictures, -tive testimonies and attack on MMS and Jim and the fact that you are using it on your fungus and claims it works,,, Very few Doctors will administer and suggest the use of MMS as their careers will suffer. I have used MMS with positive results. First time when my husband had some flu like symptoms, he was in bed for 3 straight days,, after the first day of taking MMS, he felt better and was back being healthy. All he took was 1 drop every hr for seven hrs,,that night he slept like a baby. We as a family take it once a week and have not visited a Dr. in years. I even used it to cleanse the immunization shots my son got before he went to school. which I might add he gets a fever as a side effect from. This time none. I realised this topic has had more comments than others,,,, well I admit I was not surprised as most negative comments were from health ‘experts’ or I call them sales pple trained by Big Pharma to sell drugs or arrogant people who have not done any research or hear says. I commend all that posted positve results from the use of MMS. It’s a scare tactic,,, don’t fall for it. If needed use it and make your own decisions. It’s better than what Big pharma manufactures and FDA approves, but they never get any repurcussions for all the side effects and death they cause, but it’s billion dollar Industry and will tarnish all remedies that they cannot benefit from. MMS Rocks!

  • james a says:

    i am a little less than satisfied with this article.
    the first thing that calls in to question the validity of the information is the use of the trojan horse scare tactic.
    are those selling mms trying to kill?
    if so what is the motive?
    the second thing is that mms is equated to bleach.
    it is not. check the chemical formulas.
    then it is called pool shock. again not the same thing.
    and fourth, another scare tactic with the depiction of chlorine gas used in world war two.
    i won’t waste my time or yours with further examination.
    if you would like to educate me, i’m listening but i’m turned off by inaccurate technical info and cheap shot scare tactics.

  • Pete Adams says:

    Hello everyone. You might be interested in reading Dr. Sircus’s former editors very informative response to this article:

  • DM says:

    Have you tried Grapefruit Seed Extract for fungus? It is a natural anitfungal, antibiotic, antiviral. We use it on the horses hoofs when they have Thrush. It works very well with no toxic side effects. GSE can be used topically (diluted), or internally (diluted).

  • Andrew Musacchio says:

    Just a couple more comments, please. Your latest issue was truly
    a Heart Felt One. It’s OK for you not to agree with everything that
    Jim Humble writes. I was relieved to hear your softened approach and
    admit you know things are pretty much out of control in your former
    homeland! Jim was either very astute establishing a Church or he had
    some excellent advice. “Remedies” from the “Indecent Men” (That’s way
    too considerate to say, for me!) are really hard to come by. If you give up–
    they win. The Truth will prevail–maybe.
    Best Wishes

    • Jay Ranger RN MS says:

      Jim states that he established a church to avoid arrest by the US government (FDA), who was attempting to arrest him in 2010 and 2011.

  • Andrew Musacchio says:

    Dear Mark– As a relatively new subscriber, I’ve been happy to peruse your
    well researched site. I was shocked and dismayed to read the Anti MMS article
    and the Propaganda Chlorine Gas scare picture!
    I think Jim Humble is now about 79. He is a wonderful man–tireless, determined
    to help people, and Not Greedy! If you have not read his latest book, I would urge you
    to get it! His work has been a “Work in Progress” and he admits it.
    His “Protocols” have had to be changed several times–he freely admits it.
    His latest video on his Protocol 1000 shows him saying that if your tolerance to MMS
    is very low–you need to go down to 1/2 drop of mixed solution per hour or even
    go down to 1/4 drop!!! I have a friend who has been using it for years and he can take
    15 drops with no ill effect!
    If I had a car accident, I’d want a Surgeon. I’m 68 and haven’t used an Allopathic
    Doctor for 20 years–nor any Insurance.
    If you were to go back to the States, the FDA would hunt you down for what you do!
    I almost lived in Brazil and would surely have looked you up.
    Every good “Remedy” that was simple and cheap in the past has been demonized
    by the Greedy Medical people and Big Pharma. My Father In Law was doomed(Doctor’s Opinion)with
    colon cancer when he was 66. He went to Mexico and had Laetrile Treatments.
    Lived cancer free til he died at 93.
    Anyway–forget Dr. Segura—read Jim’s New Book, form a better opinion that that which
    you have shown me, so far, and Verify the continued learning that Jim has learned.
    AND– The Church is one of the last remaining Defenses against the Powers that Be!!
    Best Wishes and may your “Sanctuary ” have the best results
    Sincerely, Andy PS: Do Not Delete My Subscription!!!!


    • Dale Joy says:

      Shannon, There are a lot of people who will be interested to know what kinds of foods, supplements, and amounts of MMS you took before you went to IV use of MMS? Please keep us all informed about your success!

    • Dianne says:

      Shannon, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I salute you, and i’m also a cancer survivor. I only have respect for Jim Humble and MMS, and now CDS as well. I truly believe that nothing cannot be cured with MMS, and have tried it on several epople, with great success-like i knew it would be! Strangely enough, i also don’t know of anybody who had adverse effects from it, or died. Hmmm-it makes you wonder, does’nt it? My belief is not to knock something before you’ve tried it, and once you have Cancer, you will drink horse urine if advised that it could help. MMS works, and gives people hope!

  • Sonia Guillen says:


    I have some questions about mms, no one can help:
    – official page in the section on fungus control, put that mms does not kill the fungus, this is true? I use colloidal silver at a time?
    – in 1000 for mms protocol,
    which prepare the bottle for all her day, I have to put the bottle in the fridge?
    – can be prepared with natural apple juice or purified water only?
    – when the protocol placed not take antioxidants with mms, what kinds of antioxidants are? all? because there are many types of antioxidanes: blueberry, turmeric, pineapple, ayurvedic herbs, green tea .. …. I can take?
    is that I am a girl that I have as initial treatment mms ayurveda tablets, turmeric, neem and other .. .. and I have a fear of taking them, as if these stop working well to mms or makes me the opposite effect. you can help me?

    thanks a lot .. a lot

    Sonia Guillen

    • Claudia - IMVA Staff says:

      Dear Sonia,

      Its been our experience that MMS does not kill fungus, but helps in control of it. We do not recommend using MMS orally as Dr. Sircus feels there are better agents out there that can work just as well if not better than MMS. MMS cannot be taken with anything that has active vitamin C or its action will be diminshed.

      We would be glad to help you find an alternative treatment to MMS. Please contact Luciana to arrange a consultation if you are interested in that.

      • Dale Joy says:

        I am an Herbalist and Natural Health Consultant. I am reading people here questioning about fungus. SALT, SALT, SALT…. Fungus cannot live where salt is present. If you have it on your fingers, feet, or on your body it would be wise to bath daily with a little salt water. When I was in Florida I saw so many people with ring-worm, athletes foot, and other fungi that invaded their, scalp, nail beds, and on their hands and feet.

        I would tell them to go to ocean for a few days and get in the water, and breath in the salt air. When the clients came back they said they noticed how much the fungi had deminished. Well, I’d say, now wash all your clothes and shoes in salt water, or get rid of them to stop reinfecting yourself. Many of my clients wondered why the Doctors never told them about using salt.

        Most of these people now make a pilgrimage to the ocean, just like the First People used to do to keep fungus and bacteria undercontrol. Just look at the old records of when the Europeans came to the continent and saw how the First People went to the ocean daily. The Hawaiian people were the last know First People who still practiced this method to keep the fungus of a tropical climate under control.

      • Dale Joy says:

        Zinc is what is used in foot powders to relieve people of fungus. It works over time as does most fungus products. Salt sometimes causes burning when it is working on fungus yet it seems to be the fastest method of getting a fungus out.

        MMS helps it to work more rapidly when it put in a soak.

    • Dianne says:

      Sonia, MMS should be kept in a cool place, and once activated, in a fridge. Stay clear of anything containg Vit C, and coffe and tea as well. her is a recipe for an ointment on the official website for MMS, and one uses simple ingredients, and it’s found to be very effective.

  • stacy says:

    Also cancer cures are found with Dr. Helda Clark-‘A cure for all Diseases”,,and Dr. Mark is right about Baking soda, please look up you will see baking soda mixed with maple syrup will cure just about any cancer, as well with honey and cinnamon there are many many natural protocols for we humans how do you think we survived over thousands of years, by the way it used to be granny going into the hills of Va., where I come from gathering bulbs, roots, flowers, bark, the pharma cartel synthesizes all our natural gifts, and what ‘they’ produce doesn’t work

    • Dale Joy says:

      Yes, Eating the correct foods and minerals will help the most. Yet, with all the pollutions that abound using MMS to help keep the body clean works wonders. I use it, especially when I travel to places where I don’t trust the water.

      I have seen the wonders it has done for people. I have done research with it on myself, also, and am seeing the incredible results. The energy is great about 2 to 4 drops before bed and the next moring I have great energy.

  • stacy says:

    this is mirella, if you have done any research on chemo,btw, it is the chemical that is left over after making the nuclear bombs, spent fuel rods, etc.,the success rate with this abominable chem-ical is 2%- while every single chemo therapy doctors use bicarbonate soda the patients survive, the reason cancer is so omniuos in the last 60 years is the fact that all major countries especially ours detonate atomic,hydro,neutron bombs, depleted uranium as ammo will be in the air earth and water for years, why in the world would you use a chemical that comes from nothing but destruction, remember KEEP IT SIMPLE I have been researching all natural plants, earth compounds all my life, and virtually you can use any combo you want with out ‘THE SIDE EFFECTS’ PLEASE LOOK AT THE SIDE EFFECTS OF ANYTHING you take,almost every single member of my family has died from cancer I’am now 55 I will not be a statistic I started years ago on this eugenics program and swore an oath, my father got emphysema, he went to Walter Read, they used steroids on him, guess what i found before the computer came out SALTS, TISSUE SALTS repair the lower part of the lung, all natural please do your research, also I have taken the MMS per protocol and all is well–NO SIDE EFFECTS, what i have observide is that peoples motabilisium are different, start low dose with all you try, but it is in the best intrest with all of us to do our research, some have alergies to strawberries, sea food, bees, and peace to all

  • segev says:

    mark except for this article i appreciate your work very much, do not agree with your approach on this subject
    while i take magnesium chloride and iodine every day
    u show a to extreme aproch to some chemicals
    from the time i saw youre comments on “edta” saying its a poison when garry gordon
    has used it numeros time at high doses and almost no side effects

    of course chlorine dioxide is an oxidiser so is h2o2,ozone,iv vit c+oxygen

    this are therapies that have been used succefully and gave low side effects

    as garry gordon says…”learning about oxidative therapies was one of my ha ha moments”

    sure mms can cause all those side effects…. hell even water /iodine/magnesium can kill
    its about the dose … you said so yourself

    what i would expect from such a “hard headline article” is contecting jim and asking for some confermation about what he achieved in the form of people who had taken part in his
    work in africa

    • Claudia - IMVA Staff says:

      We have attempted to obtain confirmation from Africa on the reported success of Jim Humble…..without success.

  • I just had to take a moment to thank you for sharing this with us. As a average citizen I’ve really loved the good ideas and content obtained from reading your posts. I hope you will continue to build a intelligent website here as I will be checking b…

  • Marygrace says:

    I tried MMS at a rate of increasing one drop a day. It was tooooo fast for me. Now, I am adding one drop a week and this has worked well for me.

    I think Humlbe’s protocol is too severe for most people. However, going at a slower pace it seems to be helping me. I take a lot of other supplements too.

    As to iodine, well, suffice it to say that you need to start slowly there too, or you will get bac effects too. I have been sick for over 30 years, maybe longer. I will keep trying things until I am better.

    I have found Low Dose Naltrexone to be extremely helpful in my journey to health. It helps rebalance a screwed up immune system. It has helped me tremendously.

    Just as has the iodine and AOT.

    You can find more info about iodine at

    You can find more info about Low Dose Naltrexone at

    You can also do a search on yahoo groups/google for both to find info about them.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • Dale Joy says:

      I agree, the protocal is too fast for most people. When I first started experimenting with it many of my clients were sick because of the side effects. When we cut them down to 2-4 drops daily they noticed the same thing I did. Lots of energy and their brains seemed to function better.

      Am not sure why 2 drops during the day and 2 drops at bedtime work better yet that is what I have been seeing with a 10 day break every few weeks.

  • Himagain says:

    Oh, one last thing:
    Especially re dangerous substances like the point here. There are always alternatives and it is insane not to take the least risky alternative first.
    Iodine is vastly safer and at least as effective as MMS.

    Of course, there is always the one nobody wants to try first:
    clean up your diet/lifestyle. 🙂

  • Alvin says:

    I used to be a great fan of Dr Mark Sirus but that has changed when I saw the
    article he wrote on MMS..It is very obvious that he has never tried MMS and that
    he did no actual research in this protocol..I know many many people who have
    used MMs with great success and I have never heard of anyone who was harmed
    by it..There are between 5 and 6 million bottles in use around the world with
    many documented cures…Mark, I don’t know how you can sellp at night after
    writing something like that..It is obvious that you must have been heavily
    influenced by the pharmaceutical drug companies or getting paid for this kind of
    tactic..Do the research and you will find that what you have said here is not true
    Remove me from your news letter please..I would never believe another word
    you said about health issues..You’re a Doozie….

  • nick says:

    I have tried MMS1, MMS2 & MMS1 mixed with DMSO and have to say that it saved my two front teeth from being extracted (gum infection) my dentist was amazed and i kept my lovely smile! It also got me through swine flu within 2 days where other people around me were suffering for a few weeks. The MMS & DMSO also helped a stiff neck i had for 5 years from a motoring accident, now all gone! My dad also tried MMS1 and suffered from flu every year quite badly and the last two years was the first time in 25 years he never got it at all (no more doctors jabs for him). I also tried it on my cat who had a large infection on her neck, terrible diarrhea and bleeding intestines from eating cat litter..all gone in two weeks and it didn’t return (she stopped eating her litter too)
    This is a case of don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

  • “There are some listings on the Internet where sodium chlorite has been used for infusions for up to 20 years. In checking the quantities generally used I found that it was similar to that which I have suggested. Although I didn’t find a great deal of information, I did find that more than 100,000 infusions have been done in hospitals and clinics,” says Jim Humble on his site. Now I know of one doctor who says she uses it and I do trust her but when ever I hear Jim shout out fantastic numbers like 100,000 I NEVER TRUST HIM. I cannot think of any way he could count like that and that is what he has been doing since his first book. Shouting out fantastic numbers and I think that is a shame because perhaps more people would take his work seriously if he was a little more secure and did not need to exaggerate to make his points.

  • Gilgamesh says:

    Adam Abraham responded to Dr Segura’s and J. Campbell’s articles on MMS line by line.
    But I dont think Mark Sircus read those responses on Adam’s Thought For Food blog.

    • Now why would you assume that and why would you assume that anything Adam said or wrote would change my mind about the downside of something like MMS? I know Adam pretty well having worked with him for years and knowing him many years more . I will have my MMS II essay published probably tomorrow meaning not about MMSII but my response to all the comments etc. I do shout out that I do not distrust the positive testimonials but its a joke this response to the side effects and dangers.

  • MMS Works says:

    Mark, that was a nice hit piece on MMS and a personal attack on Jim Humble. Especially liked the death claim. You probably did not bother to check all the details on that supposed MMS caused death, but the autopsy proved that MMS had nothing to do with her death.

    I am amazed that you would attack a man who has spent so much time helping others who actually goes into third world countries where most health-care professionals would never go. Instead, your arm-chair quarterbacking is easy to do and attracts readers, and I presume, buyers of your products. I have purchased some of your books & ebooks in the past, but will no longer support someone like you who ridicules others for his own profit.

    • I am amazed that you think I should trust what you say just because you say it. Gilgemesh above you goes even further with his assertion that people he does not even know “know nothing” about MMS. And it has always been my contention that Jim Humble is not quite honest with what he says about what he has done but he sure knows how to open up his mouth. I am surprised he has not claimed that billions have been helped by MMS. But the comparison to aspirin is a good one….I don’t take any pharmaceuticals if I can help it. And certainly I would not drink MMS unless literally everything else failed and even then I am pretty sure the puke urge would stop me.

  • Gilgamesh says:

    Even aspirin is more dangerous, than MMS Just in 2009 more than 6000 people died from an over dose of aspirin.And calling MMS a dangerous bleach is just fear mongering, people used Javex bleach in country wells, way before Jim Humble, every 3-4 months they buy a gallon of bleach, and dump it in the well to keep the water pure and clean.
    Most people who use MMS write good results, and very few report some problem, that may not even be related to MMS, but they could be also taking prescription drugs, high blood pressure medication, over the counter medications etc. And I think some of those reports are also fake.Dr Segura and Campbell dont know nothing about MMS, but they are spreading misinformation.

  • Michael Doll says:

    Why was Adam Abraham’s comment deleted? He spoke well regarding this issue and now his remarks are censored. If you want to read them you can go to

    • IMVA Staff says:

      Dear Michael,

      Adam Abraham did not comment on this blog, he commented on his OWN BLOG….We merely received a ping back notice of his reference to Dr. Sircus essay. These are not kept here on the site.

      Claudia French

  • David says:

    Dr Mark,

    I have used MMS on and off over the last 5 years. If the smell doesn’t chase you away, the nausea and diarrhea will. Unlike other substances that produce change and leaves you beneficially affected, MMS doesn’t. You actually feel more miserable. I did have some breathing issues while using it. My supplies are dusty on the shelf and awaiting suitable disposal. I have used Alkalinity, herbs, magnesium oil, sodium bicarbonate and oxyen to restore my health. It is nicer to feel the healing and the vitality surging within than to live in a nauseous hope.

  • Bruce Tanner says:

    Would recommend considering using a mixture of 50/50 Bentonite/”French Clay” and Petrolatum (Vaseline) for the foot fungus (there are some fungus’s that don’t respond to MMS). I’m surprised and saddened to see a committed health advocate fall into parroting the mind-numbing drumbeat of propaganda against sodium chlorite solution put forward by Gabriella Segura, Deborah Dupre, Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her acolytes at SOTT, etc. Many of the assertions made in this post, immediately mirrored over at, are not worthy of the critical thinking that anyone trained in science should be capable of. While complaining about the lack of a scientific basis for claims made by MMS’ proponents, multiple statements unbacked by any study, many wildly inaccurate, are made here. And the tenor of the ad hominem attacks and ridicule which seem directed toward making people project revulsion and blame out on Jim Humble and MMS users in general is as nauseating as a Herxheimer reaction. Isn’t everyone extending advice about wellness primarily dedicated to helping people regardless of pet prejudices? And while it may be seen as somewhat silly for Jim Humble to use the title of Bishop, the truth is that the witch-hunt mentality that seems to be emerging in the wake of the FDA’s duplicitous “warning” about MMS, may result in the repression of this simple and safe chemistry if people don’t stand up for our innate, UNALIENABLE rights to make our own choices about what is effective, what is toxic, what is propaganda, and so forth. Hence the very practically directed evocation of religious freedoms. Please look into your hearts and consider where attachments and emotion may be clouding your judgment and leading to irrational and dangerous attacks on others and their rights.

  • Tom says:

    As a former Pharmaceutical chemist of 20+ years, I have never supported the use of toxic MMS. Before it came along people used food grade Hydrogen Peroxide for many of the same indications, but without many of the toxic effects of Chlorine. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen…no chlorine. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be injected IV as can Ozone to overcome many imbalances, but it cannot be patented as a “miracle”, so it does not appeal to those interested in profit at the expense of patient’s health.
    Thanks for your continued reports, which, although not popular when they challenge cherished belief systems, serve a purpose of helping many who are open.

    • Iwona says:

      I find it seriously bothersome that such an outpour of malicious nonsense is published on the website with the reputation of having best interest of human race in mind. I understand different points of view, but have my serious doubts of credibility more than once in a while. For any person having even minimal idae of how the body works, minimal idea of the “facts” referred to by the outspoken “doctors” above and any abiliyi to follow the “logic” of their argument, it becomes immediately apparent that what amounts to fact twisting and fear mongering must be less than goog-hartedly motivated. As they say, follow the money. Who benefits in this argument? Where is financial interest. What whould happen to all doctors, alternative and not, all farmacutical giants and insurers and more if people became able to care for themselves on their own and at the cost of pennies? There will always be a population of people who are affraid of their own shadows and want others to take care of them. They will always rather take hell from doctor-prescribed poisonous chemotherapy but not cleansing diarhea from self-administered MMS. Let them go to see their doctors. But there is also a population of people who very much enjoy taking the responsibility for their own bodies, and they don’t need to be saved from the dangers posed by Jim Humble and his likes. To the contrary, they woukd very much appreciate the outspoken medics to direct their passionate attention to the lethal side effect of official drugs they administer despite their innability to CURE anything. They just treat. From ane problem, to another, aand next. No end to their missery-derived profits in sight. So, I myself, courtesy of medical profession, ended up with massive mercury poisoning that killed my thyiroid and thymus. Not a pretty picture. I’ve been taking MMS for over two years now, and in higher than average doses. I observe nothing but positive side effects. Did not have to take any major medication for close to two years now. Chronic sinus infection cleared. No amount of chem-spraying and office sickness is able to bring me down. I’ve just started MMS2 a while ago, and I find it is calming immune system so it reacts less histerically to external irritants. My family members take MMS1 on regular basis as well. Beyond the initial period of rapid body detox, nothing dramatic. Nothin but positive side effects. So, from my perspective, it looks like the outspoken critics of MMS must have a very high stake in disappearing the MMS from the face of the Earth for their own less than altruistic reasons, and their twisted arguments are motivated, if not financed, by the forces not exactly friendly to humanity. As of today, the most common cause of death in the U.S. is medical misdiagnosis and medical tratment. Whoever wants to walk this path, let them. But, please let me, and many others like me, have a choice of personal responsibility for what happens to me, choose the diarhea first and remain healthy thereafter. We don’t need this brand of your “protection”, doctors.

      • Conflicted says:

        Well put, I stumbled across this site/article in search of something to aid and possibly cure my hsv. Found out I tested positive about 2weeks ago and i was very Devasted that I have been crying since the news. I would like to try MMS but not really sure where to obtain it. I must say this article got me a little scare but after reading the comments from actual ppl I feel somewhat better. While I believe in taking medication, I also think that it is always not the best solution. I was giving valtrex for two days but after I completed the dosage the OB came back …..I mean really what is the purpose of this? In any case I don’t want to ramble on on but do want say thanks for commenting and best of luck.

  • Louise says:

    I dragged myself to read through your article. It smells of illuminati as they continue to create fear. Boo boo..I am not scared of your fear based article. I am more scared of taking a prescription pill with all its side effects and a dose that is recommended for one and all, taking in no consideration for everyone’s unique body.

    The formula for sodium chlorite is NaClO2. Na = Sodium,Cl = chlorine, and O2 = Oxygen. The O2 indicates that two atoms of oxygen exist. It is not an indication of the charge. The actual charge on the oxygen is –2, which leaves the oxygen in a neutral condition. This oxygen has the same charge as the oxygen in carbon dioxide, thus it can’t be used for oxidation. The formula for chlorine dioxide is ClO2. The Na (sodium) has been removed from the sodium chloride (NaClO2) to make the chlorine dioxide. The O2 is two oxygen ions with a charge of two electrons each. This is considered a –2 charge, because electrons have a negative charge. Oxygen ions with a –2 charge cannot oxidize anything, and thus not available to the body for oxidization. The Cl stands for chlorine, which in this case, is a chlorine ion with a positive charge—until it oxidizes and destroys something, in which case it winds up with a negative charge as well. It is then a chloride, which is the same as the chloride in table salt. It cannot create any further reactions.

    Chlorine dioxide is the most powerful killer of pathogens known to man. Chlorine dioxide is used in many industrial processes. It has been used to sterilize food products, such as red meat and poultry for over 50 years. It is used in hospitals and clinics as a sterilizing agent.The formula for chlorine dioxide is ClO2. The Na (sodium) has been removed from the sodium chloride

    (NaClO2) to make the chlorine dioxide. The O2 is two oxygen ions with a charge of two electrons each. This is considered a –2 charge,because electrons have a negative charge. Oxygen ions with a –2 charge cannot oxidize anything. The Cl stands for chlorine, which in this case, is a chlorine ion with a positive charge—until it oxidizes and destroys something, in which case it winds up with a negative charge as well. It is then a chloride, which is the same as the chloride in table salt. It cannot create any further reactions.

    Mixing this MMS alkaline with the called for acid forms chlorous acid.

    Of course any country medicine can harm you, so can sugar and salt can also kill you within twenty four hours if you want to ingest the entire box. It is up to the “researchers” to be cautious. A few drops of MMS, mixed correctly, certainly can give one body the runs and yet not for the other…every body is unique.

    I will continue to use it for how it has removed bacteria’s that were taxing my immune system and my body was able to heal itself. I could afford MMS. I did not need to take time off from work, loose income, did not need to drive through traffic to sit amongst a room full of sick people and wait an hour after my appointment time just to see an MD so he or she could write me up a legal drug. Then drive to the pharmacy and then pay an arm and a leg for something that may or may not work, but must see the MD in six weeks and he/she may change it to another drug,,,if it doesn’t work!

    • Andrew says:

      I agree with you entirely!

      Let’s keep an open mind … try 1 drop of MMS at first and slowly increase the dose if you do not feel adverse reactions … then if it works, continue to use MMS until you feel cured!
      Easy and inexpensive to try … and it seems to work for so many people!

      Interesting to see how Big Pharma uses FDA and Codex Alimentarius to restrict our abilities to heal ourselves efficiently at little cost. I believe in freedom of choice!

    • Cheryl Rawson says:

      I live in the jungle in Mexico in a small village that has no clean water (the pueblo above dumps their raw sewage into the river). Although we use well and the water filters through sand there are many cases of Hep A and other health issues each year. Also Dengue fever, gripa, reactions to insect bites etc. We have been taking MMS profilactically for a few years–6-10 drops per day and have noticed that we don’t get sick any more.

      I would like to see this properly studied but I know that the big money only goes into research on a profit motive, therefore all natural or cheap therapies that actually work will never be studied. So, for me, I will continue doing what works–with caution but also gratitude for those like Jim Humble who are willing to do the investigating and research they can and then disseminate info that helps millions–as it has us in our little corner of the world.


    • Ron says:

      Louise…..I read your review…a little over my head…..are you saying there are no side effects to taking this and how much is too much

      • Rita says:

        Can you explain why after 14 years there is not ONE SINGLE vfeeiird case of something like HIV or cancer being cured by MMS? Just testimonials from randoms like you? You’ve seen it cure cancer? Well you’re eyes can be deceived, even if you did see someone survive cancer, you can NOT know it was MMS that cured them, that takes a clinical trial. That’s why witch doctors and bleeding worked for thousands of years until we used science to work out they DON’T WORK, just like MMS.

        • concerned says:

          I have the same question, unfortunately I am about to find out. Someone very dear to my heart was diagnosed with HIV. He was given meds and his viral loads became undetectable, I was so happy. Then someone sent him something saying HIV wasn’t harmful and pushed /persuaded him to take this. Unfortunately, he has and has also stopped his medication with Mr. HUMBLE claims it is a cure. I pray my fears are just that, fears. I am also contacting an attorney just in case my worst fear is correct. If anyone on here has been cured of HIV with this stuff, not just undetectable, cured.. I would love to hear from you.

    • Wona says:

      And..on the MMS site there is a link to where the FDA have praised the harmless substance which is C.D….hahaha

  • Mirella says:

    If I was desperate and it was a life/death situation I might be swayed to try MMS, the same if I was fighting cancer I would have chemo. These would be on my list of last resorts. I have been battling an autoimmune condition and yes I am fully aware of the infection connection. I was conducting research in the overlap between allergy, infection and autoimmunity, until I had to take a leave of absence due to my health. I was unable to walk for nine months and in excruciating pain. In all my desperation I have not thought to take such desperate measures as introducing such an aggressive agent into my system. I decided to take a deeper look at iodine on the basis that yes it’s an oxidising halogen though not as aggressive as fluorine or chlorine but still commands respect. I will still not take iodine in mg doses and only consume iodine rich foods and not as potassium iodide.

    I try to work as close to nature as possible and I am not a natural health practitioner. I don’t go overboard with these foods either as I don’t want to overwhelm enzymatic detoxification pathways. A life time of fluoride and mercury exposure and you need to tread very carefully. I also make sure that I have all the cofactors required to keep detoxification pathways working optimally. I also make sure that I am eating plenty of sulfur proteins – I don’t understand how vegetarians do this, unless they have superior detoxification mechanisms that I am not aware of.

    One of my first research projects was looking at cadmium toxicity at the molecular level in alga and mollusks. Cadmium is one of the most toxic elements on earth and kills all organisms. So the molecular mechanism of how these particular species do not become poisoned and in fact thrive was of extreme interest to me. I had no idea at the time how invaluable this knowledge would be to me.

    Getting back to iodine. I experimented with iodine on my husband’s feet tinea. He had tried all the lotions and potions. I made up a solution of iodine and swabbed all his feet. It lives in the skin and is only noticeable between the toes because it is the perfect niche. What happened next absolutely shocked me and had me stumped. The next day, both feet swelled, they were huge, red, oozing and ulcerated. He is a chemist and works in the lab. He was not able to work, because he could not wear safety shoes or sandals, he had to work outside his lab barefoot. His colleagues were shocked. There was nothing we could do until the reaction subsided. I decided to take advantage of the situation as I was researching the healing properties of red light. I treated one foot with the red light and left the other to heal on its own. Well the red light was a dud. But what happen next was amazing. The ulcers healed to reveal this beautiful pink skin. What puzzled me was that not all areas of the feet ulcerated. We tried the experiment again to determine whether the reaction was specific to those area that may have been infected. Each time there was less and less blistering and ulceration. So what I think happened was that the iodine reacted only with the areas of the skin that were infected and healthy tissue was left unscathed. Today he can swabbed the whole area and not get the same reaction. Though he doesn’t do this. He now only uses it between the toes to keep it under control. The tinea will completely disappear when his malabsorption situation is corrected, which we have been working at systematically, always working as close to nature as possible. The malabsorption condition is a result of taking too many NSAID for pain management and antiobiotics. He also has many amalgam fillings. So the connection between the fungal infection, mercury & antibiotics is of even more interest. to me as a biotechnologist.

    Fungi and yeasts accumulate micronutrients such as Cu, Zn, Mn & non-nutrient metals, U, Cd, Sn, & Hg in higher amounts than their nutritional requirement. Fungal biomass are used as bioremediation of heavy metals and radionuclides from polluted waters. Different species have different mechansms ie. metal binding proteins etc.

    So my concerns are that perhaps fungal overgrowth in the body is not only a response to toxic environment, but perhaps a protective mechanism that enables the sequestration, bioaccumulation and also the possibility of transmutation to less toxic metals so that we do not bioaccumulated toxic metals in tissue sites. The danger of aggressively annihilating these organisms is the consequence of releasing these toxic metals into the system for redistribution to tissue sites.

    So does anyone know of any research or personal experience regarding the supplementation of iodine and its effects on gut ecology?

    Best 🙂

    • Himagain says:

      Just 3 things of interest for you as you do seem like a calm researcher! 🙂
      1. Try Tea Tree Oil (comes from Australia) for the tinea. It is potent in smell alone! 🙂
      Buy 100% oil and try it at 50% with cold-pressed virgin olive oil, first.
      Of course, his diet needs to be fixed, but this is very effective as a repair agent.

      2. I ran a large CAnsurvivor group years ago, when we had to go to extremes to protect the brave medicos who actually cured Cancer. (Their punishments when caught were very severe) Every single contact I had over those years who quit the self-cure program and succumbed to the terror tactics of the medical business and who actually had Cancer, died. Usually within the protocol period. NB: 40% of the patients diagnosed with metastasized Cancer were falsely diagnosed in my experience.
      Before you even think of factory treatment for any Cancer, you need to read the infamous Sloan-Kettering Oncology report.
      Side note: Every one recruited into the early Cansurvivor support program had to have independently been double-diagnosed and self-cured. Only way to be strong enough to handle the brainwashing.

      3. Finally, make yourself a Colloidal Silver generator. There are more lies and disinformation about this – dare I say it? – miracle than almost any product I know.
      Free how-to from here:
      Funny story – but the info is good.
      Build one and test it yourself, scientifically.

      One last observation made over the last half century:
      Nobody ever makes it who is negative in life and the very word “try” is negative.
      Even mainstream medicos know about the “will to live”, they just don’t understand it.

    • Alys says:

      I found a very interesting neurosurgeon/nutritionist address physiological and psychiatric problems directly related to gut health. These measures here on this thread are so extreme. Simply put there is a more direct and much easier method to health it is through our diet. I hope you have a chance to watch these videos

      Or google: G.A.P.S. and Dr. Campbell-McBride

  • Cathy says:

    I recently developed a very, very bad cold and cough with sinus involvement. Other friends and family were struggling with it for many weeks, and the residual cough can last for months. I began taking MMS early on, and within days, I was much better and able to function; it went away quickly. Everyone asked how I overcame this particularly persistent virus so quickly. My experience (though only intermittent and not daily use) was remarkable. I will not be without MMS.

  • Larry says:

    Interesting article. However, I used the protocol suggested for sodium chlorite (6 drops a day) to treat throat infection and sinus buildup. It has worked exceptionally well. And a friend of mine tried the same thing, with the same result. So it has been positive for me.

    There is a yahoo group that discusses MMS and some people on the list have had success with disease elimination and others not. Like any health issue some results may depend on the user and their nutrition, in my case, my nutrition is almost always vegetarian and low in refined sugar and no milk products. However, until MMS, every winter I got strep in my throat as well as sinus infections. Since taking MMS, these issues have completely disappeared. Regards.

  • Ron Rossman says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the great report. I used mms once for diarrhea related to Ibs. I had had it for four months and had tried everything natural to stop it. I was getting desperate and decided to try mms. I worked up to 15 drops twice a day within a few days and on the tenth day the diarrhea stopped. I was grateful but understood that it was basically bleach so never used it again. I felt more comfortable using it as it is used at the Reno Integrative Medical Clinic for cancer. Thanks again for all you do. I have been using nascent iodine, magnesiium (powder and oil), baking soda, and Vit c with mineral ascorbates and bioflavonoids and my immune system is stronger than its ever been. Candida it no problem now and it was. I have found that for IBS pain (left side for me) is greatly reduced by massaging mag oil into the area. I apply 2 heavy doses of the oil separated by 5 minutes and the relief is profound. I muscle tested the amount to be used as I was only applying it rather lightly and only once with only mild results. Take care

  • Michael Doll says:

    I appreciate the tenacity with which you put forth your point of view. Especially the state of things and the seeming recklessness of society in general. Gulf toxicity, drug toxicity,etc.
    and you are allowed to have your opinion about MMS. However I expected that you would speak to your experience with the compound and not cast aspersions or make character assessments of the originator, Jim Humble. If all you have is, he is an embarrasment to the health field or he is a Bishop in his own church (what kind of church can that be…) then you are just saying the same thing about him that others in the health field say about you. You minimize the man in hopes of minimizing or destroying the protocol. I have been a user of his chlorine dioxide discovery for over 2 years and have found it to be effective and consistent. You are a bit conflicted and my sense would be that you have more problems with the religious fervor of his followers than the protocol itself. I used it for jock itch and athletes foot. My assumption, which I got through much investigation, was that these fungal sites were only outward manifestations of a overburdened inward condition of too much fungus. It got rid of my problem after using it for 7 days. I do believe that with a profound nutritional protocol, I could have gotten rid of it. So I believe that in my case it was shock therapy. I know you understand shock therapy so I guess you can understand this shock therapy. I have been able to control my external fungus problems by using an intermittent therapy of MMS. So until I have the courage of following my ideal nutritional protocol, I will use this as intermittent therapy. Is it chemotherapy? Yes I believe it is. Has it killed anyone? That is yet to be determined. Based on the number of people who have found therapeutic results from using it, I would say that chlorine dioxide is WAY ahead of pharmaceuticals in efficacy.

    How do you think things like black salve and hemp oil reach their present state of efficacy? (Hemp oil is still to be determined) Trial and error and by people who have been willing to take a step in faith. Eventually, a useful protocol was obtained. Perhaps if more people were interested in documenting their experience we would have a protocol that is more effective and have less side effects. The protocol has been changed over time as a result of the experiences people have had. This is test by internet…no other time has been like this one. It is effective, it is not to be taken lightly and needs to be respected as another tool.

    • teresa says:


      • Brenda says:

        I agree. His new protocol calls for taking 1 to 2 drops periodically throughout the day.

        I have taken this for a number of things and have had great results. I used to catch pneumonia a few years back and I had to be careful it did not return. Taking the MMS gets rid of my chest infection very quickly and stops colds if taken in the early stages.

        It also gets rid of bladder infection almost overnight and it doesn’t return.
        When I take it, I notice my eyesight is improved and I have more clarity in my vision.
        It also cleared up a very bad case of bronchitis without taking any other medication.

        If you overdose on meds, you will get sick and possibly die too. I don’t believe this is as dangerous as mentioned. Go to his website and read some of the testimonials regarding stage 4 cancer where there was nothing more the medical doctors could do and people are recovering from the cancer. I know of one person myself, who has had amazing results with this versus chemotherapy and everytime she is tested, they have a hard time finding any trace of cancer. The truth of it all is this…PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DOESN’T LIE.

  • Mirella says:

    Mark, thank you for highlighting the truth about MMS. My background is biotechnology, but chemistry is my education and background. For years I have been telling people, who really have no health issues to begin with, not to touch this dangerous chemical, because that’s what it is – an industrial chemical. I would even draw the structure for them and try to educate them that it was no different than drinking bleach. But they persisted in bringing in Jim’s Humble’s literature and videos to try and convince me that I must be wrong.

    One gentleman that was very proud of his health and the lengths that he would go to; eating natural, having an expensive water filter to filter out chlorine, he even fermented his own kefir to maintain a healthy microflora. I was impressed by his vigilance. He was determined that I see all the videos to be convinced. Take them home watch them at leisure. I told him, I didn’t have to seen anymore than the chemical structure to be convinced that we should not be drinking it. I told him any bugs that were being killed were being killed by the same means as the bugs in his swimming pool or our water supply.

    I told him that if it was killing bugs in his gut, then it was also killing his indigenous microflora who are the linchpin to his immunity and if he continued taking it then he was destroying his immune system.

    Well I had no success trying to get my message across, because Jim was GOD as far as everyone was concerned. I could excuse, the layman for being duped, but then I learnt that some practitioners that I respected also recommended it. Some enterprising Naturopaths were even bottling their own version in my town.

    Of course what did I understand, I was a chemist and if you are not from alternative health then you simply don’t understand or can’t be trusted because we have been brain-washed by Big Pharma.

    Come on guys, isn’t time we stop duping the public and using them as guinea pigs and give the human body the respect it deserves.

    By the way, do you know what affects iodine has on the indigenous flora, something I have been wanting to know for a long time now.


    • tractorist says:

      ” My background is biotechnology, but chemistry is my education and background ”
      How sweet ! What chemistry ? That one ?
      You know too little if you say that MMS doesn’t work.
      I tried hundreds of times and worked every single time.
      Look at Macus ! He is now a scap doctor,saying things without any investigation.
      MMS just works and you don’t like it because one who is not ( sic ! ) biotehnology hahahahh or chemistry hahahah, or minor doctor like marcus, did make a great product ! Get over !
      BTW. MMS, colloidal siver, MMS2 and DMSO is great for cronic Hep C !

      Traktotechnologist hahahah ! ;=)

  • VJ West says:

    For that foot fungus, powdered white oak bark is the solution. No need to mess with MMS

    • tractorist says:

      For that foot fungus, powdered white oak bark is the solution. No need to mess with MMS

      why….mess ?
      MMS is clean , works.
      maybe your powder is great too. But we are talkin about a big mistake from marcus strange point of view.
      Amputation is good for feet fungus also !