Natural Allopathic Intensive Care - Packages

How it Works?

We offer a range of packages (budgets), depending on the medical equipment selected, that will include training and consultation in both set up, and learning to practice, ranging between five and fifteen thousand dollars. One can always spend more for an intensive home treatment center and still save much over traditional medical care. And one can spend less and still do much. Included in this budget are most of the medicinals needed to stock the medicine cabinet with.

You must fill out an intake questionnaire. You can copy the questionnaire from below and use the form below the questionnarie to send it back to us.

Please give us a couple of options of a date and time you will be available for the consultation - My team will work that out with my agenda and will write you back to inform when your appointment will be. We also need you to inform me in which time zone you will be on the consultation day, so I can calculate the time difference in between us.

My consultations are through skype. Please also inform the approximate budget you can make to put your home treatment center together.

Patient's intake information

Patient’s full name:

Email address:
Home address (city, state, country):
Best days and times for your consultation:

Contact person:

Please provide a full description of the patient's health situation:

1) What is the problem, when it began, how is the situation now ?

2) Which treatments, conventional and alternative, that were taken up to this moment ?

3) Which medicines and supplements, if so, the patient is taking now?

4) How is the patient's general diet ?

5) How many times a minute do you normally breath? Take out a watch and count your breath for one minute. Try to breathe at your normal rate. Inhale and exhale together is one breath.

6) What is your saliva and urine ph?

7) What is your basel body temperature? (Basel body temperature is your temperature taken first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. This gives the lowest body temperature attained during rest.)

8) What is the patient’s main interest in this consultation?

9) Please give us an approximate idea of how much you can allocate for medical devices, supplements, superfood and other items in Dr. Sircus’s protocol. That will help us tailor a program that will address both your health needs and financial realities.

10) Also please let us know where treatments will be given (home, hospital or other) and who will be helping out in situations where a person cannot be expected to do everything alone.


I'm Mark Sircus, a doctor of natural medicine and writer of more than 23 books that have sold 80,000 copies around the world. Innovative Medicine is the name of new form of medicine I have pioneered that situates itself between the best of medical science and natural medicine.