Hydrogen Medicine e-Book

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This book is appropriate for physicians, nurses, alternative practitioners; and for patients who will learn enough to stand on their own two feet in terms of administering their treatments at home.

This book introduces a new form of medicine grounded in essential physiology, in a common sense one does not need a Ph.D. to understand. It is a book of clear medical thinking, which is something that has been lost through the past century as medical belief systems motivated by profit took root.

This book is actually three books in one, one on hydrogen, another on oxygen to add to my book Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, and a third book dedicated to carbon dioxide.

So, this book is not just a groundbreaking introductory book on hydrogen it also a primer on oxygen and CO2. It is about leaping tall medical buildings in a single bound.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen therapy is ultra-serious medicine. It is a new clinical mode of treatment for many diseases including surgery, tissue damage and dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. On the health end, hydrogen offers the long sought-after fountain of youth because it puts the rocket power of hydrogen directly into one’s mitochondria. Everyone gets something from hydrogen because life cannot exist without it.

For late stage cancer sufferers, hydrogen inhalation is like getting two or more intravenous Vitamin C treatments a day with absolutely no toxicity. In the ICU it can be administered 24/7, meaning until the patient gets up and out of bed.


Part One

Hydrogen Medicine is Revolutionary
Introduction to Hydrogen Medicine
New Advances in Gas Therapy
Hydrogen is Serious Medicine for Cancer
Hydrogen the Fuel of Life
The Miracle of Molecular Hydrogen
Hydrogen is a Medicine
The Medical Context of this Book
Hydrogen for Surgery & ICU
Saving Sepsis Patients' Lives
Revolution in Intensive Care Medicine
Hydrogen Inhalation Devices
Hydrogen History
Inflammation, Free Radical Damage, Oxidative Stress and Hydrogen
Acid Bodies Acid Cancer
Hydrogen the Ultimate Anti-Aging Medicine
Hydrogen, Bicarbonate, Magnesium and ATP
Otto Warburg and Cancer
Multiple Causes of Low Oxygen (Hypoxia)
H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide
Hypocapnia (Lowered CO2) in the Blood
Cancer, Inflammation and Hydrogen
Oxygen Deficiency and Cancer
Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
Revolutionary Breakthrough Cancer Treatment
Low Oxygen Causes Infections, which Cause Cancer
Poising Oxygen Respiration
Hydrogen and Life
Hydrogen for Psychiatric Disorders
Less Food and Less Diabetes with Hydrogen
Serious Medicine for the Skin
Hydrogen Dosages
Hydrogen Water
The CDC Never Learned Hydrogen Medicine for the Flu
Natural Allopathic Emergency Medicine for Flu
Strengthening the Immune System
Hydrogen and Bicarbonate Led Treatments for Autism
More Hydrogen Studies
Life Depends on Carbon Dioxide
Inflammation, Oxygen, CO2 and Breathing
The Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Connection
Increasing CO2 Blood Concentrations
Selenium, Sulfur and Magnesium Secrets
Dehydration and Hydrogen
Fastest Way to Win the War on Cancer -
Iodine, Metabolism and Oxygen
Secrets of Water and Hydrogen
My experience with hydrogen tablets and inhaler
Darkfield Test by George Wiseman
Hydrogen for Sports Medicine
Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy for City Dwellers
Oxygen can be Dangerous but is Vital
Ozone Therapy and the Oxygen Wars
PEMF Increases Oxygen Utilization
Alternative Medicine

Hydrogen Medicine e-Book

Inform your email below, get five chapters free from Dr. Sircus’ Hydrogen Medicine eBook and find out what to expect from Hydrogen treatments! 


"I've used 2 tablets every day for one month. Definitely seen results with my ADD /ADHD. With the inhaler, I see a change in minutes. Now I'm going to use the VR tablets daily." Leah

I have Lyme disease. Prior to using hydrogen and oxygen gas, I had no energy and had to pause when climbing a flight of stairs. After 2 hours of inhalation of Molecular Hydrogen, I had so much energy I could run around the block. My fatigue and tiredness did not return! M. H.

"As a competitive athlete, I am always looking for the next best way to shave a few seconds off of my race time. I take one VR Tablet before and after training and have noticed a significant increase in endurance and less inflammation. I actually recover faster because of lowered lactate build up due to improved ATP production. This is my ultimate secret weapon." Michael

"I take 2 VR Tablets daily and it not only gives me more energy, but improves the results of other supplements I take. I give one tablet a day to my kids in their morning OJ and they seem to focus better. It feels like it's a great way to get the body in balance. I've even dropped a tablet in warm water to wash my face and it seems like my skin tone has improved. Is there anything that H2 doesn't do?" Michelle

"I have been battling depression and PTSD for most of my life. With that comes high stress and anxiety. I purchased the Vital Reaction Inhaler about three months ago and have been using it 2 times a day. I notice an increase in overall mental balance and a feeling of well-being. It's the only thing that works immediately. I am no longer on my anti-anxiety medication and have been able to use my brain like never before. My focus is on point and even my vision has improved. I won't go another day without it. Thanks VR." Ann

I have been using Vital Reaction Tablets for the past 3 months now and have been feeling great! I was in good health before, but since using the tablets, both my focus and energy levels have improved. I was just about to get reading glasses and am happy to report my eyesight has sharpened enough so that I do not need them! In addition to all of this, my strength training and yoga practice have both expanded, due to less recovery time between workouts. I used to get very sore post workout and now feel like my hydration level and the reduction in inflammation are allowing me to make gains I otherwise would not have been able to reach. This is a product I will always have on hand and cannot recommend it enough! Emery


I'm Mark Sircus, a doctor of natural medicine and writer of more than 23 books that have sold 80,000 copies around the world. Innovative Medicine is the name of a new form of medicine I have pioneered that situates itself between the best of medical science and natural medicine.

Innovative Medicine is grounded in essential physiology, in a common-sense approach to medicine one does not need a PHD to understand. It concentrates on the most basic life parameters including breathing rate, pH, body temperature, oxidative stress, oxygen and CO2 blood levels, mineral deficiencies, toxicity and heart rate variability, which tells us how stressed out we are.