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Oxygen Defeats Death – Personal Testimony

Published on March 12, 2014,_Andrey_-_Pelopidas's_death_-_1805-1806.jpg

The power to reach into the heart of cells quickly, efficiently and inexpensively with oxygen is what saved my life. This chapter is my personal testimonial and experience with Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy. Save a life with oxygen, regain your youth and full strength. That is what I did or more accurately, am in the process of doing with a new form of oxygen therapy that I discovered just in time to save my own life.

Athletes and superhero – military types can extend performance with oxygen and we can too, even if we have cancer, or  are seriously ill from other causes. It is simple. There is nothing like flooding the body with oxygen. It does not matter who you are or how sick you are oxygen can come to your rescue as long as you simultaneously flood the body with carbon dioxide, which is easy to do with exercise.

The day I received my Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy system it felt like I was at death’s door. On a zero to ten scale with ten being in good health and a zero being death I was a one and fading fast. Actually, one week before I had passed out on the floor for a few seconds and woke to a lake of sweat under me.

I have had a long-term degeneration in my vascular system with a special inflammation in the lower esophagus after repeated bouts of GERD. Even with my full Natural Allopathic Protocol I was sinking, nothing was reversing my downward spiral. We were desperate and I am a lousy patient anyway, who cannot stop working no matter how near to death’s door I get.

That first night I did not have my exercise bicycle yet so I strapped on the oxygen mask and ran in place for the prescribed fifteen minutes. If you can imagine a hospital patient doing that, good luck, but there I was battling for my life struggling to get my heart rate up to pump in enough oxygen.

I was up and down for the first two weeks but managed to bring myself back to about a five on my scale. In the few hours that I would enjoy being a seven I felt like superman. That is my danger.

A year ago, an eye doctor said just because you have glasses does not mean you are superman referring to my 14-hour seven days a week working in front of a computer routine. When I start to feel better, I start to eat and move too fast and work too much. Here I am treating myself for a life threatening condition and working like a bullet train because I am on fire, inspired with writing about oxygen.

Third Week

When I began 16 days ago, I struggled to get my heart rate up to 85. Today I did three training sessions and I went over 110. It feels great to sweat and feel my body running like a well-oiled machine, sucking in approximately 600 liters of oxygen in fifteen to twenty minutes. What this means, when using a variant of the Max Heart Rate equation: Max Heart Rate = 220 – Age. If you want to know your vascular age, you use this formula. Anything you do to increase your max heart rate, correlates to a younger age. Better vascular durability, elasticity and the like.

Therefore, instead of having the vascular system of an old man on his deathbed I have brought back, in measurable terms, the ability inherent in a man 15 years younger and I did that in two weeks. I still have quite a way to go to get back to normal health but I assure you I will not stop there.

Sometimes I can almost feel the fire that oxygen is igniting in my mitochondria. Oxygen is a fire that burns cleanly if there is enough of it. When there is enough the cells have an incinerator working at high burn meaning cellular contaminants and poisons are easily eliminated from the cells and if anything I was detoxing too fast as I was also experiencing dramatic weight loss driving me down to my perfect weight, after decades of being over-weight.

Fourth Week

I have been stable at around a seven. I have been training hard but still feel the underlying condition, though in a much faded fashion. This would have been much easier had I started out with oxygen therapy years ago before I degenerated to my present level. Yesterday was almost a perfect day but this morning I had some wooziness after my workout and also when getting up too quickly.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


At this point I went through about a week of up and down and it seems like I was pushing too hard, which is nothing new for me. I was doing the oxygen up to four times a day and sometimes for as much as 25 minutes at a time instead of the standard 15-minute sessions.

Cancer Hates Oxygen

I am not the first person that knows what oxygen can do. However, I will be the first one shouting from the highest mountain with the loudest amplification system, with the most oxygen to offer, of the remarkable benefits for cancer patients, if you can gobble down enough of it.

For cancer patients the bottom line is going to be a low carbohydrate diet (starve the cancer cells of their massive sugar habit) with a cascading wall of oxygen, while flooding the body with minerals like magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine and selenium. In fact, cancer patients doing Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy will be doing Anti-Inflammatory Cancer Therapy with my full Natural Allopathic protocol.

The most insidious thing about cancer is its tendency to spread. A lone primary tumor can be tackled by knife or radiation beam, as well as by drugs, with some hope of short-term success. However, chemotherapy and radiation both provoke cancer’s metastasis. Once cancer has metastasized, and spread secondary cancers around a patient’s body, such treatments are much less likely to be effective for any length of time.

Stopping metastasis would be a great achievement for oncologists. This is achieved if enough oxygen is present. Cancer hates oxygen! Enough oxygen will cause cancer cells to die. Administering enough oxygen will remove the low oxygen areas, those corners or browned out tissues, which are vulnerable to cancerous invasions. Enough oxygen will fire up the white blood cells and put them into a killing frenzy.

Ayahuasca and Death’s Door

In my protocol, one of the last items in the protocol is Ayahuasca, which is something that is used here in Brazil and in Peru to break through blockages in consciousness. It is something that we will have at Sanctuary. I consider it a useful tool when having to deal with emotional, mental and spiritual change.

I mention this because many years ago when I personally used Ayahuasca I had several experiences of hanging out at what felt like the door between life and death so I was more comfortable navigating these most recent experiences. However, that did nothing in terms of not scaring my wife half to death. I did not allow her to call an ambulance that terrible night almost a month ago when I passed out on the floor. I have always maintained that you would have to carry me feet first into any hospital.

Conscious breathing is the skateboard I ride on at such moments. Eventually it all comes down to the breath, our first one and last and all of those breaths in-between. It took a medical Tiger Tank to save me and I can tell you that anyone who can afford to set up Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy in his or her own home or clinic will want one.

Anyone who tries to tell you that oxygen is bad for you, tell them to go stuff their head in a bucket of CO2!

You are What You Eat

Science continues to shed new light on how nutrition has a huge effect on the status of our health. In particular, medicine is zeroing in on inflammation as key factor in the aging process – that, over time, diet-caused inflammation wears down our internal systems, resulting in impaired performance (e.g., leaky gut, weight gain) and disease (e.g., Diabetes, heart disease).

Dr. David Seaman, Professor of Clinical Sciences at the National University of Health Sciences, says that inflammation related to diet is a very subtle process. Meaning it is so subtle we do not see it from a mile off and when it hits it takes us down in a number of different ways. For me it was sugars, flours, and self-deception about what ended up as a not so subtle ending to decades of nutritional decadence. The last thing one could call me is a health nut. Now I almost have to be!

The problem with dietary inflammation is it builds up slowly over time. Then unexpectedly, we can be diagnosed with any number of possible diseases and we wonder what caused this. I never was tempted to obtain a regular diagnosis but I conferred with colleagues. Nevertheless, even at the worst moments I stayed the natural course with natural diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Travis Stork is nice to listen to in this video on early diagnosis but I disagree with him about going to your doctor because your doctor will not try to tell you what you need to change. What he will do is suck you into a system of medicine that will eventually put you six feet under or turn you into a pharmaceutically dependent and ever more toxic person.

Western doctors never really do get down to a real diagnosis—to a level of diagnosis that is meaningful. Western diagnosis does not as a matter of routine address nutritional deficiencies even when it should be obvious that basic concentrated nutrition (magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine, selenium) provide powerful medical muscle. What I am trying to say is that when you get a diagnosis of diabetes they do not tell you that you have diabetes because of magnesium or bicarbonate (acid conditions) deficiencies.

I got away with being overweight for decades and like most people had plenty of rationalizations to maintain my dietary illusions. The cause/effect relationship between my diet and deteriorating health was lost on me no matter how much I wrote about the subject. It was not as if I was feeling aches and pains everywhere or was losing work time. Subtle low-grade inflammation that you cannot even feel initially can end up killing you as it almost did me.

When I was 60 y/o, GERD started in earnest. The deep changes that I needed to make were not in focus, not until I was near death’s door. I since have been telling my patients that I had to have a pistol on each side of my head to make the breakthrough changes. Actually, I waited too long. It was only the luck of having and getting the ultimate oxygen system, which saved my life.

Five Weeks Later

It is now five weeks since I have been training. Eventually I realized that going slower and doing less training was reducing the too rapid detoxification, which allowed me to slow down the healing process and stabilize faster. I am now feeling that my condition has been improved further and am feeling at about the eight level with occasional feelings that bring me back down to a five or six—but like spells they now fade fast if I breathe consciously into the feelings of physical disturbance.

I am now eating like a sane human being. I do not fill up my belly, which I used to love to do. I am not eating bread or any processed foods. I am slowing down my life, taking my HCL pills when eating larger meals, doing consistent Biomat sessions, taking plenty of magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, iodine and selenium. I get a magnesium massage five days a week, continue to use the Breathslim device to slow my breathing down and raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood. I have been religiously using clay and intestinal cleaning formulas every morning.

When I started doing Chinese moxa (heat treatments) this past week my progression seemed to speed up. Also like Vernon Johnston, I am consciously breathing more, tuning in like the yogis do, to the prana or energy that comes in with each breath. Medical Marijuana, the topic of one of my books, has kept me calm through it all!

These past days I have felt my health return. These have been big family days as we prepare to leave our nice life here on the northeast coast of Brazil in a city called Joao Pessoa. To be alive and enjoying my family brings deep feelings of gratitude that have been melting my heart these past days.

When I say my vascular system is 15 years younger already, I have more than my increasing heart rate and endurance levels to show for it. The easiest way for a man to measure the health of his vascular system is to measure the firmness of his erections. One will see in the chapter on oxygen and sex that one can expect dramatic changes in the vascular flows through the genitals thus increasing sexual pleasure and potency for men and women. I can attest clearly that I am 15 years younger in terms in the sexual plumbing department and my training with oxygen has only just begun. Super health will be my goal once I get back to normal.

Week Six

I just moved back to my Sanctuary in the interior of Brazil and my oxygen condenser broke in the shipping. I have no choice now but to see how the first 60 sessions did for my health. However, when one purchases this equipment one would hope to have continuous access. In my case, it will be good to assess the first series of treatments and see how I do without oxygen support.

As other doctors before me have noted oxygen is not a cure all and doing Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy involves including other items in the Natural Allopathic Protocol. My condition has certainly changed though I would not say I am cured, not yet at least. It was a lifetime of habits that got me into this mess so it would not be reasonable to expect I would pull out of this long nosedive into pathology that quickly.

Unlimited Oxygen Therapy

Exercise with Unlimited Oxygen Therapy (EWUOT instead of EWOT) is what Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy is. EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) was limited to 10 liters per minute of concentrated oxygen. Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy takes that up by a factor of five making it more powerful than the most expensive hyperbaric chambers.

If you are anywhere near death’s door, meaning if you have cancer or any other serious disease and want to literally ride or run and breathe yourself back into life I suggest you pass Boardwalk and get an Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy system.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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