Pain Relief

How to relieve and heal pain naturally.

Pain and suffering can be terrible to live with. However, pain is also a self-defense of the body, it warns us that something is wrong. Some pains are only reflexes, muscle strains and pass quickly, others may report an infection or inflammation and can be symptoms of serious diseases. There are several descriptions for the sensation of pain: from stinging, throbbing, burning, pressure, mild, strong pains, to unbearable pains. Every part of the body that has nerves can hurt, be it the head, the belly, the ears, the bones or the organs.

How to relieve pain

It is important to address the cause of pain, not only take medicines that will stop or relieve the pain but will not treat and heal the cause of the pain, the infection or inflammation. There are no safe pharmaceuticals for pain, even aspirin can lead to serious side effects including death.

To combat pain I recommend the natural medicinals. Topical magnesium oil, medical marijuana and CBD oil, treatments with ice, acupuncture, far infrared and even PEMF.

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