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Dear IMVA, May 2011 – II

Published on May 11, 2011


You know when I write dear IMVA letters I am thinking of my loyal readership, some of whom have been with me for 12 years. I think of many of the people I have talked with and worked with during these many years though I know I am also speaking to some people for the first time.

It is not so easy to be so open in the way I am. My openness comes from vulnerability, meaning not fearing to be hurt. Many years ago when I wrote HeartHealth I defined the heart as the vulnerability of being. When we make ourselves vulnerable we are putting ourselves into situations or relationships where we could be hurt though of course we hope we are not. In HeartHealth I create a psychology of feeling and emotion as opposed to cognitive process.

When I write, I do so in a way that speaks to everyone. But if someone runs into me for the first time here in a dear IMVA letter, it’s a bit different then getting to know me in one of my medical or one of my end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it essays. Here they would get to know the more intimate personal side of me first.

Anyway before I share a whole bunch of letters from you guys from the past week I want to give my heartfelt communication of where I have personally come to with all this comet business. I feel something is strange and deserves attention during these next months, and when I say strange I am speaking about a broad range of issues and areas. I do not know what Elenin is and I hope it is everything they say—which is 180 degrees opposite of what I have strongly suggested. My suggestions earned me one hate mail from an astronomer in the process.

Personally I don’t want to face end-of-the-world scenarios; it is more than enough to have to face that just on financial and economic levels as our present financial system crumbles and goes bankrupt.

I do feel this comet is a sign in the heavens being in total synchronicity with events happening on planet earth. Humanity has made a mess of things and Nature is not happy at all. We are already surviving on borrowed time, on mountains upon mountains of unpayable debt, and our food supply is not only being corrupted by mean people like Monsanto but also being reduced in terms of quantity and availability. And now in many places in the northern hemisphere Fukushima radiation will be contaminating food—a dangerous situation that will worsen over time as the reactors continue to leak and leak and leak.

It really is not a wonderful time to be here on earth though of course it’s really important to say it is a wonderful time and we have to live it this way. But in terms of people like me and my generation who have experienced the golden age of the last 60 years in terms of luxury and comfort, we know it’s not going to be so wonderful for our children and their children and future generations.

Reader Feedback

“Thanks for your emails. I have developed a love/hate for them! I’d love to see you send a positive, ‘feel good’ email once in awhile to counterbalance the negatives! I personally have no idea what to believe at this point. I admit you had and to an extent have me crawling,” wrote one of my readers.

Had me crawling also and I think it stinks that we have to be around for all this end-of-the-world-type messages and happenings. Perhaps the comet is the least of our concerns—would be nice to think this way. It is really rare these days to find anything positive or nice unless it’s the love we find in our own homes. It really is hard to bend back to the light or see the light side of things these days and I don’t think that is just me or a projection of my own ego.

Another reader said, “I must say that I have found aspects of your documents to be informative, however, it all leans towards a negative view, which is unfortunate as the peoples of this world are in dire need of positive input. When your email arrives in my mail box I feel darkened as opposed to enlightened.”

I received communications hinting that perhaps I have “lost the plot” and perhaps it would be better if I stuck with medical research rather than stray into possible world-ending scenarios and comets. “Otherwise his remarkable credibility and respect could be tarnished.”

There was one cruel letter, the kind I have not seen since the days many years ago when I used to participate in virtual groups. Astronomers have not given me credentials as a scientist in regards to celestial bodies but NASA did offer some abbreviated communications telling me to calm down and start believing in coincidences.

The good news is that the HARRP system has not zeroed in on my house or neighborhood and I have assurances from many that if the comet Elenin is not involved in provoking the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan not to worry because HARRP and those crazy Americans are at the root of it.

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I felt totally reassured by the media today, which came out forcefully in favor of small comets that will not rise, shine and dance through the heavens for us. And further reading their write-up today about the continued nuclear contamination made me want to buy tickets for Japan since there really is no danger. I have never trusted the press much but since the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster they have taken my distrust to the level of pure awe with regard to their magical powers and ability to make huge events and disasters disappear.

It is almost as if we have to start believing in the opposite of what they say for then we have the best chance at touching down on truth. As an instrument of control, the world media is astonishing.

This past week has been tough trying to investigate and publish my impressions of Elenin. Processing the possibilities with family was not easy either and we will all just have to see how the next few months play under our feet.

I got one letter saying to, “Take heart… you’re not the only one being ridiculed for exposing the truth. You are close to the truth… don’t let them bully or ridicule you from full disclosure. Keep going! Thank You for all you do, for the wealth of information you have selflessly given all these years. God Bless You!!” Well I will settle for being close to the truth—it’s not always that we are right, and sometimes in trying to be right while presenting the hard side of certain issues, we are in our heart wanting to be wrong.

Let us have truth though the heavens fall. – Dr. Herbert Shelton

One reader was nice enough to remind me “Thank you for all you have done to tell us the truth and you know the fate of truth tellers.” Another said, “Continue your cry so that the righteous may hear you and that you may help save many souls. You are a righteous man and your righteousness shines through in each and every post you send.”

“I would like to personally thank you for your realistic eye-opening account of global news. Your understanding of the world events has allowed me to prepare myself, my family and everyone else I can afford to help with the events that will unfold. It is important to be self-sufficient, lose the ego, and seek the truth without being afraid. Keep the truths coming.”

“Many thanks to Dr. Marcus on his wonderful research and helping people understand what is happening in a calm way.” Well this one is a bit over the top in that I was anything but calm this past week looking at end of the world scenarios.

“I like your sense of humor and yes if we are all going to die we may as well do it laughing and looking the enemy in the face so to speak, rather than pretending we are all ok and faking happiness and peace, however I also understand your wife’s nausea over doom and gloom, it’s really no way to enjoy life is it and isn’t that what we all came here to do? Enjoy life? And isn’t it peculiar that the more we learn the less it’s possible it seems to have the peace of mind to do so, yet then again ignorance isn’t bliss either! What a predicament we are in and sorry I don’t have the answer to this one. My view is follow what your passion is and enjoy what you can doing what you feel inspired to do, be it blow the whistle to draw attention to all that’s wrong or look the other way to all that is beautiful and blessed, maybe somehow we are meant to do both.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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