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Praying for Humanity

Published on November 21, 2010


Who is loving enough to pray for humanity? The question that arises is this: Is humanity worth praying for? It is obvious that we as a race need redemption but most humans are running around thinking everything is fine and not much of anything needs to change.

When one prays for humanity one has to pray for everyone, not just for the good people and that is a problem. Imagine praying for the Rothschilds!

“They sneak, like predators in the night. Scheming and weaving strange fabrics of the underworld that nightmares are made of. Resembling the hellhole of a Mumbai sweatshop, where the age of twelve would make you a senior supervisor. Never mind the battle of Waterloo, where they spun their lies, enabling them to parasite the modern economy, suck it dry, pump it up, suck it dry and pump it up, and those basics steps are still moving. The rotten child had its finest hour at Waterloo, bred and breathed into Rottenness Incarnate. Bringing nations down, young women selling themselves on the highways of Greece, parents abandoning their children on the doorsteps throughout the European continent. The Rothschilds. Owners of Israel, the EU, Reuters and I really can’t tell you what they don’t own. The ones that impose your downfall, they own. The one knocking at your door, they own. The conditions of your prison cell, they own. Whether you believe yourself to be in custody or not,” writes Soren Dreier.

One of Soren’s friends, Stuart Wilde, feels that:

Offering acceptance is a spiritual exercise, it allows you to open your heart and become more god-like. While you hold people into your anger, you trap yourself not them. Many deadly diseases come from untreated anger, and the root of many fatal accidents goes back to unprocessed anger. All that will matter is did you love humanity, did you adore them? How did you treat others? Were you honest and fair? What did you really feel about them, what did you do for them? This, and the sound of water, is all that is left behind at the very end of it all.

We know that the elite are not great lovers of humanity, not in a way that makes them care for the suffering of others. We know a lot of people do not love humanity and do not even love their wife or husband that much either. There are lots of bad apples but they are still part of humanity—what can we do about that?

Wilde says, “The shadow of the world is just about to be exposed, it’s already happening, if you offer forgiveness and acceptance to others you are offering it to your own shadow and when it comes out it will be less fierce. You think you are fighting with your nasty neighbor but in effect you are fighting with the nastiness inside you. In fact, the more you are on your high horse, the more squeaky clean you pretend to be, the more darkness you are hiding, that is always the case.”

There are many people around the world fighting hard to expose the shadow of man and not all of them are egomaniacs fighting windmills. I do agree with Wilde that it is important to love and forgive one’s neighbors. “Forgive everyone that comes into your life and accept them, make them ‘right’ no matter who they are, and what they have done. Forget their crimes, love them anyway,” he says.

I have recently been tested exactly on this point and have forgiven someone who tried to steal my land and Sanctuary project in the interior of Brazil and it really was as beautiful as they say. But how big do we have to grow to forgive the people who bring wreck and ruin to others in really big numbers?

The greatest stupidity of the Brazilian government and professional classes is that they bought, hook, line and sinker, one of the cruelest American ideas, an idea the Americans got from their Nazi friends and their prison camps—the poisoning of the public’s water supply with fluoride. (After the war, the U.S. brought in the best scientists from Germany who used fluoride in the drinking water to keep everyone kind of reduced.) All one has to do to track down the truly evil people in this story is to find who made the real money from the massive poisoning of the public’s water supply.

I believe, with good reason, that it was the Rothschilds who were very much involved with the rise of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries over 100 years ago. They were very much involved in creating a civilization and industry that was based on the mass poisoning of humanity while continuing to build their wealth and power in the process.

They did such a good job that, with the help of many people like the Rockefellers, entire professional classes have joined in on the fun of harming others by poisoning them. Doctors love to poison their patients; it’s expected of them after all. Pediatricians love to inject mercury into babies or at least they don’t complain about it. Certainly they love to stuff young throats with antibiotics no matter how much long-term harm they do.

The majority of dentists don’t complain about water fluoridation, allowing their profession to be used as an excuse for poisoning the entire population in certain countries. And most of them have not balked against mercury-containing dental amalgam even though they are poisoning themselves and their dental assistants as much as they poison their patients by putting legal toxic waste dumps into people’s mouths inches from their brains.

Do we really have to forgive all these people? I am afraid so, but that does not mean we cannot speak out forcefully against them and their stupidity and cruelty. That’s what it comes down to in loving everyone—loving the stupid cruel ones who enjoy ruining the lives of others.


Any of us can summon up our highest self at any moment we choose. The problem is that many people are so unconscious and improperly programmed (purposely hypnotized) that their highest self is not that high. That’s why it’s easier to pray to heaven because if we aim high maybe we will sense something within to match that beautiful place.

Personally I will try to pray for all of humanity, though it is so much easier to pray for the downtrodden ones, those who are suffering—the innocent. Praying for the souls of pedophiles and Satan worshipers (there are just too many who literally abandon themselves to their own evil) is much more difficult.

What’s Next

The point is to pray, and I think right now we are at a point in history that we need to pray harder and more often than ever before. I am wondering which is going to come next, a devastating financial collapse, the greatest volcanic explosion of modern times, an earthquake long feared finally arrived, or another storm for the history books. Did I forget to mention a pole shift or another huge explosion on the sun like the one that occurred last week, but one that breathes its fire right down here on earth, burning through all of our electronics. And I did not even mention the increasing prospects for WWIII to start.


A truly gigantic explosion happened on the sun on Nov. 16th, magnetic fields snaking halfway across the sun’s southern hemisphere erupted in tandem, producing a prominence so big, it doesn’t fit inside this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).


Whatever suffering these things will bring to the human race, that suffering already comes to uncountable people every day in the form of many types of abuses.

So family Rothschild, will I pray for you and all those souls you have helped to corrupt? I will try to pray for you and others of your ilk in hopes that someday you will finally see that humanity is an entity that includes each and every being. For sure you can understand how I might not waste too much time on this endeavor or have anything above zero degrees Kelvin in terms of expectation.

I imagine many people won’t buy this approach to the collective soul of humanity. I guess it might help to think about it another way. If one prays for humanity, one is praying for every person who has ever hurt someone else. How many people do you know who has never hurt anyone?

I will be mister goody two-shoes and pray for humanity, meaning everyone, but while I do that I will continue to kick in the teeth (with words of course) of anyone who poisons others, like doctors and dentists do so readily as standard operating procedure.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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