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Taking the Day Off

Published on November 1, 2010


Yes, even the most responsible of us have to take the day off once in a while. There are days when we just don’t want to work and in fact it would be better and healthier for us not to work. But then again there are those of us who will feel a bit guilty because there are always so many responsibilities to attend to. Fortunately and thankfully some of those necessary duties don’t even feel like work so we can do those things on our days off.

To live a responsible life is a difficult life but it is one of necessity, especially in this time of catastrophic changes that will set upon us from all sides. Actually it’s good to take some time off even during our workdays and there are so many things we can do with such time. Taking time to pray and meditate is perhaps off time best spent but taking care of one’s children and babies and being with one’s wife offer ecstasies of being. And look at me; here I am on my day off writing about my day off. How is that for capitalizing most effectively on my time?

One of my favorite things to do with my extra time is to play music and now finally I am beginning to train my voice so don’t be surprised if some day I both sing and play for my readers. Actually as you have already discovered, I have difficulty taking a day completely off but then again I steal time everyday for myself. I live a good life and since no one is taking shots at me I cannot complain.


Did you know that? And why is that important? (See image and answer below.) Tomorrow I will be publishing a chapter of the finally finished second edition of my Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book called “Medical Miracles from the Sea.” My readers know that I am all for using our gifts from both land and sea as medicines for healing. From the land I use clay, both the edible type and the kind one would use for external use. From the sea I have been promoting, of course, magnesium chloride, iodine, and sodium bicarbonate, which are the most powerful and safe medicines that exist in emergency departments and intensive care wards.

When I was recently in the interior of Brazil restarting my Sanctuary project I became a medical missionary giving out these three substances, and that was fulfilling. Somehow I have to live up to the image some people have of me as being a humanitarian. I brought a lot of Nascent Iodine with me, graciously donated by the LL Magnetic Clay Company, and I would swoop into the local pharmacies and buy out their stocks of magnesium chloride (the pharmaceutically-created crystals that are nothing like the pure stuff from Ancient Minerals but it was the best I could get. Normally available sources of this kind of magnesium chloride contain .05 percent heavy metals. When it’s the only thing available it still acts wonderfully for people.) And I would pick up small packages of sodium bicarbonate, and believe me there were plenty of country folk who appreciated it.

Most of you would not believe me if I told you that when I was young I was one of the most self-obsessed people on the planet, and self-pity went right along with it. I did not know how, in those days, to think upon others’ needs and learn what I could do to be of service. My mentor Christopher Hills used to say that the easiest way to get enlightened is to get into the worlds of others and attend to others’ needs because then you do not have the time and space for your own self-obsessions. This is basic to listening as well and demonstrates the difference between a loving, caring person who listens to others and someone who just cannot keep his mouth shut.


In my upcoming book The Waters of Life I will be exploring the use of seawater as a healing medicinal. Different from concentrated nutritional medicine that is at the heart of Natural Allopathic Medicine, it gets into areas of healing that few things do. (More about Quinton Plasma in tomorrow’s newsletter.) But looking at the evolutionary chart we see the influence of primordial isotonic seawater on the development of human physiology. It’s like mother’s milk for 3.5 billion years. This fact has escaped most of the health and medical community since Hippocrates.

Okay so that’s 750 words already on my day off. I think I should go back to my music. But before I do here is a link to a PDF I made a few years ago on transdermal magnesium therapy. And don’t forget that there is a big sale on magnesium flakes [1] and a new Ancient Minerals site to visit. These people have done much to help me bring my work to the world and now to the native peoples of the Brazilian interior. I am sure people have noticed my loyalty and I have developed relationships with many people around the world, most of them whom I have not met face to face. Most of my life these past years has been virtual but at Sanctuary I get to live in the flesh.

Speaking about loyalty and devotion, which are the two ends of the same oar, my entire project at Sanctuary has been dependent on a simple man named Macondes. He is my builder but now he is also a partner in the project, for without him I simply could not have continued on. He has eight brothers and sisters in the area and I kid with people that he has a cousin behind every tree. I always remember three years ago leaving him with my blank check book as I had to be elsewhere (with wife and kids) for three months.

A great part of my Sanctuary project is bound with the local peoples and their support has been crucial. I fully intend to demonstrate another way of being in the world that transcends social and economic levels. Those of us who have more need a new way of relating to those who are far less fortunate in a material sense if we are ever to see a better world. Seems like the elite have been more like sucking vampires rather than giving, and that’s mostly how we got into the mess we are currently experiencing.

Okay that’s 1200 words—not much of a day off I’m afraid.

Personal Testimony:

Dr. Sircus,

Just wanted to take a minute to send a note of gratitude for your deep and unwavering commitment to truth and your courage to proclaim it.   I soooo appreciate your gift of writing and your love for humanity.  Thank you, for your arduous effort on our behalf.  God bless you and yours,
Karen Rogers

I have again been able to talk the folks at LL’s Magnetic Clay Company into another promotion on the magnesium flakes for my IMVA readership. For two weeks they will give 40 percent off of their normal retail price for 32 pounds of bath flakes. That translates to 90 dollars for Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes which come from deep underground deposits that are the purest you can find. The special 40% off pricing on the 32-pound size of bath flakes is available via the discount code “imvabaths.”

  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes – 32 lbs $90.00

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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