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Toxicity – It’s Much Worse Than We Think

Published on December 19, 2023

Even short-term exposure, just five days of exposure to air pollution, may raise the risk of stroke. In a study, Dr. Ahmad Tubasi and his team looked at data from 110 observational studies from Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The studies looked at the incidence of stroke and the concentrations of common pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide, present in the air within five days of people having a stroke. Researchers found that stroke risk was nearly 30% higher when people had been exposed to nitrogen dioxide up to five days prior.

The prolonged effects of low grade concentrations
of toxic substances depend on individual susceptibility.
Professor I.M. Trakhtenberg

Medical science agrees that pollution is already mowing down millions of people. Toxic exposures are cumulative, and in the face of endemic nutritional deficiencies, we have a terrible problem. Not only are these colliding calamities on humanity’s doorstep, they have already kicked in the door. And no surprise, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the government ignore toxicity and nutritional deficiencies, meaning the last place you will find help is in your doctor’s office.

Texas found startling amounts of a cancer-causing chemical in the air outside Houston. Nobody told the residents. For nearly 20 years, Texas environmental regulators have kept a disturbing secret. People living in a small, unincorporated community east of Houston are routinely breathing dangerous levels of benzene, a chemical linked to leukemia and other blood cancers. Emerging research also connects it to diabetes and reproductive problems. When the federal government tried in 1978 to enhance safeguards for workers exposed to benzene, the American Petroleum Institute fought the effort all the way to the Supreme Court, delaying new regulations for almost ten years.

This highlights the entire story of pollution, which now saturates the air, water, and food from thousands of sources. There is money in poison, so we have plenty of it.

Every Sign Suggests the Problems Are Getting Dramatically Worse

Unbelievable as it seems Canadian smoke recently impacted the weather in Central Florida. It resulted from massive wildfires that have burned 42 million acres in eastern Canada. The smoke has been affecting air quality in vast swaths of the U.S. Residents in parts of South and Middle Georgia also woke up to hazy skies. Air quality monitors near Macon and Albany registered pollution levels the EPA categorizes as “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

The fires are emitting a similar type of pollutants as cars and factories do. They’re emitting hydrocarbons, they’re emitting nitrogen oxides, and as these pollutants move downwind and interact in the urban area, then we get high levels of both particulate matter, the stuff we see, as well as ozone, which is the stuff that damages the lungs. Ozone levels will continue to be elevated in parts of the Midwest and East for as long as the fires burn.

The American government does what it does best and lies, by omission, the total degree of danger to people. We saw it recently in the Ohio train disaster. And we see it every day when they cry about climate change, pretending that CO2 is what is threatening when it is a long list of chemicals and heavy metal contaminants.

I published The DeadlyAir We Breath two months ago, which is full of extraordinarily lousy news. In that essay, I posted for the 15th time the warning words of Dr. Boyd Haley, “It is the inability to see the effects of chronic, low-level toxicities on human health that has been, and remains, our greatest failing as intelligent beings.” In that essay, I reported on what the government will never concede. The fires are kicking up mercury and radiation, the most dangerous substances for human health.

Two types of animal antibiotics and an animal contraceptive
have been detected in food samples from America’s top 10
most popular fast-food chains, according to a laboratory report.

The poisons surrounding us today cannot be considered low-level any longer. The genetic poisons of COVID-19 vaccines are only the newest entrance to the poison list. Though they might be killing off millions, they are being administered to highly compromised populations suffering from toxic exposure. Virologists want us to worry about viruses, but they say nothing about the toxicity of their vaccines or why viruses are a problem in the first place. Toxins cause cancer!

The government and our modern institutions are not stupid, but they evilly betray the human race about the nature of living on an increasingly poisoned planet. CO2-induced global warming will not kill the human race, but the increasingly intensive poison of chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation might end things for our grandchildren’s children.

The weight of evidence based on the findings of wildlife biologists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists indicates that the world’s populations are exposed to many chemical contaminants and heavy metals. Even radiation exposures are headed upward with the medical establishment’s constant use of radiation in diagnostic tests, its use in cancer treatment because of Fukushima, and the insane use of depleted uranium on distant battlefields.

CT scans deliver far more radiation than believed and may contribute to 29,000 new cancers yearly and 14,500 deaths. A patient could get as much radiation from one CT scan as 74 mammograms or 442 chest X-rays.

Chronic disease is the number one killer in the United States, accounting for about four out of five deaths in America each year, yet most doctors do not know what is causing this. The medical establishment has been unable to solve or cure any chronic diseases facing humanity simply because they don’t want to know anything about the causes. After all, that would mean they would have to turn to natural treatments because most pharmaceuticals are mitochondria poisons.

Human destiny is on a collision course with contemporary medicine, dentistry, and the pharmaceutical companies that have been poisoning humanity and making a lot of money.

Bicarbonate Comes to the Rescue

Medical Miracles's with Carbon Dioxide & Bicarbonates book image

It is worth repeating many times that sodium bicarbonate is the first and best medicine to reach for when facing acute or chronic toxicity. It is powerful enough to clear the kidneys of uranium toxicity and mitigate the toxicity of chemotherapy while allowing, at the same time, for chemo to dig deep into the nastiest tumors. One can bet one’s life that it will help, even radiation exposure.

Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide and Bicarbonates provide vital information on survival in a highly toxic world. There is nothing like a blast of alkalinity to help with detoxification.

The Chinese and Indian Governments are
Not Stupid Like the Americans and Europeans

In total, 1,039 new coal-fired power plants are currently in the works either ‘under construction,’ ‘permitted,’ or ‘announced.’ The vast majority are located in Asia, namely China, with almost all in the developing world. According to data courtesy of, this is the global picture. Zooming in on India and China, the scale of development is immense.

Zero Carbon is a sick joke being played in the Western world. No matter what the West does or thinks of carbon dioxide, India and China are not paying attention and will add an incredible amount of pollution to the world. What they do will erase the progress the U.S. and Europe have made in recent years in preventing deaths through massive air pollution.

Cheap and reliable energy is the backbone of Western prosperity. Those in the first world can kiss their prosperity goodbye. India and China want more prosperity and are willing to invest in the energy-producing capacity. Talking about investing, the Chinese recently built an incredible railway that is almost 2,000 kilometers long to transport 200 million tons of coal a year.

Human destiny is on a collision course with mercury, not carbon dioxide.

The real problem with coal is the highly toxic mercury and many other chemicals that pore out of the stacks. Why hide the ugly truth that coal pollutes the world with mercury, a neurotoxic heavy metal? Mercury travels great distances in the atmosphere before it is deposited back to the earth in rainfall or dry gaseous forms. Thus, mercury is a global problem without national or continental boundaries.

Mercury is a volatile, heavy metal that can be repeatedly re-emitted into the atmosphere from land and water surfaces after its initial release into the environment. Mercury pollution is similar to radioactive substances after an atomic war. It penetrates through everything. The FDA itself once said, “Mercury is everywhere!”

In the case of diabetes, mercury is especially telling, for it affects
the beta cells, the insulin itself, and the insulin receptor sites,
setting off a myriad of complex disturbances in glucose metabolism.

In the next ten years, we will pollute the world with approximately another sixty to ninety thousand tons of mercury after adding over 600 thousand tons during the past century. That was an estimate from 10 years ago, but coal emissions have only increased because of a vast increase in coal-fired plants built in China and India, and in other countries want an energy-positive future.

One estimate of the total annual global mercury input to the
atmosphere from all sources, including natural, anthropogenic,
and oceanic emissions in 1995 was 5,500 tons.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Even regions with no significant mercury releases, such as the Arctic, are adversely affected due to the transcontinental and global transport of mercury,” reports the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). States that are reporting the highest levels of mercury emissions also have the highest rates of developmental disorders including autism,” said Dr. John Palmer.

Dr. Palmer from the University of Texas and a Harvard Research team published early in the 21st century that the mercury in the air was directly affecting our children, playing its part in the devastating epidemic of neurological disorders, including autism. It is not just the fish, the vaccines, or the dental amalgam that are saturating our bodies with mercury.

A two-year study of mercury accumulation in Steubenville, Ohio, by federal EPA researcher Matt Landis and the University of Michigan disputes the basic EPA policy on mercury, showing emissions to be much more concentrated in local areas around power plants than before. The EPA contends only about 8% of the mercury from coal-burning plants, incinerators, and boilers settles to the ground locally. The Steubenville study claims nearly 70% of the mercury found in the Steubenville area came from local sources.

In 2002, 43 states had issued mercury warnings for fish covering 12 million acres of lakes and 400,000 miles of rivers in the United States. Recently, researchers from the Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative have, for the first time, documented elevated mercury levels in non-aquatic and non-fish-eating animals, including songbirds that live in mountaintop forests of the northeastern part of the United States.

“Mercury’s reach in our environment is much greater than we ever imagined,” said Felice Stadler of the National Wildlife Federation. The most troubling discovery to researchers was the mercury found in the blood of songbirds. The songbird data show that methylmercury is also forming in drier, forested areas, raising new questions about the extent of environmental damage. The birds exhibited the following problems from non-aquatic ecological exposure to mercury:

Fewer eggs produced, lower reproductive success, offspring less responsive to maternal calls, reduced chick survival, decreased egg volume, compromised embryonic development, less likely to hunt, seek shade, less time flying, walking, or pecking—exaggerated response to fright stimulus. Brain lesions, spinal cord degeneration, central nervous system dysfunction, tremors, difficulty flying, walking and standing, inability to coordinate muscle movement, reduced feeding, weight loss, and progressive weakness in wings and legs have also been observed.

Mercury is a nerve poison, which, even at the lowest concentrations, causes health problems. If one gram of mercury can pollute a 20-acre lake or kill a child, imagine what 8 to 10 billion grams of it would do.

Human destiny is also on a collision course with pesticides. Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are showing up in everyone’s blood, affecting people’s and children’s brains. Children whose mothers were exposed to certain pesticides while pregnant were more likely to have attention problems as they grew up.


The public today is blanketed with poisons everywhere they turn. The poisons are hidden in just about everything that surrounds us. We drink, eat, and breathe poison. It was medical psychopaths who thought that whenever someone gave birth to a new life, they would be there to inject poisons into the blood of the babies and convince the parents it was for their good. It certainly was not saints who thought of putting highly toxic mercury in childhood vaccines and calling it safe. It was the Eli Lilly Company.

Many people, doctors, dentists, nurses, medical scientists, industrialists, government officials, and even farmers take it as a given their right to expose us to poison. Not enough to kill us outright, but it is like being cut with many small knives, cutting our cellular environments to pieces. Just look at the water fluoridation program to see where the government is.

A Harvard thesis has shown a connection between water
fluoridation and a 700% increase in osteosarcoma in young men
if they are exposed to fluoridated water during their 6th to 8th years.
Dr. Paul Connett

A Partial list of common sub-clinical symptoms of toxicity: fatigue, lethargy, depression, headaches, allergies, chronic infection, frequent colds, nervousness, sudden anger, sensitivity to perfume/odors, memory loss, and joint pains. Because so many of these symptoms could stem from other causes, toxicity is often not readily suspected. With continued exposure, neurotoxins may trigger the expression of a disease for which one has a genetic predisposition. In general, toxins are thought to pose the most dangerous risk for our children.

Edible Clay

For many of us, it is hard to imagine eating clay, and few people employ it topically. But the power of its exquisite purity is indispensable in the age of toxicity for there is nothing that has a stronger pulling power on the impurities in the body than clay does. Look for my essay next week on edible clay and how it makes up the basement of any detoxification and chelation protocol.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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