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Treatments to Prevent Death and Disease that Health Officials Are Warning About

Published on December 4, 2023

Health officials are not wrong, though they are misleading as they always are. They often project too far into the future when we are already upon a tidal wave of death and disease. The current scare is about pneumonia among children. Yet, we should be scared witless as countries around the world are seeing an explosion of sudden deaths among children and babies who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. The same has been true of athletes. Insurance companies have been reporting increases in premature and sudden deaths for two years across all age groups.

Sudden deaths among children across Europe surged when the European Medicines Agency (EMA) extended the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) of the COVID-19 vaccine to children. From this point onwards, sudden deaths among children across Europe rose significantly up to the end of 2021 and have continued to skyrocket to alarming levels throughout 2022 and 2023.

In this essay, I intend to focus on the current escalating pneumonia crisis among children and rational treatments that doctors do not know anything about. But before I do, there is a context, a background that sustains the expectation that we are moving into an age of increasing disease and death, which doctors will make worse.

A new report (reports can say anything they want) by a major medical journal says that the Earth’s rising temperatures may lead to a 370% increase in yearly heat-related deaths. This is just an example of how ridiculous the mainstream medical narrative can be, for all evidence leads to the conclusion that the world is cooling, not heating. Yet through their lying teeth, they go as far as to say that increasing temperatures are “threatening the very foundation of health.” I kid you not. It just so happens that more people, especially the young and old, die from cold, many more than from heat.

And I kid you not when I tell you Dr. Joseph Mercola published about the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum, yes, the evil WEF, calling on the Swiss authorities to arrest the leaders of the WEF. The WHO and GAVI, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, are where the nasty guys are.

But there is no shortage of reasons to sustain the assertion by health officials that much more death and disease are in humanity’s future. It is public knowledge that we are at the end of the age of antibiotics, so everyone knows that antibiotic-resistant infections will increasingly decimate the public and possibly make hospitals too dangerous to enter. “In many ways, this is it,” said Professor Tim Walsh. “This is potentially the end. There are no new antibiotics in the pipeline.” “Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?” runs the headline in the British Guardian.

Dr. Ryan Cole mentioned that he has traveled the world and has talked to doctors of all specialties, including oncologists, pathologists, family doctors, internists, OBGYNs, etc. And what they tell Dr. Cole is, “I’m seeing cancers in my practice in age groups I’ve never seen before. And it happened after the rollout of the shots.”

Kids are not sleeping well, and parents are giving them melatonin, and that is taking some of them to the hospital and morgue. Plastics are probably affecting major organs in babies and young children, and it is coming to light that almost everyone who has been genetically injected has long-term heart problems, even if they display no symptoms.

National Geographic confirms the evidence showing that many of today’s whole foods aren’t as packed with vitamins and nutrients as they were 70 years ago, potentially risking people’s health. The human race is being crippled not only by empty whole foods but tons of junk foods.

All of medical science agrees that pollution, which is increasing every year, is already mowing down millions of people year after year. Toxic exposures are cumulative, and in the face of endemic nutritional deficiencies, broad human populations are vulnerable. It’s a terrible situation made much worse because mainstream doctors ignore the toxicity of their patients and senselessly ignore nutritional deficiencies. So doctors can only be counted on to darken the picture by adding to the toxic burdens of their patients with harmful pharmaceuticals and dangerous tests like CAT and PET scans.

Nutrient decline “is going to leave our bodies with fewer of the components they need to mount defenses against chronic diseases—it’s going to undercut the value of food as preventive medicine,” says David R. Montgomery, a professor of geomorphology at the University of Washington in Seattle and co-author with Anne Biklé of What Your Food Ate.

Radiologists might as well send their patients to Fukushima and have them stand in front of the reactors without protection. More than half a million U.S. children yearly have bad reactions or side effects from widely used medicines that require medical treatment and sometimes hospitalization. Children are most vulnerable to increased radiation exposure, and when Fukushima blew up, exposure was very high.

Mysterious Pneumonia

The headlines read, Child Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe — As Fears Rise Over Outbreak in China. And now, country after country is reporting a mysterious surge of illnesses in children. It is mysterious because doctors and health officials do not know what they are talking about. They are ignorant about the fundamental causes of disease (mentioned above) and also refuse to factor in the devastating effects of injecting children with genetic vaccines.

In Warren County, just 30 miles outside Cincinnati, there have been 142 pediatric cases of the condition — dubbed ‘white lung syndrome’ — since August, a figure health officials there described as ‘extremely high. ‘This scare includes warnings that ‘COVID will likely reach levels in December not yet seen this year, combining with surges of flu, RSV and God only knows what other pathogens.’

The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL), a research institute in Utrecht, around 25 miles south of Amsterdam, reports that 80 of every 100,000 children between ages 5 and 14 had pneumonia last week. Of course, you would assume correctly that health officials ignore the sudden onset of winter and how the shocking cold would affect children and older people.

Mysterious pneumonia, they are calling it. Chinese officials told the World Health Organization that no new pathogens were detected in the outbreak. Instead, the illnesses are thought to be caused by known seasonal viruses such as the flu and RSV, along with the bacteria Mycoplasma pneumonia. So, it is not so mysterious, but alarm bells must be rung worldwide. It is time to scare the public, so the first reports emerging are that children’s hospitals in Beijing and the province of Liaoning were overrun by children coming in with pneumonia.

Doctors and health officials are drooling, though, counting how many extra vaccines they can administer to drive more nails into children’s health status. Each day, they add fire to the scare: “Forget the ‘tripledemic.’ The U.S. is headed for a ‘syndemic’ this winter—and experts warn we’re not prepared.” The quality of this information is not even worth linking to.

Denmark is also currently being hit by a surge in the same type of pneumonia. Danish health chiefs say mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacterial infection for which many antibiotics are useless, has reached ‘epidemic’ levels and is characterized by a dangerous inflammation of the lungs, mainly in children. Cases are popping up in America as well.

It will be a long, hard winter, and the cold is a factor. Decreased sun exposure and low vitamin D levels are other factors. Will health officials direct any attention to these factors? How about the weakening of their immune systems from vaccinations? Hardly.

In November of 2009, we read, “We’re seeing an increase in serious pneumococcal infectious around the country,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, who heads the U.S. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the same time, seasonal flu cases are at record levels because of the new A/H1N1 virus. The number of cases exceeds the typical number of regular flu cases at this time of year—common flu usually peaks between December and May.

So is this anything new—no. But are children sicker and more run down physically, mentally, and emotionally after abusive COVID lockdowns, increased environmental toxicity, and even deeper nutritional deficiencies—yes. And never forget those genetic vaccines!

Pneumonitis means inflammation of your lung tissue. Pneumonia is a type of pneumonitis. Pneumonitis is caused by irritation of the alveoli (air sacs) in your lungs. The resulting inflammation hampers a healthy oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Though many chemical insults can cause pneumonitis, the specific substance causing the inflammation is usually never determined by doctors.

The lungs are susceptible to many airborne poisons and irritants. There are hundreds of substances that can harm the lungs. Don’t tell your pediatrician that vaccines cannot provide us any immunity to diseases that are caused by chemical poisons and nutritional deficiencies. According to the Pentagon, 71 percent of our young adults are ineligible to serve in the U.S. military because they are either too dumb, too fat, or have a criminal background. Modern civilization is in decline as we kill the human race with terrible diets.

Of course, so much depends on the immune system. A person’s immune system will overcome most infections if they are robust. So, it is necessary to improve the human immune system. Those with a strong immune system will survive. Those with weaker immune systems will succumb and often die no matter what people do. Unhappy children are not known to have robust immune systems.

This is shaping up to be a bad winter for many children. There’s no question about it. It will also be a bad year because doctors ignore treatments that make sense. The bottom line is that the mainstream narrative can be trusted for nothing.

Safe, Natural, Potent Treatments

Dr. Paul Marik, one of the finest ICU doctors in the world, made headlines with a sepsis treatment saving lives. However, he says he must “lie low” about the controversial treatment. Dr. Marik said the response by patients’ physicians has been about half and half, with some willing to try and “the other half saying it’s complete and utter nonsense.” He is administering a common sense basic medicine approach that puts out cysteine storms with IV infusions of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine.

Science Daily reports, “With infectious diseases, it is often not the pathogen itself, but rather an excessive inflammatory immune response (sepsis) that contributes to the patient’s death, for instance, as a result of organ damage. In intensive care units, sepsis is the second-most common cause of death worldwide. In patients with a severely compromised immune system, life-threatening candida fungal infections represent a high risk of sepsis.”

If you or one of your children are in the hospital and sepsis is knocking on your door, take a baseball bat and threaten your doctors if they will not listen to your request for Dr. Marik’s protocol. Better yet, call your lawyer and have them threaten the doctors who must be forced to give rational treatments.


Iodine is the broad-spectrum anti-pathogen I recommend in high-dosages given frequently. It’s been around in medical circles for almost two centuries. “Extremely high doses of iodine can have serious side effects, but only a small fraction of such extreme doses are necessary to kill influenza viruses,” writes Dr. David Derry of Canada.

In 1945, a breakthrough occurred when J. D. Stone and Sir McFarland Burnet (who later won a Nobel Prize for his Clonal Selection Theory) exposed mice to the lethal effects of influenza viral mists. The deadly disease was prevented by putting iodine solution on mice snouts before placing them in chambers containing influenza viruses. Dr. Derry reminds us that a long time ago, students in classrooms were protected from influenza by iodine aerosol therapy.

Nutrient deficiency is the main reason for a cytokine storm in response to a virus like H1N1 and heavy metals and other chemicals flooding the cells in one giant and often deadly detox dump. The first thing I would recommend is high doses of magnesium chloride, for it is a better anti-inflammatory than any pharmaceutical, and the chloride form is also known to have natural antibiotic properties.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Sodium bicarbonate will buffer just about anything, calming and protecting the body by balancing pH and raising O2 levels. Iodine dosed properly (every two hours) will annihilate the viral hordes, which it does every day in hospitals worldwide.

“In 1918 and 1919, while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service, it was brought to my attention that rarely anyone who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘cold,’ influenza and ‘la gripe’ by first giving generous doses of bicarbonate of soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated,” wrote Dr. Volney S. Cheney to the Arm & Hammer Company.


Selenium is essential because selenium-deficient mice developed much more severe lung pathology after infection with the influenza virus than selenium-adequate mice. In another study, when selenium-deficient mice were infected with a mild strain of influenza virus, the virus mutated to become a more virulent strain, one that caused severe lung pathology even in selenium-adequate mice.[i]

Vitamin D

One of the most significant triggers of influenza and deaths from pulmonary deficiency is vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D reduces the risk of dying from all causes, including the flu. Researchers from Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York, found that giving vitamin D supplements to a group of volunteers reduced episodes of infection with colds and flu by 70% over three years. The researchers said the vitamin stimulated “innate immunity” to viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin C

Intravenous vitamin C is a beautiful treatment when people are on the edge between life and death, and it can bring people back from the brink. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contributes a wide range of benefits. It performs many critical bodily functions involving detoxification, tissue building, immune enhancement, pain control, and controlling or killing pathogenic organisms. It is also known to be helpful for wound and bone healing, healthy skin and eyes, fighting infections, stress control, toxic exposure, and repairing damaged tissue of all types.

Nebulization and Hydrogen Inhalation

Sometimes, very sick people or even animals with a lung ailment do better when taking drugs by nebulization as opposed to orally because then the embattled system doesn’t need to go through breaking down the medications in the stomach and then delivering them to the lungs through the bloodstream. With nebulization, medicines get sprayed directly onto the lung tissues. This way, lung and brachial cells can most easily absorb them topically.

Molecular hydrogen therapy can significantly reduce the release of inflammatory factors and oxidative stress injury, thereby reducing the damage to various organ functions common with sepsis. We also know that Hydrogen inhalation protects against acute lung injury induced by hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation. And that Hydrogen/oxygen therapy helps treat an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And we even see hydrogen gas used in lung cancer patients.

Molecular hydrogen (H2) protects against oxidative stress, inflammation, and allergic reactions. H2 reduces the strong reactive nitrogen species peroxynitrite (ONOO-) and hydroxyl radicals (OH).


Many years ago, I came across Dr. Raul Vergini and his work in Italy using magnesium chloride to fight infectious diseases. He wrote me and reminded me that magnesium chloride is as essential and influential in fighting contagious disease as is iodine and sodium bicarbonate. He wrote, “Magnesium chloride has a unique healing power on acute viral and bacterial diseases. It cured polio and diphtheria, which was the main subject of my magnesium book. A few grams of magnesium chloride every few hours will clear nearly all acute illnesses, which can be beaten in a few hours. I have seen many flu cases healed in 24-48 hours with 3 grams of magnesium chloride taken every 6-8 hours.”

Dr. Vergini also wrote, “In 1915, a French surgeon, Prof. Pierre Delbet, M.D., was looking for a solution to cleanse wounds because he had discovered that the traditional antiseptic solutions mortified tissues and facilitated the infection instead of preventing it. He tested several mineral solutions and discovered that a magnesium chloride solution was harmless for tissues and greatly affected leucocytic activity and phagocytosis, so it was perfect for external wound treatment. Dr. Delbet performed many in vitro and in vivo experiments with this solution, and he became aware that it was good not only for external applications but also a powerful immuno-stimulant if taken by injection or mouth. He called this effect ‘cytophilaxis’. In some in vivo experiments, it increased phagocytosis rate up to 300%.”

He continues, “From a practical standpoint, please remember that only Magnesium CHLORIDE—and no other magnesium salt—has this ‘cytophylactic’ activity; probably, it’s a molecular and not a merely ionic matter. The solution to be used is a 2.5% Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2-6H2O) solution (i.e., 25 grams/1 liter of water).”

Dosages are as follows:

  • Adults and children over five years old……………….. 125 cc
  • 4-year-old children………………………………………… 100 cc
  • 3-year-old children…………………………………………. 80 cc
  • 1-2-year-old children………………………………………. 60 cc
  • Over 6-month-old children………………………………. 30 cc
  • Under 6-month-old children…………………………….. 15 cc

In acute diseases, the dose is administered every 6 hours (every 3 hours for the first two doses if the case is severe), then space every 8 hours, and then 12 hours as improvement continues. After recovery, it’s better to go on with a dose every 12 hours for some days.

Chlorine Dioxide

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm that malaria is increasing as a threat across the world. Yet, they would let millions die before telling anyone that chlorine dioxide is a cure for malaria.

Cannabinoid Medicine

More effective than vitamins C and E, potent antioxidants such as cannabidiol (CBD) will neutralize free radicals without the accompanying high with regular marijuana used for recreational and other medical purposes. All forms of marijuana have anti-oxidative, neuroprotective, immunomodulation, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory actions.

Beyond these core physiological protective mechanisms, something as simple as smoking marijuana is ideal for the pain and discomfort of influenza. With or without the “high,” cannabinoid medicine offers safe pain relief even as it heals and protects. It should be used in hospitals and the home for routine treatment against the worst flu ravages.

Dr. Ester Fride strongly recommends cannabinoids in pediatric medicine. She notes that “excellent clinical results” have been reported in pediatric oncology and in case studies of children with severe neurological diseases or brain trauma and suggests that cannabis-derived medicines could also play a role in the treatment of other childhood syndromes, including the pain and gastrointestinal inflammation associated with cystic fibrosis.

[i] Nelson HK, et al. Host nutritional selenium status as a driving force for influenza virus mutations. FASEB J 2001;15:1846-1848.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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