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Dear IMVA/Sanctuary,

Published on May 26, 2011


This letter directed mostly to readers who have been following my work in the Sanctuary project. I am living at Sanctuary for over a week now and got my Internet connection working though it takes me back to the days of crawling modems. I think it was better actually without the Internet because I had some protection from the news.

I do prefer my solitary space of retreat from the world and publishing my heart materials. You have seen what happens to me when I have to face life as it’s happening all around us. It seems there is something big happening every day. Big volcanoes, big tornadoes and big nuclear news that they are keeping as quiet as they possibly can. Scientists say that the Grímsvötn is without doubt the most powerful eruption since Hekla erupted in 1947. During the first 24 hours, it produced more ash and rocks than Eyjafjallajökull did in 40 days. Mother Earth is obviously not happy!

In the coastal city where we live one would never suspect that anything was wrong or difficult in the world. And here in the forest listening to the rivers, even less, much less. Sitting around a fire at night is delicious though I am mostly doing that sitting alone right now.

What I really want to communicate about is Sanctuary and I am making an appeal to my readers for donations. And I am asking for my readers to write some reviews of our books on our sites, Lulu, where we are just beginning to place our books, on Amazon, twitter and Facebook. These kinds of things can really help to promote our work and help us achieve our goals.

Few have realized yet that as the northern hemisphere continues to accumulate radioactive particles in increasing concentrations it will not be so attractive to go to healing and retreat centers in the north. For those who will still have resources in the future to move around the planet, I have created an oasis.

But not I or anyone can promise complete protection from the contamination heading our way that will just build in concentration month by month and year by year. When you think that reactor building pool holds 3,450 fuel rod assemblies and the common pool on the ground in the plant holds 6,291 fuel rod assemblies, with all of them having some plutonium in them, we have more than enough reasons to be concerned. Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. In short, the Fukushima Daiichi plant contains over 600,000 spent fuel rods – a massive amount of radiation that is day by day being released into the atmosphere and the water.

In Sanctuary we are about as far away from this contamination as you can get. Not only do we have pure untreated mountain stream water and very clean air but we are in a deep valley that is somewhat radio protective. I have been frustrated in finding a partner and now find myself in a deep financial hole so I need help! Donations will be gladly accepted but please know I am willing to give in return.

I can offer consultations, online therapy, books and deposits on a long retreat here. I will not be keeping this post up for long, meaning this is not a general offering to people in the future who come to our sites and sign up for our newsletters. It is for you my loyal readers.

When I say books one could make a donation and receive multiple copies to give out to others. The point is I am not asking in just a one-way attempt to receive without giving. I need help though in bringing this project to a level where we can open it to the public. Here will be my bastion of light and love where I will continue to broadcast to the world my heart, my research, and my capacity to put things into a comprehensive synthesis so we can understand what is happening around us.

We all hope for a long and healthy life and I have done my best to find ways of helping with that. Events around us though are conspiring against our physical bodies as contamination from nuclear particles, heavy metals and thousands of chemicals build and combine into creating an increasingly lethal soup.

There are ways of combating all of that and in the next few weeks will be sharing much more about that as I am now running to finish the Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome book. I will do my best to have that out in about three weeks. It is one of my long books, probably about 6 to 7 hundred pages because it includes my work on heavy metal and chemical toxicity as well. Sorry for my earlier premature announcement about this. And everyone please remember to take at least their iodine in increasing amounts.

It is still hard to believe that the medical establishment has not warned people about their deep iodine deficiencies and how vulnerable that leaves them to absorb the radioactive iodine that keeps being thrown out into the environment from Fukushima. The public is in a trap long created by corrupt governments and industry and they should be made accountable for that!

Please feel free to contact me personally at

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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