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Group Consciousness

Published on January 19, 2011

As we step up the evolutionary ladder we move up from physical consciousness, with awareness locked into the skin, to social awareness. Social awareness is a wider awareness and ranges far past the level of immediate body consciousness. In animals and in man, the drive to relate to the environment, and especially to others of our own species, in some form of cooperation, is this second perceptual level (second chakra) beginning to function. On this level we experience the cosmic plan that is always trying to gather parts together to make wholes. Just like the cosmic intelligence established laws to govern the physical universe, we find higher laws that direct the movement of living forms of being. It is natures plan that leads us away from our reptilian type consciousness that gets high baking in the sun and drives us outward to concern with our environment and our fellow creatures. So here we find a love that transcends that love for others bodily parts; we find a love for family and friends. In animals we call this the herd instinct. In the early stages of evolution we gathered together for survival so this level fits in very well with Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. On this level of perception we find that survival is made much easier when we band together in groups. So the logic on this level is “united we stand, divided we fall.”

The heart works with love, the head with separation.
In the Oneness we make no separations
between the being of One and the being of another.

The Marriage of Souls is about the creation of small group consciousness. It is not just about love, intimacy, and openness. The discovery of our truest inner beings is dependent on our reaching out to the cutting edge of evolution where the cosmic heart has already spelled out the program. We will find the love of our dreams when we open to the cosmic lover who has programmed our genes with the urge to return to the Oneness that is the Oneness of Being. The heart of human existence is being thrust toward a million year leap in human consciousness, toward a new reorganization of human awareness. The Marriage of Souls is the doorway in which we may lovingly approach the difficult work of group consciousness.

Group consciousness, as opposed to individual consciousness is:
a group of highly individualized beings working and loving together
from beyond the separate space of the ego centered personality.
Christopher Hills

The intelligence of each being combines with every other to create a higher intelligence and super being presence. Just like the cells in our brains and bodies combine and surrender their individualities to form the group consciousness of one body – one human being – we have the same innate ability to quantum leap beyond the individual obsessions we have with ourselves.

Group Consciousness stretches our limits.
When we love more we are more. The feeling
of more, being more, doing more, loving more.
The ecstasy of growing our being, being our being.
Individuality expands with the group demands.

Group consciousness is the call of true love. Group consciousness is a universal idea that is just beginning to dawn on the consciousness of humanity. It is already in the earth’s vibratory astral field and is now imbedded in the collective unconscious as a seed vision that will carry mankind to its destiny. Group Consciousness has been waiting a billion years, it is the way back home to the Oneness of Being.

Think not that it is easy to be One for a human
for separation is all we have ever known.
The return to Oneness is a miracle when it happens.

A scientist looking deeply into the mysteries of biology can see in any cell the universal mind that is choreographing everything that is happening in billions of galaxies with super intelligence and exquisite precision. The cells in the human body are perfectly group conscious. Even though each cell must express its unique talents (heart cells, stomach cells, and immune cells all display individuality through specialization), each cell is totally dedicated to maintain it’s own internal integrity and the integrity of the whole body. The true function of each cell is seen in how it helps it’s fellow cells. The heart cells help the kidney cells which help the immune cells. And the brain cells are listening to all the cells through it’s vast network of nerves. Every cell in the human body has only one function; to love every other cell. And every cell expresses that love through giving.

Any small group of individuals who themselves
transcend the separate function of the
ego and who live and think holistically as one
integrated being becomespiritually very powerful.

– Christopher Hills

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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