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A Shrine at Sanctuary

Published on June 25, 2011

& The Marriage of Souls

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This is a spiritual story and some might say a religious one as well. As I wrote a year or so ago on my experiences with the Divine Mother Mary, I have for five years now been dedicated to creating a shrine in the heart of Sanctuary for Mary the Universal Mother. This past week we finally succeeded installing her on her mountain throne cementing her in for eternity.

Many people have their hearts open to Mary and others see her as a non-entity. The American native Indians have a concept of “above beings” instead of God. For me Mary is the Goddess and the Mother of Heaven and all of these above beings including her son Jesus. Raised a Jew, I had only the concept of the one God and that remains, but through the years I have opened my heart to the above beings and now it is Mary who inspires my heart from above. The moment we put her up I could feel something change inside me, and the feeling in the house, especially in the large living room where her shrine is located, also changed.

Open to experience, open to it all. It’s thrilling and sometimes even terrifying. Open to love and this is something else again. Being open to whatever life sends us is our proof of our surrender of our love for God.

That first night I felt a great sense of accomplishment but the next few days I crashed hard. I had run out of money and thus in desperation I reached out for help in asking my readership for donations. A few responded but not enough to prevent a financial meltdown. My family was not at all happy for all the understandable reasons.

For three days I cried and prayed and cried some more, feeling all sense of power to do anything evaporate. I sat in humiliation feeling so wrong but constantly prayed to what was right—to Mary on her throne and of course to the God that is behind everything. My wife and close associates supported my soul and helped me get through a dark-night-of-the-soul-type experience, which I have had before but not in many years.

Now why, you might ask, would I suffer so much for going into debt? It is only money after all and everyone has been getting into debt and enjoying themselves while they do. Debt at compound interest is actually against the world’s major religions (usury) for reasons we will soon discover yet again as the world’s financial system and economy crashes from unsustainable debt. Humanity has not learned the necessary lessons about debt and the money changers so there is a collective horror coming our way and the suffering from it will be heard and remembered by history.  

For me personally it had a lot to do with not being able to completely keep my word with everyone and also not being able to bring Sanctuary to completion. But everyone around me who I suddenly owed money to has kept their faith and understanding so the storm clouds passed quickly.

Throughout this entire process, Mary and the feeling of change remained. I feel like I am now living in a monastery rather than a retreat and detoxification center and I have been meditating and praying more than I have in many long years.

Love is the heavenly force that binds all as one, two as one, three as one and so on. Human loves are absolutely necessary as steps toward the divine. Love is the power that closes the circuit between beings. There is nothing more beautiful than true love, nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for.

It is becoming clearer that if I were to be approached by anyone interesting in investing in and living in Sanctuary that they would need to be able to connect with our intense edifice of love. The Sanctuary needs strong women or men in not only a financial sense but in a spiritual one as well. So I think it’s about time for me to finally start sharing materials from my first book The Marriage of Souls, which I did quietly imbed in my Survival Medicine compendium.

The Marriage of Souls is a new light shining on earth and it opens the promise of love and openness between souls who know they are souls. In truth there are no limits to love, as there are no limits to God. There is a family of soul mates waiting for us and in this light our souls will burn bright.

I am very fortunate to be married to nine souls with six of those being my children. There is my wife Luciana, my assistant and co-creator of the IMVA Claudia who I have never met face to face, and then there is Macondes the man at my side here in Sanctuary that built it. He and I built the shrine together after we both devoted ourselves to Mary and for his loyalty and intense devotion, I have given him a share of the project. He also saved me a fortune in building costs so he deserved everything.

The Marriage of Souls demands all our capacity for love. Our capacity for love grows automatically as we learn to communicate and listen on deeper levels of being. Nowhere is this more important than in family life.

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I really need to seriously edit what I wrote 16 years ago in The Marriage of Souls. What it really became for me was small-group consciousness in extended family life. The backbone of this kind of love and marriage is structured along the lines of intense communication and a willingness to listen on a deep level of being.

Soul love is free but intensely committed, intensely loving. We humans need to love and trust deeply. There are many beings walking this planet with beautiful hearts that are deserving of our love but the secret of course is to become one of them, a being with a love light shining out of our heart. We need to give what we would want to receive. Love answers love, likes attract.

I thought it was interesting that we started a process of intense communication with one of the workers who takes care of the house when I am not there. Macondes’ brother likes to talk, not listen, but there is nothing unusual about that in this world of ours. We both sat there one day this week talking to him exactly about that.

Communication is love. Listening is love. Perfect love is perfect communication. Without perfect communication there is no perfect love. Pure love is the principle quality of relationships between beings. That pure love makes our relationships perfect, even if we, as individuals, are not.

So Sanctuary is now a holy place, a shrine sitting in an exceptionally pristine valley in the very center and heartland of Brazil with priceless water resources. Sanctuary is calling out to the right people to help see this project to its proper conclusion. We are also open to receive people for retreats; getaway excursions away from the northern hemisphere to get a break from radiation and other dangers. We now have a construction company and can build homes in our valley.

The mirror of God’s love is found in the love for many. We learn this love when we open our hearts and learn love in its many forms. Each being offers us a unique opportunity to learn love. The more beings we truly love the closer to God we become for God loves all beings.

The Marriage of Souls stretches our limits, for when we love more we are more. Through The Marriage of Souls we will find that there are no real limits to true love just as there are no real limits to God. Everyone wants to know and experience their true being and this being is most directly felt through the experience of love. The Marriage of Souls is a divinely beautiful pathway that leads us to an eventual return to complete oneness with one, and then with a greater family of beings. It is about a heavenly bliss shared between beings that love each other from the bottom of their hearts and souls.

Mary coming into her own and into full power in my life at Sanctuary seems to be pulling me back strongly to my former roots but I am finding, being back on the coast, to maintain a strong connection with her. Mary coming into her own and into full power in my life at Sanctuary seems to be pulling me back strongly to my former roots. My wife has reminded me several times that Mary is not just there but everywhere, though I say she is most strong in her many shrines built to her all over the world. She certainly has a power that I can feel when I sit in front of the shrine I built for her. She is easy to talk to and pray to!

Special Note: This week I will publish essays on the economy and finance, on nature and how it is turning against us, on medical marijuana and how it can save children’s lives with brain cancer, and on the radiation cruelty practiced in hospitals in the western world. By Thursday or Friday my book Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome will be available on our publications site.

This week also I will finally tape my first consultation that I have been offering people online these past few years, which will save people quite a bit of money and make this most practical side of my work more widely available. Almost anyone can learn to administer Natural Allopathic Medicine quickly.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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