Conquering Cancer Course with 3 Months Support Bonus: First Consultations Course (12 lessons) and Home Therapy Program (30 lessons)


Cancer Course - 3 Months Support - Bonus First Consultations And Home Therapy

PRICE $1200.00



This Naturopathic Oncology course gives a complete study and training in cancer. The course contains a turnkey cancer treatment program that can be set up by any practitioner, clinic, spa, hospital or by patients and their families at home. Conquering Cancer can be viewed as an army field hospital set-up guide that can be followed independently or with very little consultation with health-care professionals.

Because we look at 21 basic causes and 4 basic characteristics of cancer this course will broaden our horizons beyond the comprehension of most orthodox oncologists, who are obsessed with genetic causes of cancer.

Cancer is not something to be so greatly feared once we understand what it is, why we have it, and what we can do about it. A cancer education gives us a lot of power to prevent cancer, keep healthy and treat it successfully.

The course can be seen as a library on cancer or a long series of consultations. The course is a medical text written in plain language offering guidance without equal in the world of natural oncology. The goal of Conquering Cancer is to offer a new paradigm in cancer care. A natural paradigm that obviates most of traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Conquering Cancer provides evidence-informed guidance on safe and effective use of natural and supportive therapies. Because the course adheres to the principle of physician do no harm, the course focuses solely on natural forms of chemotherapy and natural healthy forms of radiation as well as a host of concentrated nutritional medicines, many of which are already in use in ICU and emergency departments.

The goal of the course is to improve the quality of life, manage side effects, help speed recovery, prevent recurrence, and provide education for a healthy lifestyle that prevents cancer so it never needs to be treated.

This Naturopathic Oncology course consists of 100 lessons.