Medical Miracle’s with Carbon Dioxide & Bicarbonates E-Book


This is the third Edition of my bicarbonate work. The first Edition was entitled Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment. Then my New York Publisher created a version titled Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy. Miracles happen when you give the body exactly what it needs.

EBOOK $24.95

This is a carefully hand-coded ebook and includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.


"Unlock Life's Healing Potential with 'Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide & Bicarbonates'"

Discover a groundbreaking therapeutic gift within the pages of Dr. Mark Sircus's latest book. This unparalleled medical intervention harnesses the power of oxygen and carbon dioxide, revolutionizing the healing process.

In 'Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide & Bicarbonates,' Dr. Sircus uncovers the roots of life's healing properties, offering a perfect medical approach for various ailments, including Cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, and mental health issues. The insights provided in this book promise relief and support.

For over two centuries, evidence has shown the profound healing capabilities of CO2 and the essential role of oxygen in nurturing vitality. Contrary to traditional teachings, CO2 is not merely a waste product but a fundamental nutrient crucial for optimal health.

This book challenges misconceptions by illuminating the role of carbon dioxide in liberating oxygen for healing, making it safe, and enabling the delivery of oxygen waves to cells. Moreover, it details cost-effective therapies that can be self-administered at home or accessed through specialized clinics.

The transformative power of CO2 therapy highlights the potential for healing through conscious breathing and bicarbonate consumption. Dr. Sircus dives into these practices, outlining their benefits and illustrating their role in illness recovery.

This groundbreaking book doesn't just advocate for CO2 therapy; it unveils cutting-edge methods for administering carbon dioxide into the body, enhancing its medical efficacy.

With the amalgamation of science-backed insights and practical applications, 'Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide & Bicarbonates' is a beacon of hope for individuals seeking safe, affordable, and effective therapies to support their health journey.