Selenium Medicine E-Book And the Rising Tide of Mercury


This book reveals discoveries and secrets about selenium. It introduces several types of selenium including one that can be taken in very high dosages without all the fear and concerns that people and doctors normally have with selenium supplementation.

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This is a carefully hand-coded ebook and includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.


If you have cancer or do not want to get it you do not want to exclude selenium from your treatments no matter what else you do. Selenium is the most potent broad-spectrum anti-carcinogenic agent that is one of the most inexpensive and safe. Cancer patients with low selenium levels tend to have a wider spread of the disease, more recurrences and die sooner. When we increase patients' blood levels of selenium into the normal range, their pain and tumor sizes are often reduced. People with low selenium levels are three times as likely to die from cancer as those with high levels.

Selenium is also an important emergency room and intensive care medicine joining magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate and iodine as safe fast acting medicinals that are not pharmaceutical in nature. Protection against reperfusion injury, myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke and vascular surgery, are all alleviated with selenium injections.