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Bicarbonate Testimony

Published on March 13, 2013

This is a true story of how amazing generosity and baking soda changed a stranger’s life. I am indirectly part of it and I am so happy! I had to share.

By Michelle Negrete

This is a true story of how amazing generosity and baking soda changed a stranger’s life. I am indirectly part of it and I am so happy! I had to share.

During my birthday weekend, this past weekend, I was visiting my best friend out of town and I suggested dinner at a diner he likes, only because he likes it so much and I love him so much. I would have opted for Thai Vegan again but we had already done that for my birthday. When we were walking in, I noticed this super tall Native American gentleman (I say about 6’7") standing outside–he stood out to me because he was wearing a cool fringed jacket and just had a good vibe about him. It seemed he had just gotten out of the hospital and had his luggage with him and was still wearing the hospital band on his wrist while he spoke on his old cell phone to his grandmother in Montana. He smiled at us. We smiled back.

When we sat down in our booth, I kept thinking about this guy and my friend and I started talking about him. My friend said he’d be right back and had me order for him while he went to go talk to the guy.

When he came back, my friend told me the guy was a veteran who had just gotten out of the VA hospital due to a severe kidney infection–the doctors were trying to put him on hardcore medications which he refused as he knew they would not resolve the problem and would make him feel worse. He was trying to reach family to gather funds to get back to Montana.

My friend gave him $100, his business card and some wisdom about "medicine". See, my friend had very recently suffered from decades of extreme heartburn. The reason this concerned me so much is because I understand heartburn related cancers–if it goes on too long, the acidosis wears away at the esophagus and stomach and may lead to cancer and often does. Also, metabolic acidosis basically makes your body a petri dish–the perfect environment in which bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer thrive. This is how his best friend died. It had become my mission to find a natural way to cure my best friend’s heartburn and I did: baking soda & diatomaceous earth neutralize the acid and offer almost immediate relief. My friend is so grateful and happy that this worked so well for him that he shares the knowledge with everyone who wants/needs it.

We didn’t expect to hear from the guy again but the next day he called my friend and thanked him for the money and the advice about baking soda. He had gone to see his doctor and asked if baking soda might help his kidney affliction which his doctor had said was getting so bad that cancer was imminent. The doctor was taken aback and he paused and asked, "Who suggested this?" The guy said it was a kind stranger he met the previous night outside a restaurant. The doctor replied, "While it is unorthodox, it certainly makes sense that it would work. Yes, do it. Take 1 tsp. in half a cup of water every 4 hours. Set an alarm so that you can also wake up throughout the night to take it."

(Baking soda helps a slew of illnesses and I take it daily, as well, every day. My mom and all her brothers and sisters have started taking it too. My dad, usually the "non-believer" has also started taking it and has started recommending it to everyone he knows because he is noticing that it is definitely helping him as well.)

See, this tells me a lot. Most US doctors just put you on pharmaceuticals which they know won’t cure you. Consider their interest in that situation. If they cure you, you won’t need them anymore. You are their commodity. f you are healthy, the don’t make money. The VA doctor offered a unique perspective–VA doctors DO want to cure people because that way their time will be available to help the thousands of other veterans who need their services.

My friend met the guy for lunch and set him up in a hotel for a few nights so he could get situated and plan his next move. The first thing the guy did was run to the corner store and buy some water and a box of baking soda. I had also given my friend a little mason jar with my special recipe of diatomaceous earth, red beet powder, spirulina, turmeric and cinnamon: more medicine. It was a gift I had given my friend to give to another friend of ours who suffered from high cholesterol and for her daughter who has lupus. When my friend told me about the guy, I insisted that he give him my mixture as I had already given our other friends some of the mix just a few days before and I knew that they were about to order more online. This guy needed this stuff!

Great news this morning! After months of suffering, the guy called my friend to announce that he is no longer in any pain at all. Kidney infections are brutally debilitating–I know, I suffered one a few years ago. The guy had gone back to the doctor who confirmed that the baking soda was working!

The guy is so grateful and we are so happy to have helped him! There are a few morals to this story. Food is medicine–pharmaceutical drugs are poison and often do more harm than good. A generous spirit can change a fellow man’s life. This experience has affected at least three lives. It confirmed that baking soda is powerful medicine. It confirmed that there are generous and kind people out there who, if you radiate that same spirit, are ready to help you even before they get to know you. For my friend, this experience confirmed all of the above and, oh yeah, sometimes generosity towards others pays off. My friend had no interest other than helping this guy but it turns out the guy owns 40 acres of land in Wyoming and is giving my friend 2 lakeside acres in appreciation–the gentleman said, "I can’t afford to live on my land and I can’t take it with me. It’s the least I can do!"

 I am not religious but all I can say is AMEN!

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