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Sodium Bicarbonate – Second Edition E-Book

Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment

Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines. It is fundamental to life and health and it is nutritional as well as safe and is of help no matter what syndrome we are facing.

There are many reasons to use baking soda but one overall reason is that sodium bicarbonate is a natural substance that will not harm us, our children or the environment because is it not a chemical compound that effects nature in any kind of negative sense. 

-- > Baking soda is actually a compound that is found throughout nature, in the ocean, in the soil, in our foods, and in our bodies. 

-- > Baking soda is a neutralizer of many other compounds, which makes it extremely helpful as a medicine in the age of toxicity, which we are all presently passing through. 

In this book you will read about the effect of sodium bicarbonate on our pH and how it will benefit sufferers of a number of conditions, including kidney disease, fungal infection, influenza, hypertension, and even cancer. 

Also it will teach you various ways in which sodium bicarbonate may be taken, suggesting the easiest and most effective method for your situation. 

Millions of people in the world either consume bicarbonate ions in drinking water or have been treated clinically with bicarbonate in hospitals, medical centers, or emergency. Sodium bicarbonate helps to save countless lives every day. 

Why Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a natural substance produced in the human body and used in the bloodstream to regulate the acidity, which is essential for life. It affects the pH of cell and tissue balances the cell voltage and increases the CO2, which helps with oxygenation. Sodium Bicarbonate is a powerful medical tool that can benefit everyone. 

What are the benefits? 

Sodium bicarbonate can be used in many ways - by bathing the skin, oral ingestion or nebulizing it in the case of pulmonary diseases. It is so powerful in its ability to detox that can even be used against radiation exposure. 

The occasional use of three days of sodium bicarbonate increases the alkalinity of the blood, helps to eliminate toxins and increases the power of resistance of the organism to infectious diseases. 

Adding a cup of baking soda to a hot bath after a long tiring day relieves tension and muscle aches. It can also be used as a scrub to the skin removing dead and dry skin, leaving the young, bright and fresh skin. Add the baking soda in hot foot bath helps to reduce fatigue of the feet. Combining sodium bicarbonate with magnesium chloride brings dramatic changes to human physiology.


Part One

Second Edition
Wonder Drug
Baking Soda -Every Cancer Patients Best Friend
Cancer Intelligence
A New Paradigm in Medicine
Pancreas, Bicarbonate and Diabetes
Diabetes and Cancer
Cancer, Diabetes and Fungi Infections
Radiation Medicine and Sodium Bicarbonate
Reducing Radiation Damages with Bicarbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate and Cancer
What Do the Detractors of Bicarbonate Say?
Oral Vs Intravenous
Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Cancer Treatment
Sparkling Water’s Chemistry
Carbon Dioxide
Nebulizing Bicarbonate and other Medicinals
Sodium Bicarbonate - Product Quality and Cost
Warnings and Contraindications
Sodium Bicarbonate as an Antiseptic
Sodium Bicarbonate and pH Medicine
Using Sodium Bicarbonate
pH Controls Key Cellular Pathways
Arm & Hammer Soda Company -Using Bicarbonate Against the Swine Flu
Still Alive and Well Confirmed Bicarbonate Cancer Cure
Kidney Disease
Sodium Thiosulfate
Life and Death - Oxygen and Cancer
Emotions, Oxygen and Acid

Part Two – First Edition

Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment
Bicarbonate and Rapid pH Shifts
To Health Practitioners and Physicians
Sodium Bicarbonate
Pain Relief from Oral Bicarbonate
Indications from Unlikely Places
Foundational Bicarbonate Physiology
Magnesium Bicarbonate
Beating Back Late Stage Infections with Sodium Bicarbonate
Oral Dosages of Bicarbonate
Bicarbonate Maple Syrup/Black Strap Molasses
Other Oral Bicarbonate Treatments
Bicarbonate and Stomach Acid
The pH Story - Acid Death Vs Alkaline Life
Oral Cancer, Mercury and Periodontal Disease
Sodium Bicarbonate Basics
Why Bicarbonate and Why Not A Pharmaceutical Antifungal
Systems Biology & Medicine
Understanding the Condition of Cancer
The Cancer Microbe
The Simoncini Treatment of Cancer
Yeast and Fungi Invaders
Tough Little Creatures
Pathogen Differentiation and Infectious Processes
Cancer and Heavy Metals
Magnesium the Lamp of Life
Medical Marijuana and Cancer
Cannabinoid System
Bowel Tolerance Dosages
Natural Supplementation
Combining Oral with Transdermal
To Patients about Emotions in Cancer
In the Kitchen and House with Bicarbonate
Product Sources
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Sodium Bicarbonate
This is a carefully hand-coded ebook and includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.


Reviews and Testimonies on Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

The sodium bicarbonate book is just, miraculous - I've read it and used as reference many times, but I'm still finding "new" things in it!
The book of Sodium Bicarbonate, tells you, what it is, how to use it, and makes you aware of the importance of being aware of you ph. The book explains what it does, and tells you how is being used in hospitals and how to use it.
“After suffering from a 4 hour long blinding headache for which nothing I took brought any relief, I tried the sodium bicarbonate, 1 tsp mixed in a glass of water. Within a few short minutes I could feel the headache abating and within the hour it was completely relieved! I tried this again when another headache occurred, and it worked just as miraculously.”
“This is the best pain reliever of all the ones I have been trying. I am amazed that something so simple would be so potent! I haven’t exceeded 7 a day; but wish I could. It takes the pain away for about 2 hours. Nothing seems to work more then 2 hours at a time.”
I’ve been reading your newsletter for some time now, and happened to see your eBook about baking soda. We don’t have a lot of money, but I felt that your research might help me. Sure enough I can tell you that within the week following reading your book – and practicing what you preach – I have been practically hive/urticaria free.
Dear Dr. Sircus,
Several weeks ago, I purchased your eBook about Sodium Bicarbonate. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I believe that God is working through you and your staff to spread the word about the body’s natural ability to heal, given the right elements. Thank you!!!
“My father was a veterinarian and as far back as I can remember (I was born in 1938 so my memory goes back to maybe 1943) he would take sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a full glass of warm water whenever he felt a cold coming on. I don’t remember him ever coming down with a full blown cold. He would treat my cold symptoms likewise and I responded equally as well. He also treated farm animals for various illnesses with sodium bicarbonate via a gastric tube and they recovered quickly. So I’ve known about the benefits of sodium bicarbonate from early childhood on. Glad to see that its benefits are being more widely touted. Although my father was a doctor of Veterinarian medicine, he sometimes referred to himself as an MD (Mule Doctor).” 
Dr. David B Winter, DO

Confirmed Bicarbonate Cancer Cure

Vernon Johnston
Well I am just delighted to share with you that I just got off the phone with Vernon Johnston, the gentleman that reached out to me when I was finishing my Sodium Bicarbonate book. He was the fellow who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones. 

This was over 15 months ago and I wrote up his story and shared his treatment diary in my Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment bicarbonate book. He was going to do a cesium chloride treatment but because his order got lost in the mail ended up doing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) orally, managed to get his urinary pH up to 8.5 for five days and then within two weeks was back at his oncologists office for a test, which showed his bones being cleared of his cancer. 

“Cancer tried to kill me. After a struggle or two, or three, or four, or more I said, “No!” Or at least I was hoping for a “No.” I turned to Cesium, but ended up with Baking Soda. My goal was to change my pH quickly. I knew little or next to nothing what pH, Alkaline or Acidic meant. Happily I found out,” said Vernon Johnston.

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Sodium Bicarbonate Bundle

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Treatment Essentials Third Edition

Dr. Sircus’s practical teaching manual for how to use his natural allopathic medicine protocol including dosages and treatment methods. 
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Sodium Bicarbonate – Second Edition E-Book

Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines. It is fundamental to life and health and it is nutritional as well as safe and is of help no matter what syndrome we are facing. 
Estimated number of pages: 470 
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