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Blue Level of Intelligence – Concepts, Ideas, Memory

Published on February 19, 2015

Christopher Hills taught me that the level of functioning of the fifth level is the important concept making and idea producing development of the brain. This is the level of consciousness that allows us to store up higher abstractions and thoughts in our memory and to process new experiences, revive old emotional scars, recall deep fears and dreams.

The blue level with all its stored concepts and memories can be very boring as when older people only talk from their memories. Most people who talk too much are trapped in their blue level, as are most religious fundamentalists who interpret the meaning of everything from ancient books. The time world of a blue level is the past, and rarely does a blue level person’s mind stop long enough to experience something in the present, God forbid imagine something new (violet intelligence) for the future.

God, to the blue level of intelligence, becomes a concept meaning the burning bush dies, God dies, and becomes encased in the past. Meaning how dare God say something new in the present. Concepts become prisons and through the ages many have suffered endlessly in hell for them.

However, the capacity to form ideas and concepts is fundamental to our awareness, and how we live our lives. They determine very much how we respond to the signals, feelings, pains, and pleasures we are experiencing in the present.

Without this conceptual machinery to process our thoughts and primitive emotions, our organism would be much like an animal, only aware of the emotional chemical hormone releasing its response to stimuli. We would know pain but not the meaning of it.

We would be able to communicate but we would not use any words or remember any thoughts and our internal life would be conditioned by the environment like Pavlov’s dogs. Idealism as we know it would be absent from life. However, idealists can be dangerous so it is vital we get a handle on this level of human life.

Blue level is idealistic, peace loving and content. They have strong feelings of devotion and commitment to people, concepts or ideals. They have a strong connection to the past, to traditions, institutions and authority.

Negative blue types tend to be judgmental, rigid, ultra-conservative and afraid of change, slow to get in touch with feelings, fearful of conflict (rocking the boat or peace at any price attitudes and blue types often feel “blue” or depressed.

Negative Personality Patterns of Blue Level of Awareness

· seeks dominion over inferiors

· surrenders to superiors

· trapped by fixed ideas

· needs peaceful situation

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· clings to traditional way of doing things

· needs to support authority

· needs rules and supervision

· authority seeking

· smug and self-satisfied

· dogmatic

· resistant to change

· melancholic

· fanatic

· rigid

· authoritarian

· ultraconservative

· slow to respond

· in conflict between strong desire for contentment and tense conditions of discontent

· inability to express

Without the fifth brain we would not be able to experience devotion or higher types of love nor analyze our emotions. We would not be able to compare them with previous experiences and memories recorded in the lower brains.

The comparing mechanism of this fifth brain is exactly opposite to that of the yellow intellect. The intellect is like a person who enters a darkened room with a torch beam and lights up each object in turn, comparing it by saying, “that’s a table, that’s a chair.” The conceptual faculty of the blue brain goes in and sees a whole room with each object, chair, table, window, carpet, etc., making the room come together as a whole concept, which we identify with as our “home.”

Luscher Color Test

The dark blue of the test represents complete calm. This color represents the basic biological need for tranquility and contentment. Blue types seek balanced harmonious tension free environments so they can feel secure. Blue is loyalty, as they like to say. Blue, as a relaxed sensitivity is a prerequisite for empathy and for esthetic experiences and for meditative awareness. (Note the blue in the Test is really indigo but does mostly represent the blue level of consciousness. This reference to meditative awareness relates more to the indigo, as does sensitivity.)

Christopher Hills Nuclear Evolution

Love on the Blue Level

Devotion that is tuned to the One in all men can minister and serve wherever devoted service is needed. As with all the levels, the inhibiting effect of fear, in this case fear of change, is overcome when we free ourselves of attachment to any particular hero or guru or master or any cherished belief or concept. Then the positive energy of devoted love radiates in all directions and fulfillment is the natural feedback of this unlimited flow of devotion to all teachers of Truth.

Blue Level Fear – Fear of Change

Of all the levels the Blue is the most difficult to get out of. Why? Because the Blue level hates change, it is abhorrent simply because it destroys the foundation of their cherished world. Religion can be the bitch that it can be exactly because of this. It cements our personalities in fixed ideas about everything and when it interferes with our sexuality it can destroy the quality of our lives.

The whole motivating power of evolution is change and growth whether it is in an individual or a business company or in a mode of government. Things have to change or eventually perish.

Concepts are not reality.

Concepts are only mental models or maps of reality. All change on the being level happens beyond the world of concepts. Most concepts are designed to prevent us from evolving. Concepts are usually obstacles to change.

The blue level always knows something through information that is stored or is forming concepts about information. Concepts are like models, they are just the most satisfying explanation we have about something real. Concepts of whatever we have stored up in our minds are actually useless for becoming enlightened.

Blue Level – Aggression.

This is the realm of the mental bully. It is the need to dominate something mentally, with thoughts. It usually functions like one-up-man-ship. The ego feels great if it can get one up on someone else and always get the last word. It is the urge to be in control of what is happening in the mind or the thoughts, not just in you but also in others. For example, you may have a mother who tries to tell you how everything you think is no good. “Why do you think that way?” she says, or “Why not think another way” or “That’s no good.” Such a person wants everyone to think the same way they do. It is just another form of aggression.

“Unfortunately our ideas rarely are really good, and the most of time give birth to very bad business concepts with no hope of development. The ideas born in our brain, they are inside us, they come from us, we arrived at the idea with a mixture of feelings, beliefs. and hopefully knowledge. Just because the ideas are in our brain and come from us, we believe they are perfect, and our preconception will cut out automatically all potential weaknesses and it will be the best idea ever. But unfortunately your idea sucks.”


Most of our ideas are bad ones and that includes our religious ideas and concepts. Concepts are actually dangerous because some people enjoy killing in the name of them. Real life, love, sex, listening and communication in general are not concepts but are usually controlled by them. God is not a concept and the truly holy people do not have their noses in books they live their lives and see and hear God in everything.

Martin Armstrong writes, “Humanity will simply obey authority to the point they will torture another if so directed. This is what governments depend on to maintain order. The unruly are the fearless who refuse to conform. With time, as governments always end up abusing the ruled, the unruly rise up in an organized manner. When they become the majority, revolution is born. Today we have Stalinistic type people in the US government who are also obsessed with what the ruled think.”

The blue level person loves authority and the ultimate is to give authority to one’s own thinking and ideas. We see this especially when the ideas are not our own. We see this in evidence with people who give their cherished bible authority, over not only their own life but also the lives of people around them. We want people to think and do as we think and do. We do not like differences so on this level we want everyone to be the same as us.

Reaching escape velocity from the gravity of the blue level is for very few spiritual seekers who understand the rainbow body and the challenge of being in control of all the levels of consciousness. Most people have their consciousness concentrated in one or two levels of intelligence and have not learned how to play on all the levels given to us by our Creator.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
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