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Child Abuse

Published on December 4, 2018


The heart knows, down to its very marrow, that the hope of our race is found in our children and the key to their future is education. HeartHealth comes at a critical time, a time where we are seeing more and more children showing up in emergency rooms with psychiatric problems, and more drugs being prescribed to children and adolescents who are having trouble in school. HeartHealth steps into the confusion and suggests a powerful movement toward heart intelligence in education. The universe of feelings offers something that the universe of mind just cannot, an intelligent sensitive approach to life that nurtures souls. And nowhere is this more needed than in the field of education.

The heart itself is vital to effective learning. We all know intuitively that feelings of love, care, compassion and appreciation are what create a balanced and harmonious emotional and mental life. Happiness, heart, and learning all go together well. Unfortunately today’s children feel more unloved, more confused, afraid, lonely, and stressed out then ever. Remembering that students who are anxious, angry, or depressed don’t learn, it makes sense to create educational environments where love matters for love is highly intelligent and motivational. Children simply learn more effectively in loving environments. Learning to love and developing a full understanding of heart intelligence enhances all aspects of intelligence and thus learning in general. Yet rarely do we see heart intelligence applied in the educational world.

The greatest sorrow of the digital era, one that threatens the very basis of civilization as we know it, is that modern education continues to be a crime; it has not caught up with any of the revolutions in society or technology and thus it still badly scars our children’s minds and souls. It is sad but true that the majority of today’s educators are committing crimes against children. They are in conspiracy with the psychologists and politicians who place blame on the children for their failure instead of looking honestly at the horror and insanity of today’s educational paradigms and practices. Though people like John Holt began to write about this over forty years ago, when American education was at its very best, it has taken four decades of steady decline for us to begin to see the naked truth that it is a moral absurdity to subject children to the torment of traditional education.

Today the absolute worst place to send a child is into anything that even resembles a traditional school with the typical curriculum. The very idea of curriculum is outdated and is in reality an intellectually abusive concept. Yet 95% of educators, psychologists, politicians and parents (Today in the United States there is virtual revolution going on against the system. The fastest growing educational system in the states now is home schooling) endorse present educational paradigms by sending their kids to school and blaming children’s failure on the children themselves. Yet nothing changes the fact that schools are dangerous places that insidiously destroy the beautiful and inquisitive nature of children.

The breakdown of education is just beginning to hit society in a big way and even the average person on the street knows that schools are totally incapable of dealing with the needs of the younger generation. If this is true about the best schools in the first world it is no great leap to imagine what is happening to most of the children around the world.

Nothing short of a revolution in education will free the children from monotonous and uninteresting classes that deaden their love of learning. There were many great men who fought wars to free humanity from the scourge of slavery and now we need many more great people to step forward to fight against the ignorance of stifling educational paradigms. We must finally be brutally honest and open our eyes to the utter dishonesty that schools and their supporters advocate. Now that "the solutions have arrived" (See Intelligent Education in the Digital Age in the following chapter) it is a crime to remain in an emotional stupor that accepts passively the present prison environments that are so common in places we call schools.

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The next revolution in human history will be fought for emancipation of children. Most adults are not ready to understand that they are not superior to children, and that children are entitled to the same rights and freedoms that we expect so naturally for ourselves. Adults are usually deeply disturbed at the notion that children are their social equals. They indignantly deny such a possibility. "Don’t be ridiculous. I know more than my child does. He can’t possible be my equal." This might be true in terms of knowledge; experience and skill but these things do not indicate equality even among adults. Equality means that people, despite all their individual differences and abilities, have equal claims to dignity and respect.

The fact is that our children are often much more capable than we are and tend to outsmart us on many occasions. It seems also that each generation now is developing much faster than the generation before and this phenomenon seems to be accelerating. Young children are smarter and learn quicker than we did. And yet our torturously slow, inefficient and uncaring educational systems stand in their way and bore them to tears. Bore them into stupidity and emotional depression. It is education and the adult world that leads them into learning and emotional deficiencies.

Some people believe that many children are potential geniuses and that if we got out of their way most of them would go where we have not gone before. For sure the best of the young, those who have not been already too badly scared by family and educational life, would surge forth through many old barriers of intelligence into something new and quite wonderful if they where encouraged and free to do so.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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