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Einstein and the Poet on Intuition

Published on December 4, 2017,204,203,200_.jpg

One of the main inspirations in my life is Albert Einstein. In this precious book Einstein says, “Many people think that the progress of the human race is based on experiences of an empirical, critical nature, but I say that true knowledge is to be had only through a philosophy of deduction. For it is intuition that improves the world, not just following the trodden path of thought. Intuition makes us look at unrelated facts and then think about them until they can all be brought under one law. To look for related facts means holding onto what one has instead of searching for new facts. Intuition is the father of new knowledge, while empiricism is nothing but an accumulation of old knowledge. Intuition, not intellect, is the ‘open sesame’ of yourself.”

Einstein also insisted that “Religion and science go together. As I have said before, science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. They are interdependent and have a common goal—the search for truth. It is absurd when scientists say there is no God. The real scientist has faith, which does not mean that he must subscribe to a creed. Without religion there is no charity. The soul given to each of us is moved by the same living spirit that moves the universe.”

A minister asked him, “Have you no faith in a life to come?” Einstein answered, “No, I have faith in the universe, for it is rational. Law underlies each happening. And I have faith in my purpose here on earth. I have faith in my intuition, the language of my conscience, but I have no faith in speculation about Heaven and Hell. I am concerned with this time—here and now.”

I think with intuition. The basis of true thinking is intuition.
Indeed, it is not intellect, but intuition, which advances humanity.
Intuition tells a man his purpose in life.
One never goes wrong following his feelings.
I don’t mean emotions, I mean feelings,
for feelings and intuition are one.
Albert Einstein

I found it quite interesting that one cannot find these important words in Google but they are in Einstein and the Poet. Shame humanity is missing out on some on these brilliant thoughts. I personally have taken these words seriously and have guided my work in medicine with them.

Image result for feelings and intuition are one

“There will come a point in everyone’s life where only intuition can make the leap ahead, without ever knowing precisely how. One can never know why, but one must accept intuition as a fact,” said Einstein. Einstein saw that intuitive perceptions were the most subtle and pure type of feelings. This is why intuition, the perceptual ability to know without knowing how you know, can be seen to arise through the heart. Meaning one has to have an open heart to be able to feel these pure types of feelings. And to have an open heart one has to be willing to be vulnerable.

Natural intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own heart’s simple feeling messages. The more we learn how to listen to our own heart the more we can learn to listen to other hearts and the easier it becomes to listen to life. 

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen
to anything that might require a change.
To listen is to change.
We cannot change without listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to listen.

Most people are horrible listeners and you can tell when people don’t listen when they interrupt, respond with yes buts, or simply change the subject. The worst kinds of non-listeners just never stop talking and they just don’t seem to care whether you want to listen or not. Usually we want to run from them but feel trapped by social conventions to be nice or polite.

Life stripped of feelings is a life stripped of meaning. Saint-Exupéry wrote, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” What Saint-Exupéry was talking about is the heart’s capacity to feel, to intuit, for that is exactly what intuition is, the most refined of fine feelings. Our intuitive feelings are navigational beacons that play a crucial role in making those decisions upon which our destinies depend. Every feeling has its value and significance. They light up our paths of life.

Pure feelings like intuition have no thought component like emotions do; there is no time for them in their most pure form. They come from a place beyond the thinking mind and they are often the most essential guides that steer our life.

Intuition is a basic perceptual ability different from imagination, concept making ability or intellect. It is our God given ability to plug into the universe, which even insects have. It is more than instinct yet instinct and gut feelings are what it is all about.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
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