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God as a Medicine

Published on August 21, 2015

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What I and most others physicians do not talk about is God as a medicine. Not so in the bible which says, “I am the LORD who heals you.” This does not mean, of course, that we should abandon natural cures and leave it all up to a higher force. Extremely religious parents sometimes allow their children to die of treatable diseases and often that is them running from the cruel and ruthless nature of modern medicine, which they see as evil. There certainly are those who believe they should rely solely upon prayer for healing. However if water is a medicine do these people believe that they should stop drinking water, and a number of other medicinals that make up a natural medical protocol

Religion plays an important role in the past and present of many hospitals. Many people do believe that God can cure people who have been given little or no chance of survival by their doctors. The power of religion and spirituality in the lives of those struggling with illness and death remains strong. In Paging God, Wendy Cadge shares extensively about hospital caregivers, presenting the narratives of nurses, chaplains, physicians, and other members of the hospital team as they care for people of diverse religious traditions.

I have written a lot about the need to practice conscious breathing, which does takes us into deeper spaces within us. I have defined the tears of the melting heart (our vulnerability) as a potent medicinal for body, emotion, mind and spirit. However, for me God is the ultimate medicine. Personally, my big challenge is getting enough of God to make a difference.

I am not talking about belief in God nor about thinking about or reading about God though it is believed by many that the reflecting frequently on the Word of God is more than helpful. What I am talking about is the direct experience of God, which in my language is the experience of pure consciousness.

Many years ago, following the meditation course of Christopher Hills, I was able to sit for 20 minutes without a thought going through my mind. When we are free from the pains of the body, the turmoil of emotions and free from all thoughts we are left in perfect peace. In this space, we experience our pure consciousness that is given to us 24/7 by God as the foundation of our life.

Twenty years ago, I had my own conversations with God. What came through got impregnated into my DNA and has been with me ever since. I kind of lost this space of direct communion with God and devoted myself to conquering the world of medicine instead. For twelve years, I have been belting out my discoveries that led me to create Natural Allopathic Medicine and a protocol that is easy and safe to implement without doctors breathing down our necks.

Love is the offering of Oneness,
the maintenance of Oneness,
and the work of creating Oneness.
True love is an epic romance with Oneness,
with love and with life itself.
Romance is essentially the dream of Oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind and
soul it becomes the seed feeling that has the
potentialto grow into the deepest love.
Oneness is the ultimate goal of Love.

Hills said to his students 35 years ago that it is easier to conquer the world than one’s self; I have found that this is the case. My health turned south at age sixty and this has turned my attention away from external conquest to trying to get a handle on my own inner world, which I had been neglecting.

Having turned into a workaholic it is not easy to sit still like a mountain, which Hills also suggested I do as a young man because I was making messes with my actions though today all my actions seem to have turned out right. You should have seen me at my worst a year and a half ago. I would be in agony and on deaths door part of the day but would get back in the saddle and write like a man possessed. On my worst days, I still got plenty of work done!

Having my health be a force driving me back to God is the final solution. Since I rather refused to seek more God in my life on my own, Nature had to take its course and push back hard on me.

I start each day as the ancient pharaohs used to with solar gazing as the sun comes up over the horizon. Eating the sun with my eyes is the ultimate concentration and that sets the stage for getting out of my mind and into the light of my own pure consciousness. Practicing yoga each morning and using the Breathslim provide the stage for my now more frequent leaps into pure consciousness. Even when on the Live O2 system I turn my mind upward in prayer and call the Lord to my side.

I have used many things in my Natural Allopathic protocol but in the end, there is no substitute for the healing power of truth and being centered on God—the light of one’s own pure consciousness. It seems my destiny to take this to an extreme.

Pure devotion is something that God has for us,
it comes in on our every breath.
Pure devotion is something that we can learn
to have for each other.
We can be devoted eternally to other souls
just as we can be eternally devoted to God.
To be eternally devoted to a soul
is to love with the totality of our being.
Within us is the potential to love many souls
with the totality of our being.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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