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Heavenly Human Love

Published on November 16, 2012

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Love is the heavenly force that binds all as one, two as one, three as one and so on. Human loves are absolutely necessary as steps toward the divine. Love is the power that closes the circuit between beings. There is nothing more beautiful than true love,nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for.

Love is what life is all about. It is not always love that leads to the creation of more life but love is what holds us together and gives us strength to face life’s challenges. I write about medicine because I love to and because it is my mission and purpose to communicate with others about what is important in life.

The healthy human heart needs warmth, is warmth and can give warmth to others. The deeper we dive into the heart and open to its super intelligent ways, the more balanced, coherent,and healthy our bodies, minds, and emotions become.

Whatever our heart loves it has the will for. This connection between heart and will offers us a clue to the “secret” forces at work in our ability to resist disease or recover from illness quickly. The heart is at the center of more than we can dream of, yet it is a factor that is not at all understood or even recognized by contemporary psychiatric or medical theory. It is the abandonment of the seat of feelings, the repression and denial of the heart that is at the center of much illness and disease.

The heart center is where we experience our being. The distance we travel away from our own heart and true being is the same distance we travel away from the happiness of our health.

It might take time for modern science, medicine, and psychology to understand and believe it, but the heart is at the center of much of the mysteries that have confounded rational thinkers for millenniums. When we say that the heart is the vulnerability of being we are making a direct connection between what we are calling the heart and our pure being.

Grace is the flow of pure heart energy. It heals, enlightens and warms us. It touches us where we need to be touched.

There is a quality of heart and pure being that can be called grace. The grace of the heart offers us a quality of being that is healing, animating, invigorating, supporting, nurturing, and comforting. The grace of the heart offers an inner tranquility and peace that the mind by itself rarely possesses. The essence of the heart is love, light and health. It represents our being nature and that nature is given to us by the cosmic intelligence with these highly positive qualities. Yet it does seem that some people’s hearts are so small that they seem not to exist at all. Somehow man through his society, religion, laws and politics has found a way to almost completely squash the universe of heart, love, being and soul.

Love & Listening

I have defined love as communication and listening so I love to do both. I love my wife more than the moon, sun and stars put together and I love that my kids are strong and healthy. Most people I meet seem to have given up on the full tides of love that I wrote so much about 18 years ago in “The Marriage of Souls.”

Listening is the ecology of being; it opens the doorway to the heart.Listening creates trust between beings; listening creates love.

Nothing shows off the quality of our love better than our listening skills and in essence listening is what keeps people together. People who listen to each other end up wanting to be and stay together, for nothing connects us better than our listening to each other’s world of feelings and experience. Listening is love and love is listening; they are qualities of being that reflect each other perfectly. Love does not exist in human relationships without deep listening and yet we delude ourselves all the time about this, for profound listening is something with which few people have either experience or training.

Wherever you find a poverty of communication you will find a poverty of love, and wherever you find a poverty of love you will find a poverty of deep listening.

I think we are confused about love, measuring it too much by the Romeo and Juliet type of stories we see all the time on television and in the movies. There are some essential things to love and life that modern people tend to skip over and that has mostly to do with our unwillingness to be vulnerable. There is a lot of scar tissue surrounding the deepest issues of one’s vulnerability and a lot of that begins but does not end with sexual issues.

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One healthcare practitioner put it this way. “When I finally had the courage to speak my truth in my own clinic, I found that many of my female patients had been sexually abused during their childhood and teenage years, some of them into their 20s. Those who had not addressed their violent past found themselves having insecure and unequal relationships with men. This realization gave me clarification as to why I felt so passionate about becoming a healer for my profession.”

Intimacy, love, touch, and sexuality are all issues that have great bearing on the heart nature of our being self. There is much more truth to the fact that we are beings rather than simple mechanical machines.

It would be helpful if people were taught basic listening and communication skills in school but governments do not favor too much open honest communication, so that is not modeled in schools. In fact governments are not in favor of too much love; instead they are hell bent on stealing and lying and doing other evil because they simply cannot help themselves. That is why the model of big government will never work for human beings unless it’s an evil system that enforces itself on the masses.

Love of Freedom

One thing that love loves is freedom and that is, in the end, not what government is about. Certainly a government does now want its citizens to be free from itself so hopefully you can see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Recently there has been a tidal wave of petitions to the federal government for freedom in this regard, petitions of secessions flooding the White House. All governments are like cancer, they start out from regular cells (people) who start governments but they grow and expand until they first enslave and then kill the host (themselves and the society they are supposed to serve.)

The freest people have to free themselves even from the herd aspect of society because so much of mainstream thought is erroneous, untrue and has been heavily injected into the mass consciousness by selfish interests.

I love life and the afterlife does not threaten me, but I am attached to sticking around for as long as possible because of my love for my wife and children.

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen to anything that might require a change. To listen is to change. We cannot change without listening. Listening implies a change. We need to change just to listen.HeartHealth

Love answers love, likes attract. Few know though that the crucial key to finding pure love is found in our willingness and ability to be vulnerable. To treasure vulnerable love is the first law of a pure heart.

It is love that will keep us while governments try to control us. Love is always there ready to be nourished by us but the needed watering requires a commitment. I am not talking about casual love or romantic love; I am talking about a divine romance with love itself. No matter how dark the clouds become, we can identify with love itself, with our souls and spirits, but this in no way means we can cop out of our responsibilities as a human being in a social sense.

In “The Marriage of Souls,” oneness and individuality find themselves under the same roof, in the same house, inside the nuclear furnace that burns deep in the center of all our hearts and souls. The essence of this entire deep love is found in the spirit of togetherness and in discovering how humans separate from each other and healing this split. Beings who have lived beyond the walls of separation know of this union and deep pure love that binds souls together as one. Eventually we need to see how our ideas and concepts and notions of holiness and spirituality separate being from being and cause pain, suffering and conflict even in our close relationships with others. Through this kind of work and effort we will find a heaven that can be shared. Instead of concentrating so obsessively with our individual minds and selfish selves, we work to enter heaven together.

Bliss is for those who love each other, flowing into each other, feeding each other, ever part of one life. This interconnection in perfect union strengthens our tendency to be unselfish. The Marriage of Souls is about creating heaven on earth together.

The only place I published my early writings on love and “The Marriage of Souls” was in my Survival Medicine compendium.  I love to publish about love and I will start to publish a lot about sex once I can begin the process of finishing my book on breast and prostate cancer.

The marriage vows of The Marriage of Souls:
To love for now and forever the essence of your true being.  To always be open to communicate and receive each other vulnerably, to not control or possess, but to grow and to change, to hold and let go. To always encourage the creation of more love even if it is between others and those we already love.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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