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IMVA – Sense of Mission and Purpose

Published on September 6, 2016

I want to thank my many readers who sent thoughtful communications to me recently when I requested feedback about my publications about non-medical/health subjects. What I received was what I call a soul mirror, which is something we can give to each other in the Creative Conflict groups I used to participate in many years ago. Below is that mirror, mostly in the words that were sent back to me by my readers.

It all focuses on my mission and purpose, which I am aware of, but my focus on it wanes and waxes. Having one’s own perception as a guiding light is one thing but getting mirrors from the group mind, from people who love and appreciate us, and know us from reading deeply into what we put out into the world is another.

To start, one reader seemed to think that I have “come to the absolute core of the matter, which is the survival of the human race itself.” People seem to appreciate “my heart for humanity and wish more people would educate themselves on the coming darkness.” The highest and most direct complement given to me was, “I look in your eyes and I see the truth.”

Another reader said, “Your time has come.  For such a time as this, you were placed upon the earth.  Speak truth, when you are moved to do so, about whatever needs to be said and in whatever arena you are tasked because it is not of this world from which you are being called and directed—-it can only come from your Creator.”

“I must encourage you to take the podium with which you have been blessed to cry out the truth as you have been led to do by the Ancient of Days, our Creator and Redeemer. "Let them with eyes to see and ears to hear-do so." This I have done and it will be my pleasure to continue to do.

I am trying my best to be a caring and compassionate human being that is trying to make a difference in an increasingly volatile world. One has to have courage to talk about what is going on in our world today because there is such nastiness at foot. Medical and pharmaceutical terrorism is one of the ugliest forces on earth that kill far more people than the normally identified ‘terrorists’ do.  

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One reader wrote, “What your newsletters project is calm, quiet/peaceful minded, confidence and trust in the Lord.  We are to be aware so we will not be caught unawares. Being unaware will kill you faster. Keep on loving the people of the world and warning them of things to come. The honesty and humanity is so evident in your work.”

My wife has always been amazed at how fast I can research and write essays and I always tell her it is because I write with my heart more than my head. Also I follow my intuition and am in good company with Einstein who said, “I think with intuition.”

“Wisdom is rare, and truth is hard to come by. In a world where isolated facts masquerade as ‘news’ and ‘truth,’ your views are refreshing. As any clear thinking person knows, facts and truth are not synonymous. While facts are obviously true, it requires wisdom to derive greater truths from any collection of facts.” I find the heart and intuition as royal highways to this kind of wisdom.

“Dr. Sircus is a voice of truth, hope and reason. You are you a bright light of truth in so many areas of truth. Your words will echo in your readers’ hearts, giving them strength to face the coming days.

Ultimate Answer for Life on Earth

The powers that be are incapable of, and not interested in, a rational resolution to the problems facing humanity. If there is an ultimate answer, we humans certainly do not seem very interested in it and that is sad, violent and hurtful to the future of our race. Many have asserted that love is the ultimate answer and my mentor Christopher Hills said 35 years ago that love was not an option if the human race wanted to continue.

The one and only ultimate answer for life on earth that I have been exposed to is listening as a spiritual, psychological, educational and political discipline, which would lead to conflict resolution on all levels of human existence. It was not difficult for me to conclude that listening is love and without listening we always have a poverty of love.

I do believe though that I have found some of the ultimate answers to medicine. Having identified many of the basic causes of disease and treatments that address and heal these causes I have built a form of medicine that is powerful, safe and inexpensive. As our financial system and economy continue to contract modern medicine will become increasingly difficult to sustain so my mission has always been to find answers that really work without bankrupting patients.

For example, almost everyone on earth can afford sodium bicarbonate, which is simple baking soda. Like marijuana, it just happens to be one of the most useful medicines there are and certainly will help people live longer.  

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My staff thought to celebrate my achievement of one thousand essays on my site. Here is a downloadable pdf with the most popular essays on my site. Feel free to share it with everyone you know. What my work is all about is to help people to learn how to treat themselves without pharmaceutical drugs to eliminate pain and suffering. My mission has been to present the truth about medicine, disease and other issues that affect our lives. One does not need a doctor to regain health. They might help us survive difficult moments but cures come from health that we have to regain ourselves.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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