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Indigo Intuitive Level of Intelligence

Published on February 20, 2015

I think with intuition. The basis of true thinking is intuition. Indeed, it is
not intellect, but intuition, which advances humanity. Intuition tells
a man his purpose in life. One never goes wrong following his feelings.
I don’t mean emotions, I mean feelings, for feelings and intuition are one.
Albert Einstein

Clearly, concepts are not as intelligent as intuitions. Concepts are only memories of happenings on higher or more intelligent levels of consciousness like intuition and the imagination. The intellect also gets bad publicity from the elevated intelligence perspective of an Einstein.

Natural intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own heart’s simple feeling messages. The more we learn how to listen to our own heart and the more we can learn to listen to other hearts the easier it becomes to listen to life. Highly intuitive people are actually listening to life. Within the framework of life is also God or what the Native American Indians used to call the ‘Above Beings.’ Our intuition is literally our hotline to the universe but few bother to dial in. All of these kinds of things come only when we truly learn to listen to other people, not only to their thoughts but also to their feelings.

“There will come a point in everyone’s life where only intuition can
make the leap ahead, without ever knowing precisely how. One
can never know why, but one must accept intuition as a fact.”
Albert Einstein

Einstein’s definition that feelings and intuition are one give us a roadmap to connect our spiritual heart (centered on the green level of intelligence) with the indigo point that lies between our eyebrows. Obviously Einstein saw that intuitive perceptions were the most subtle and pure type of feelings. This is why intuition, the perceptual ability to know without knowing how you know,can be seen to arise through the heart.

The heart’s intuition is activated through its sense of caring and through its sensitivity and openness to feel. The intuitions of the heart represent the purest and most subtle of feelings and are dependent on relative states of mental and emotional calmness. Closed hearted people do not feel much even on the more dense level of emotions and can hardly feel love, even when it is being heaped on them by someone who loves them. Thus, they cannot be expected to hear the subtle messages of the intuitive level of intelligence.

Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence says, “The intuitive signals that guide us in these moments come in the form of limbic-driven surges from the viscera that Damasio calls ‘somatic markers’ – literally, ‘gut feelings’. The somatic marker is a kind of automatic alarm, typically calling attention to a potential danger from a given course of action. More often than not these markers steer us away from some choice that experience warns us against, though they can also alert us to a golden opportunity.” Einstein added in this regard that “Emotional responses don’t lie; intellectual ones often do.” But he added, “But a combination of the two are like two eyes to view the clear picture.”

Intuitions are the subtlest messages moving and
emanating from hearts that are open and free.
Defining intuition as a feeling is another way of
saying that this is how we see with our being.

Intuition is how our being senses our surroundings. We could call this an inner vision but in essence, the being uses the intuition to combine all the senses and the mind to know the real significance of experiences.

The responses we make to life are determined by the understandings we gather from what is happening around us. The heart working through intuitive modes of feeling and perception represents a more refined kind of intelligence that we can harness to effectively steer our way more skillfully through life.

There are several kinds of intuitions but the kind everyone has is the ability to know without forming concepts. We just know in our bones that something is right or not. Intuition is very subtle, our most subtle and sensitive perceptual ability; and though we use it mostly unconsciously, it is a powerful navigator in our life. In general, this level of perception lives or dies depending on how we use it.

The intuition provides us with “cut through” consciousness for its process is direct; it does not have to go through level five’s conceptual mode of thinking. Moreover, it does not need a college degree or a great deal of information to get an accurate “holistic” feeling/understanding about a situation. The intuition is smart. It is intelligent. In addition, it is simple.

Lower animals have this capacity to “feel” their environment but we humans can use our intuitions on higher levels and for higher purposes if we bother to train and discipline this level of perception. The real point to the intuition is that it governs the way we respond and interpret both sensory and non-sensory signals. It mixes everything up together like the heart chakra does on a feeling level. It is one of the reasons these two centers are so closely related to each other. The great difference is that the heart chakra just feels secure or insecure about itself. The intuition gives us the fantastic ability to be aware that we are aware. This level of consciousness opens the door to the knower of the knowledge.

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Our intuition is our inner vision and it uses all the senses
and the mind to know the real significance of events.

Nuclear Evolution

Indigo and Love

When love predominates, a person no longer doubts the prompting, for they know where these images and impressions are coming from.

Indigo – Fear of Spontaneous Response

The motivating dynamic of the Indigo level is the intuitive faculty that can be seriously inhibited by fear. We can all discover examples in our lives of times when we had a strong “flash” or “hunch” about something.

Indigo and Aggression

Here we have the knowing level without knowing how you know. A person just feels that he knows, whether it be a solution to a problem or the will of God. Thus, at its extreme, there is this feeling that you are so right in your mind that you’re prepared to even kill. In the name of God you would destroy whilst preaching love.

This is different from Blue level aggression. There we have people trying to get their ideas of how things ought to be accepted as the authority. Here we are involved with vision in the future, trying to get a vision of the un-manifested world of the future into the manifested realm. You could take the life of Mohammed for example, where he was rejected for trying to get the people to see what he was seeing. So he returned to the town that rejected him with an army and conquered them in the name of a Holy War. He killed many people. Therefore, it is not just a question of authority but of getting the vision materialized.

Most great men of vision have to have a certain amount of aggression to push them out front in order to be heard. Christ risked the wrath of the authorities of his day by preaching on the temple steps. That was an aggressive act. It was a bit like cocking one’s snoop at the authorities. His willingness to openly oppose the authorities and denounce them as phonies for the sake of his vision was an aggressive act and came back at him later.

There is yet another form of aggression on the intuitive level. Because the time world of the intuitive is in the future, there is a tendency towards impatience with the present, if not downright evasion.

Negative Personality Problems on the Indigo Level

· Fears the dark unconscious

· Fascinated with external intelligence and seeks out power for selfish ends

· Pursues idolized relationships

· Envious of others’ talents

· Impatient

· Late for appointments

· Caught in a world of superstition

· Inefficient

· Unable to live in the now

· Spaced out

· Forgetful

· Fears of the future

· Undisciplined

· Introverted

· Misguidedly futuristic

· Belittles others

· Overly sensitive to impressions of others

· Easily fascinated

· Unable to manifest

The intuition is a most useful information and guidance system. It has 360 degree vision. Through its open channel, we can connect to others on a deep level. All hearts (that are open) are networked conspiring to message helpful truths to each other. Our intuition is the point where we tune into this fiber optic system. We can plug into a wide network of beings who are communicating with each other with the intuitive level of intelligence.

This essay first saw the light of day in my book HeartHealth.

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