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Is my heart in this?

Published on December 4, 2018


The conflict between the head and the heart can be boiled down to this: Are you going to risk everything for something unknown (the heart risk) and appear ridiculous to the head, or are you going to go the ego preserving way of the personality? Everything is a risk when you push the frontiers of love. The whole problem with the heart’s war with the head is that the head always thinks it is going to lose something.

Everything you will do will be according to your will and your will is what your heart wants to do.

– Christopher Hills

This is a great secret because most people think that their will has something to do with their mind, or making some mental decision. We talked about there being two sides to the heart, the soft cuddly compassionate side and the side pertaining to courage, resolution and fortitude. This is the side of the heart where the will resides. In reality anything that we really love to do, anything that springs directly from the heart, we have tremendous will to do. When our heart is in something, time goes by fast. It is easy to get out of bed at five in the morning if our hearts are beating, anticipating the manifestation of our love, no matter what that love might be. If it’s to go fishing, or make money to support our family, if our heart is in it, there is no problem. If we have no will to communicate at any depth of being our communications remain superficial. If we have no will to grow how can we change?

Without love there will be no will to change. With love comes tremendous will to change.

We are always where our heart is; we cannot be in any other place. Our body might be in one place, our heart in another. In reality it does not matter where your body is, it is where your heart is that matters. You can be anywhere, at the movies, in bed with someone who you don’t really love, or at work. If your heart is not there, if your heart is not really into what you are doing, you, the real you, will be somewhere else. Anything we do without our heart is a losing game.

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So this is another simple clue: Is my heart in this? Do I really want to be doing this? If our heart is not into something, then we should stop and find out what we really want to be doing. This answer is usually right at the tip of our tongue because we feel the conflict directly between our head and our heart. If we are in bed with the wrong person, and our heart is shouting this out to us, have the courage and integrity to say, sorry, I really don’t want to be doing this, no matter how good it might feel. It is helpful in life to always keep our bodies close to our hearts. Our integrity and health in life depends on us keeping our bodies where our heart is. How many people work their entire lives with the constant yearning for something else? How many people are really following their dreams? Following their hearts? Few people are able to follow all the impulses of the heart. When we were kids, it was much simpler.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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