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Orange Level of Social Awareness

Published on February 11, 2015

To really appreciate what is going on perceptually on this level we need to look at the most basic way our brains process information. On the red physical level of awareness we had simple stimulus response. We see a beautiful body and we lust. On the orange level we will turn first and see if our wife is watching. What is happening in the brain and in our consciousness is that a stimulus comes into the brain through the senses, but instead of reacting without any higher processing, we take the signal, stop one second, and check out what the group mind or response is going to be. In this case we will see if any reaction on our part will call forth some negative reaction on our wife’s part.

A politician, before he makes a deal, will think about his image in the eyes of the voter, wondering if he will get re-elected. What is right and good for the whole could be on the table, but if a politician feels threatened by the group response, he will probably vote against it. The power of this drive, which is really instinctual and happening on an unconscious level, cannot be underestimated. In a split second, we send our consciousness out and diagnose the situation and judge on a feeling level whether the group reaction will be either favorable or hostile. So on this level we are:

Worried what everyone else will think about us
and what we are doing.

The animal kingdom gives us an image of how fast and instinctive this processing actually is. When a lion attacks a herd of zebras you do not see each animal running independently for their lives. What you see is a mass panic and a mass reaction. The herd acts as one and will bolt together for the nearest exist. In human terms – on this level we find the social climber or the ambitious one that is trying to climb to the top of the human heap. On this level we find a fear that strikes us deeply in the heart, for here is the fear of being different than the herd. On the deepest levels we are afraid to be our real selves because that real self is so different than our social self. We don’t want to move our self too far out in front because then we become visible and a possible target of attack. This is unconscious but stifles the evolutionary impulse and the true vulnerability of our being.

The time world of an orange person is a future oriented now, because they are slightly delaying their responses, repressing the raw impulse to respond in favor of a feeling assessment of whether we will win or lose in a social sense. For instance people who are very conscious of their public image will not respond with physical violence to a hated stimulus because they will care first about their social image. They will repress their rage and instead will find another way of expressing aggression such as backstabbing or political subterfuge at a later time. The key here is at a later time. Our real self, our real reaction gets hidden as we take on the cloths of some social estimate of others.

One of the most powerful and misunderstood drives within the nature of man is his need to belong to a group. Nature is pushing us this way but we fall into traps because of our unconscious fear of standing alone. Most people will easily sacrifice the truth, will let themselves be blinded because of this deep need. So we join all kinds of groups, fraternities, Jones Towns, and even the Nazi party just to regain that sense of belonging when we are feeling too alone.

Nuclear Evolution

Orange Level FearFear of Being Left Out

Between the common bourgeois fear of what the neighbors may think and the perilous apprehension and fear of other nations that produces the fatal policy of appeasement, lies a whole range of fears and doubts that stifle courageousness originality and the progressive challenge that could bring new leaps in man’s evolution. So we comply with the social norms, life becomes humdrum and our so-called statesmen allow the bullies to dictate their policy. Social change and political triumphs only spring from fearless action by those who ignore the negative doubters and are prepared to risk their reputations and even their lives. Social compliance and appeasement can often involve the sacrifice of ideals and people in order to preserve the cohesion with the social matrix.

Orange Love – Love of family, friends. Love of social work.

Orange Aggression – Now other people may feel just as aggressive as the Red level fellow but they may not be prepared to biff you on the nose. So they project their aggression onto society by trying to get to the top, like a politician. This requires a lot of pushiness. He has to solicit publicity and ride on everyone else’s efforts. If you start a new school, he’s going to say, “Count me in.” So you put in your leaflets, “Approved by so and so”, and that’s all he’ll ever do. It’s a form of aggression because if the school is a success, it gets him higher in society. Everyone begins to feel that such people are powerful. They have invested their name, put it in terms of power, and pushed it on society. They seemingly get mixed up in everything but they’re not doing anything. They just appear to be doing things. They use education, knowledge, and money, anything, to push themselves. This is aggression, even though you would never se them hitting anyone. It would spoil their reputation and they might get sued. They wouldn’t then be seen as such a good social guy.

Orange Level of Awareness Negative Personality Problems

· Selfishly proud

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· Arrogant

· Conceited

· Vain

· Drive to belong gives conflict with desire to elbow their way through society

· Harbors foreign feelings and mistrust of others

· Follows the crowd

· Worries what everyone else thinks about him/her

· Always going out (to socialize)

· Needs to belong to groups

· Unable to get along with others

· Needs to build reputation

· Values social status

· Effusive, expansive without real substance

· Superficially extroverted, gregarious and explorative

· Has strong communal tendencies based on love of social contact

· Ostentation

· Politically manipulative

· Antisocial

· Power-seeking

· Mistrustful

· Superficial

Orange Intelligence – Howard Gardner of Harvard defines Interpersonal intelligence as the ability to understand other people: What motivates them, how they work, how to work cooperatively with them. Successful salespeople, politicians, teachers, clinicians, and religious leaders are all likely to be individuals with high degrees of interpersonal intelligence. He says that the core of interpersonal intelligence included the “capacity to discern and respond appropriately to the moods, temperaments, motivations, and desires of other people. In our day-to-day world of human existence no intelligence is more important than the interpersonal.

The ultimate for the orange person is group consciousness. To read about the reality of what is happening in our social and political worlds read Trend Research’s Wake-up call: Confronting the abuse of power head-on. Gerald Celente wrote, “The future has never been clearer. If societies continue on the current path set by major political leaders, financial powers, multinational interests and military forces, we can forecast with full confidence that tomorrow will bring more sorrow than joy, more hardship than prosperity, more war than peace, more physical and mental illness than strong bodies and sound minds.”

We did not choose heaven on earth through, love, listening and Creative Conflict, even in our families, so we now have destructive conflict all over the globe. The social world will melt down when the financial world melts. What is happening in Greece can and will probably effect the entire world in coming weeks.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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