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Personal Communication from Dr. Sircus

Published on December 3, 2015

I have finally moved into Sanctuary, into a paradise where you can walk around and feel heaven surrounding and interpenetrating you. Join with me here and take a retreat into heaven. Sanctuary is a fortress of light and it is here one can recover from the trials and tribulations of the world if one can afford to take time out to do so. The forces of darkness are concentrating themselves and thus we must embrace the light no matter where we are. 

For years, my colleagues and I have been interpenetrating this place with our love and devotion and have named our building The House of Listening. My prime goal for Sanctuary is to bring heaven to earth and that is exactly what my mentor, Christopher Hills, said to me 35 years ago when he first laid eyes on me. He took one look at my aura (fuchsia-blue and red) and said I was a man who wanted to bring heaven to earth. I just did not know it yet.

I have done the impossible in the world these last ten years by creating a new medical path (Natural Allopathic Medicine) that many doctors around the world are following. Christopher said to his students though, that it is easier to conquer the world than oneself, so now I have my heart finally set on that.

Being at Sanctuary sets the stage for me to do another impossible feat and that is to walk in the garden, to experience the feeling of heaven, while still down on earth. Most recently, I have been able to do that at times but my goal is for 24/7. I find it difficult to say the least. Almost impossible, in fact, though I never stop trying.

I have written over the last few years about my own health challenges and they have kept me honest and on course for this final confrontation with my own consciousness. I have never been into the spiritual materialism, of concepts of enlightenment, and will never put my finger down and say I have arrived. That point is too far away to entertain thoughts about it. Having my heart filled up with love and gratitude for the love I have for and receive from my wife and kids and people who work with me is more what I do manage every day without fail.

I wrote recently that God is the ultimate medicine. God to me is not a concept or abstract notion found in books and bibles but a living force that can be experienced, embraced and surrendered too. God is after all, the backbone of our lives and souls, it is the light of pure consciousness that flows through and sustains us. It breaks down into the seven colors that physicists are familiar with creating seven levels of intelligence and perception.

Pure consciousness can be experienced when we stop all of our thinking and calm all emotions. When we cannot see, hear, feel or think of anything what is left? It is our own light, which is given to us every second because it is the light that radiates throughout all of space.


Paradise on Earth; walk and sleep in heaven at Sanctuary. We are a retreat center for those who want to find peace and knowledge in our oasis of love. Dedicated to the feminine principle we embrace the vulnerability of being in all its dimensions.

Surrounded on three sides by two rivers we offer retreats, health programs, five star natural cuisine, and many types and levels of accommodations. We even offer Gerson/Budwig/Natural Allopathic protocols right from our kitchen.

A unique experience is offered – walks to waterfalls or just stay on property and bathe in one of three natural swimming pools or in our soon to be solar heated pool.

Spiritually Sanctuary is a declared love zone where listening and understanding is to be found. We have magnesium massages and bicarbonate baths and everything else vital for health and longevity.

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Our first guests, from Israel, stayed with us for three months and just left with one of the nicest things guests can say. “Though I was here a short time I feel like I am leaving family.” This touched me very deeply, and is indicative of the kind and level of relationships we seek to cultivate at Sanctuary.

Help Wanted: We are looking for someone to join us here at Sanctuary, principally a person who speaks and writes English and Portuguese. Someone with good computer skills who likes to work with people. Also someone who would also like to learn and work with healing and possibly spend some time with our children teaching English. Possibility for apprenticeship in Natural Allopathic Medicine. 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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Hydrogen Medicine eBook Cover


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