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Pope Francis and the Catholic Church

Published on September 17, 2017

Today everything is serious, everything matters, and as always, what comes out of a person’s mouth is what brings judgement. Sometimes, it is what a person does not say that buries them. Though there are many good Catholics, it is difficult, to nearly impossible to see the good in the Catholic Institution if you look at its history and its present, which is constantly shrouded with sexual abuse scandals and even a mass grave filled with children resulting from such abuses.

Before we condemn the Pope for his silence about the mistreatment and rape of women, and his betrayal of the Christian religion and the invasion of the West by Muslims, (who have nasty ideas of infidel women), the Pope is tipping his hand by joining a political tidal wave that wants to rip humanity off by making carbon slaves out of everyone. Kind of hard to believe that the world’s leading religious and spiritual leader would use his position to deceive the world. We can understand that kind of behavior from political leaders but from a Pope?

Francis is following the same anti-science tradition that was evident in Galileo’s time. It took 350 years for the Church to admit it is wrong about the sun being the center of the solar system and now Francis is maintaining that the sun does not exist as a factor in driving climate conditions here on earth.

The BBC claims that Pope Francis is condemning climate change sceptics. Pope Francis has warned history will judge world leaders who do not act as he blasted climate change sceptics in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The Pope has joined an army of global warming fanatics who are desperate:

Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the headline in the Outline. “It’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable.”

The pontiff said the recent storms meant the effects of climate change could be seen “with your own eyes”. There have been four major Atlantic hurricanes in less than three weeks and of course, it is entirely our fault. Francis warned that humanity will “go down” if climate change is not addressed but what he does not admit that the Catholic Church is ‘going down’ and in Europe Islam is replacing it rapidly.

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“Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” argued Mark Hertsgaard in the Nation. “Murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

Man is stupid,” said Frances. “Those who deny climate change need to go to scientists and ask them.” He said the scientific community has been “clear and precise” in linking human activities to the ongoing crisis and that “each person has a moral responsibility, bigger or smaller.” Climate change is a “serious matter over which we cannot make jokes,” he said. As we said above what comes out of a person’s mouth is what judges them, and in this case, as the world quickly gets colder, it is the Pope who will look stupid. All global warming fanatics ignore the role of the sun in climate change. However, NASA and many other scientific institutions have been warning for years that the sun is cycling down in terms of its activity.

The Pope obviously does not keep up with climate news

Would like to remind the Pope and all global warming believers that it is still summer. Yet like the last few years, it is already snowing in various places. A winter storm warning was issued last Thursday for much of southern Montana. That snow is about two months early. “We just had a record low temperature in Huston Texas, not what you would expect if temperatures are rising to record highs. It is quite early for snow in the Alps but it is snowing there. We already have had “Significant” mountain snow for Wyoming. WINTER storm warnings for Idaho have also already been issued. In Australia Spring seems to have frozen to a stall. The climate is changing, of that there is no doubt yet the world is full of climate madness. Someone should tell the Pope to pray for global warming because it is turning colder and the world’s agricultural sector will be heavily affected.

More global warming news: De Bilt is the seat of the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, KNMI. Saturday was the coldest 16th of September ever measured. In De Bilt it was only 12.9 degrees. This broke the old record of 13.4 degrees on September 16, 1972. In addition, “Lake Tahoe had its first snowfall of the season last Tuesday. Will the Pope repent and show humility before the world? I seriously doubt it for he is a man without integrity and seemingly a man without true heart.

Misogynist Pope

The Pope favors the abuse of women and even the rape and genital mutilation of young girls for he will not say a word to defend them. Not a word! I think he is more in love with Islam than his own religion because he insists wrongly that Islam is a religion of peace. From its very first days, Islam has been a religion of war and conquest. Any person can look it up in the history books.

Today women are being attacked, children sexually abused by priests, Muslim men and by western men who follow the rape culture, that all the world’s religions have cemented into human consciousness. The Pope however is too busy defending Islam, a religion that has been butchering men women and children since Mohammed started killing Jews in Mecca.

The Vatican says that Francis, who denounces the idea of violence in God’s name, is convinced that Christian-Muslim dialogue is more important now than ever. Unfortunately, the Pope has yet to deal with the fact that Islam is not open for discussion, not open to any reformation, and thus will always be incompatible with western religion and culture.

Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years, in Germany at least. The Pope is leading the charge against Christians. Churches are closing like crazy in Europe as Mosques spring up all over the place. Europeans are losing their cultural strength and confidence in the values of their own civilization.

The pope’s views are not shared by all Catholics. Some think he is not a legitimate Pope. Francis “(Bergoglio) is a notorious heretic who has said a mind-boggling number of heresies, engaged in the most scandalous of actions, and has attempted to change doctrine and Church teaching. He is not the pope since a heretic is necessarily outside the Church and, thus, cannot hold ecclesiastical office, especially that of supreme pontiff. If Bergoglio’s “invalidity” is not damnable enough, “Pope Francis” is a neo-Marxist who has repeatedly called for the redistribution of wealth, promoted mass migration, and has denigrated capitalism, accusing it of impoverishing the poor.”

A leading Catholic scholar of Islam, Egyptian-born Father Samir Khalil Samir, said that Francis meant well but was naive. “I think his ignorance of Islam does not help dialogue. He has said often that we know that Islam is a religion of peace but this is simply a mistake,” Samir, who is based in Beirut, told reporters in Rome. “We know there are certainly times of peace and a willingness for peace on the part of many Muslims but I can’t read the Koran and pretend that it is a book that is oriented towards peace,” he said.

World against Women

The principal UN commission charged with promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women has picked 13 new members by secret vote. One selection is raising eyebrows: Saudi Arabia. “Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a human rights group that acts as a UN watchdog.

The Pope will not say a word about the the fascination that Muslim men have for gang raping white women. Islam is against women yet the Pope is not against Islam. He has delusions about Islam being a religion of peace when it has always been about war.

The Pope talks wishfully about the interconnectedness of humanity, saying that with age he has grown increasingly convinced that “none of us is an island.” Francis pleaded for greater solidarity in political, economic and scientific endeavors yet has not a word for the women of the world who are under attack from the men and their cherished religions.

When you look at the fact that approximately a third of women have been raped or sexual abused (that is probably a conservative number) we are looking at a billion women. Add the 200 million who have had their genitals mutilated as a symbol of the ugly insanity of men and we have 1.2 billion women who are suffering terribly and the Pope has nothing to say.

Neither the Pope or European leaders appear to care that their continuing migration policies and welfare systems support an entire industry of human traffickers, who prey on the desire of hopeful migrants to reach Europe; the traffickers are making billions.

Having everything to say about Women

The entire situation humanity has trapped itself in is a tragedy, we humans are a tragedy yet we cling to outworn traditions many of which are barbaric. There is no hope for men until they humble themselves and admit that too many of men are sexual barbarians.

The violence that men still inflict on their women in the name of their religion and cultures, on such a massive scale, is what makes us a filthy race. This brutality not only takes place in ISIS-held territory but across most Muslim societies. All around the Islamic world we see women killed, molested, imprisoned, maimed and incarcerated while their men sugar-coat the abuse as “modesty”, “honour”, “divine law” or even “justice”. In the West, women in mass are sexually abused while young, and raped when older.

In India where the Hindu reign, it is not better. In India, where according to the National Crime Records Bureau, 34,651 women reported being raped in 2015, the most recent year on record. It is very difficult to report rape in India as everywhere so these numbers are a vast underestimate. Some people, especially women, have a greater heart than the Pope does. One brought thousands of Indians to the streets to protest the widespread culture of rape and violence against women in 2012. That year, gender specialists ranked India the worst place among G-20 countries to be a woman, worse even than Saudi Arabia where women have to live under the supervision of a male guardian.

In America, crimes against women are also common and lately will have been reading more and more cases of men killing their ex-wives and even their entire families.

“All forms of exploiting women are presented as divine law, sharia, in which women have no say in the world of Islam. All over the Muslim world men are not only permitted, but also invited, to consider woman a pet — to be killed, burned with acid, benzene or a weapon of choice supposedly to preserve a family’s “honor”.

“The deeper horror is that all these abuses — child marriage, confinement, FGM, rape, torture, and legal discrimination — have accomplices. These enablers are often well-meaning people from the West, “multiculturalists” who are reluctant to pass judgement on other people’s customs no matter how brutal they might be.”

The number of women worldwide estimated to have been subject to female genital mutilation has reached 200 million in some studies. Many thousands of young girls develop infections and die. The Pope is searching for world peace but says nothing about these girls and their suffering. If he is the an example of a great spiritual leader God help the human race.

Female genital mutilation predates Islam, but remains prevalent in many North African and some Middle Eastern predominantly Muslim countries. The practice goes on and on with many girls in England being cut even though it is illegal. No one is prosecuted.

Chicago Tribune says:

“However, last week a Michigan physician was charged in a federal indictment for allegedly conspiring to perform female genital mutilation. It is a practice that American feminism has been mostly quiet about the girls. And the left in general has not engaged. It is so quiet that you can’t even hear crickets hiding under the leaves.”

Hirsi Ali said. “In Muslim communities there is the demand that women, girls, should be virgins and a woman’s sexuality is to be controlled and this is an effective and brutal way of doing that.” This is mutilation for a cultural purpose, to rob women of sexual joy and render them as breeders.


Perhaps the Pope is right, we are a stupid race. Even with all the great men and women who have walked to earth, we find ourselves going into the greatest darkness with the greatest potential in history to do harm. Humanity cannot agree about anything it seems and our world religions make sure of that because each one thinks it is the only way. Moreover, with world leaders like our current Pope, and the world’s evil elite right behind him, we can be assured that the prophecies of Apocalypse will soon be upon us.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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