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Praying for Global Warming

Published on May 2, 2017

Just when we were promised a warm future, we get record cold. Winter Storm Ursa has become a crippling, destructive blizzard from the Texas panhandle to Nebraska, stranding vehicles, downing trees and power lines and whipping up snowdrifts up to 8 feet in one of the strongest snowstorms to slam this area so late in the spring. It is May 1, 2017; it should be a warm and glorious spring day!

We need to pray for global warming because it offers us a comfortable alternative to a bitter cold that most of humanity is going to have a hard time surviving over the next few decades. Science has already weighed in with a mini ice age scenario starting now and building in intensity over the next five years, with an expectant devastation to the agricultural sector. What no one expected was it to come on so fast and intensely as it has so far this spring.

The headlines read on May 1, “We Lost the Western Kansas Wheat Crop this Weekend.” “Wheat Futures Surge after Freak Snowstorm Blankets Midwest.” “In a lot of places, the (wheat) stems actually snapped or kinked over,” said Aaron Harries, a vice president of research at Kansas Wheat in Manhattan, “If that’s the case, it can’t get nutrients to the head anymore, and it’s done.” Early estimates suggest losses could exceed 50 million bushels … perhaps as many as 100 million bushels. Might as well mark May 1 as doomsday for global warming. Food production is falling for a number of different climate reasons.

We are seeing instead this spring is an “extraordinary” collapse in temperatures, up to 15 degrees C in northern areas of Spain on the 25 Apr 2017 where they are lows varying between 0 and 3 degrees. At night, Vitoria and almost all the provinces of Castilla y León will ​​range from 2 below zero to 2 degrees. On Thursday night there will be frosts in the northern highlands. Leon will fall to 4 degrees below zero.

Hard freezes in some of France’s famous wine-making regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, have caused extensive damage. Temperatures plunged in all three regions last week, sometimes to below -7C (19°F). “Frost destroyed everything – shoots are dead,” Julien Hubail, expert at the Bugey wine union, said. “In winemakers’ memory it had never happened, no one had ever experienced such a severe freeze.”

In a sign that climate change is real (global cooling not warming) on the 28 Apr 2017 the mercury plunged to -5.2ºC, in southern Brazil, the strongest freeze in the month of April in the last 46 years. On the grass, the thermometers reached an impressive -11.4 ° C. The vast majority of cities in the state of Santa Catarina (southern Brazil) recorded the lowest April temperature in many decades, in some cases the coldest April temperature on record. Winter has come to Brazil two months early. In 2016, the last days of cold weather with temperatures close to zero were recorded in the middle of December, just about a week before the Summer season started.

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The hard freeze on April 23 has destroyed much of the wine crop in France. Temperatures dropped to -7 ° C. In Turkey, the snow has seen 13,000 acres of strawberry production greatly damaged. We should not be surprised, though most Democrats will be, that the governments have been twisting and distorting data in an attempt to make us believe it is warming when it is actually cooling.

In Germany Easter holiday was colder than Christmas. Farmers are hoping the cold does not destroy their crops. “It will feel more like winter than spring across Germany this week,” says “As temperatures fall into Wednesday morning, snow will accumulate at all elevations.” On Easter Monday, the German National Meteorological Service (DWD) warned drivers of icy roads.

In the Greek Islands close to Turkey, it has been unusually cold, 3-7 degrees Celcius below what is normal now. Stories of cold April weather stretch from Norway in the west to Russia in in east and all the way down to Italy in the west and Turkey/Greece in the east. And that is just for starters.

As late as April 21 we are reading, “This kind of snowfall has never happened since they’ve been recording weather data for Moldova in 120 years.” says reader Victor. This year, even this late into spring we are having heavy snow. Record snowfall. The most snow EVER in the second half of April. Severe winter weather led to chaos on Austrian roads, power failures, and panic among wine growers

In Örebro Sweden, the mercury dropped to -14C, making it the coldest April night since 1944. It is unusual for temperatures to fall below -10C in southern Sweden during spring nights. Big ski resorts awoke to a winter wonderland this morning, two months before the official start of the ski season. In Russia, temperatures are 4-8 degrees C below normal. Smolensk (where the air cooled to -6.8 degrees) and Tula (-6.5).

The record cold is not an isolated occurrence. In Canada record cold is being set against records go back to the 1870s when Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States. Freezing temperatures threaten wine and fruit harvest in Central Europe. Over 90 percent loss of apples in Germany. Parts of Central and Eastern Europe have been hit by more than 30 centimeters (one foot) of snow in recent days.

According to the weather service MeteoNews, the weather in the second half of April has never been so cold in at least six places, at least since the start of the measurements.

Four institutions, the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern, all have come out admitting that the sun dominates the earth’s climate. They say that burning fossil fuels is less important than computer models first suggested.

They even refer to previous times in history when abrupt climate change was brought on by the sun. According to their calculations, it is going to cool from now until at least 2040. They attribute the cooling to what is known as the 60-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).


Only a fool cannot understand the forces behind climate change. When we have diminished solar winds, we get more cosmic rays and thus more cloud cover, more cooling, and a lot more snow. Nothing about present climate realities suggests that we are having record warmth.

What we are seeing is huge increases in precipitation. Squaw Valley ski resort has received 705 inches (more than 58 feet) of total snowfall this season, including 20 inches over the last seven days, prompting thoughts of staying open all year.

Increasing cloud cover is blocking sunlight from touching the ground and increasing snow coverage to the point where we can begin to imagine that snow buildup can continue until even in summer it does not melt at high latitudes and elevations.

Global warming fanatics tend to forget that it needs to be cold to snow and that huge amounts of snow in late spring and early fall indicate that it is getting colder and that all the huffing and puffing of the elite controlled media and elite controlled political class adds up to nothing in front of Mother Nature.

Special Note to readers: I am publishing this under my spiritual psychology area though I could have put it into medicine for increasing cold will have an impact on the health of populations. Spiritually the global warming deception has had deep ramifications for the psychology and spirituality of people who have been deceived, who have had their intelligence robbed from them.

Special Note: New artificial photosynthesis process converts CO2 in air to fuel. Photo at the top is in Russia at the Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Station where they too have record snow.

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